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Time travlers note, missing time, dega'vu


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Time travlers note, missing time, dega\'vu

For time travel experimenters and time travelers only:There may be a process to where if someone travels using a certain kind of time travel device, and they have returned to their time, or in some way interlaced with themselves, that they will develop foreknowledge of events that they are doing?

This is expressed as probable spacing in the neo cortex relay, having to do with more than one spatial time relay.

This can be expressed as doing chores, or not remembering that you have done one particular task, only to think someone else has done this task, ie, (phantom self), or not understanding why you have had this task done, however but were already going to do this task.

Outside any known pathological reference, where a healthy person is seeming to do a certain task, or even experience a feeling over again, there might, and Im saying this with precaution, might be the phantom of another effigy, posing presence within either a time before the time an event is supposed to happen, or that person may be missing some level of time, as this person has been extracted and has been put back in their time?

*I ask allowance of say here in this forum, without harassment for say, as the phenomenon of known missing time and dega'vu also occurs with the phenomenon of said time travel.

Thank you Creedo 299
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"Neo cortex relay"?

Whatever are you talking about dear creedo?

I started typing a tirade about just what the neocortex is, and how you have no clue, but half way through it I got lazy and deleted it. heh... I just don't have enough energy anymore. Tired... so tired.
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imagine a piece of string that u can wrap, at certain points parts touch, those experiencing deja-vu are simply experiencing feed out, caused by a vortex of compressed time where two or more parts of the string have interlaced, spacial distortion would not occur, as time cannot be altered therefore you only experience a brief instance of future time, or a feeling of time experienced and thats exactly what happens, you exeprience the event for a few milliseconds thus retireve the information, return to point of origin, and replay the information as it is then known but the brain can remember it as a memory and feeling, not the physical event itself, like a parlor trick, if the event is only seen for a fraction of a second, time cannot exist in 2 instances but can coincide with incidents so two times can "slip" you then experience all the events through your lifetime. Deja-vu.
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do you have to be an ass about everthing creedo does because anything he seems to say you are right there to insult him what is you major malfunction
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DeJa'Vu is when your brain can't process the incoming information fast enough (the most common reason) cause it just slows down sometimes, and you think you've seen it before.

There have been countless stories about computers, brains, anything being mediums for the future, afterlife, ect. Some true, most not, no one knows how the true ones happened, but they did. I would hadly blame 'time travel' to it, but no one really knows.
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Baron Sengir

Number one... I post in a MINORITY of creedo's posts. So I'm not sure what you're talking about.

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Yes siegmund,

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We can learn from what we have said and what we said, we can learn from.

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I couldn't have summarized the situation any better than that... Thanks Roel.

Errrr... roel2x333 :D