Time Tunnels


Temporal Novice
Hello! I am wondering if anyone here has ever heard of accomplishing time travel via a tunnel or sorts that will take you back or forward in time? Also, I am wondering what people think about Steven Gibb's HDR. Does the HDR unit work? Or is it just a scam?n Also, has anyone here ever met a time traveler? /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif
Also, has anyone here ever met a time traveler?

To this question, some would say yes, but I choose to remain highly skeptical.

There once was a man who posted on these boards, claiming to be from the 2030's, I belive he said his name was "John Titor".

Tough the original thread of which he posted in is gone, I advice visiting this thread at the Anomalies network, to view his old postings.

His story is interesting, but too fantastic to be taken serious, and also has quite a few errors (as he predicted CERN would find some sort of new particle by the year 2001; which didn't occour).

If nothing else, his idea of time travel is somewhat interesting, and his story entertaining. Just don't take him to serious. :-)