Temporal Novice
If Time Travel is poss could i not tell someone what is going to happen in the future? because the past has gone let say i told you a Minister dies in Kenya plane crash in AFRICA , Then on Sunday there will be a tremor felt in Turkey . would that prove time travel ?
Time-travel is like you physically travel the time.
i.e. You now live in 2003 and you want to come back somewhere in past, the short process of you are being transported to the past by this 'thing' is the actual meaning of Time-Travel.

Very few people claimed that they had traveled the time (i.e. coming back to the past, going to the future), but to be honest I must confess I do not believe these people.

Many other people also believe that it is possible to slow down the time. I guess what they really mean by this is that the biological activities within their bodies slow down hence they really look 18 and their body works as it is 18 year-old although it is 40 year-old. So in this case, Time does not slow down, but the activities within your body slow down.

In my opinion, you cannot travel the time physically but maybe you can travel the time with your minds.

There was a great person called Nostradamus lived in France back centuries ago and he could see the future by jusy using his mind. Many people in today's life can also do such thing. This maybe possible.

But with this mind power, you may go to the future or come back to the past as a different person. You will enter someone else's body (can be human beings, animals et cetera).

You cannot bring there your present body, because if you see yourself in the future by your present body, there might be something bad happen to you both and indeed to the environment.

Although I do not acquire great knowledge of Physics and Electronics, I think the Black Hole and/or the Bermuda Triangle have something to do with time travel.
i think you are right energy can go any speed maybe in the future, some one try to send people in the past. this energy may come in type like dream that you have now may be what will happen in the future. that may be true because energy can go any speed......... :D
I have realised that there are many blackholes in the outher space.

'Physical' Time travel is more like a TV show material, remember Quantum Leap (early 90's US TV series), Back to the Future, Time Cops, and the most recent movie called 'Time Machine' (watch it in your cinema theatre).

'Physical' Time travel is not possible. It is just the imagination of some dreamers who wish they are capable to come back to the past and go to the future.

I however take into account the 'Mind' Time Travel. Did you know that some people could travel to the future by just taking some naps? The great example for this is Nostradamus.

Again, although this is irrelevant with what you asked me in your previous message, but blackholes are such interesting materials. No one really has the experience at what entering a blackhole feels like. Also, think about the Bermuda Triangle. What is it inside there? an Alien SpacePort? -laughs-

After all, do you believe that time-travel is possible?