Time Vortex Activator

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I need some help operating this device.
I went and talked with Creedo299 at tech-time and he told me
to go and ask TIMEO112 who is a member of this time travel
message board about Magnetic Flux Indicator.
If you could TIME0112(Greg), could you please give me
a mailing address so that I can order this?

What is you experience with James Catteral's TVA?

Using a compass and analog meter DOES NOT WORK.

I am quite shocked that knowone has come foward with their
experiences, and whether or not this device actually works
or not?

Creedo299(Dan), said that your e-mail address was
[email protected] please help.

I hate it when people get scammed! That's why I am leaving this post.

The time vortex activator does not do a darn thing. How can the Earth's magnetic field possibly power the 4 I.C. chips in the "time selector device"?

First of all, if James Catterall actually owned a machine that could travel through time he would not have to sell the machine to make money-he'd be able to get information on stocks, futures, sporting events (such as horce racing), etc. In other words he could become filthy, stinking, rich!

Please do not leave this forum because of scams going on.

Our world is filled with such minutia of irritating bilk. Where-ever you go, someone will always try to make a buck off of people.

But here, let's try to continue the discussion.

Re: Time Vortex Activator, control notes only

At this time, it does seem that everyone is mad at Steven Gibbs?They are mad at Gibbs, as he may be right as to how to propel ones self through time, cheaply, albiet not safly.

A while back, there were some who had said that they had particular sucess with one of the Gibb's models.

I will not say who this person was, however they did gain a window into time and space and did relay these facts.

Partial sucess in the construction and use of the Gibb's materials, may in part depend on how inovaitive one is, within their general knowlege of electronics.This as well as as methods of home skills in various construction hobbies, such as P.V.C. pipe assembly and tool use?

I have viewed one variant something like the Gibbs TVA, however the particular vehicle had an operator's chair placed within it, more volume, with the addition of an operator's console.

With the Gibb's unit as it is sold now, the operator must sit almost directly on the ground and if this unit is lucky enough to go zero, then there lies the possability that this device could remateralize, so mergeing the operator's bottom, as part of the ground?

There are also no engineering reports that I'm aware of, as part of the purchase plan, with the HDR, time window, or TVA.

Time 012002 had stated publically, that he was taking an engineering investigation, into what kind of performance that the TVA would yeald.

I had asked what the results had been so far, however no return data was ever posted, nor my concern answered?

So what this might indicate, is that an engineering investigation was done, however the end results, due to probable libaility of false reporting, may never have been releaced?

I do know that these are relativly low powered machines, that use chip timers in order to penitrate the frequencies within time and space.
According to Gibbs, his line of time travel devices, must be built to exacting standards.

There is a saying, with referce to boatbuilding and the sea, "Yes sure' they can build you the finest ship or boat that ever sailed the seas.However when this ship becomes damaged durring her use, then you are the one who must lay repairs to her".

I'm very certain with the information that I have now present here, that the Steven L. Gibbs Time Travel Device series of time travel machines, offers the same perril to all who would purchase his wares?
Re: Time Vortex Activator, control notes only

Hmmnn..So people have used these devices and claim to have traversed through time? When/where did they go and what did they see?

Have you yourself gotten this device to work?

I remain quite skeptical, but open-minded none-the-less. Would like to hear some time travel adventures?