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I have not had much time (excuse the pun) to read all of the ideas
posted here but I do have a real passion and almost an obsession with
time travel. So I wanted to share my view of the whole thing.
There are many ideas on how to move threw out the 4-D plain but I ask you this: Are we not currently traveling at a set rate, on an unset path, to an unknown destination, with infinit possabilties? Well I believe
that is the case. If that is the case the the real question isn't how can we time travel but how can we change speed and direction. If I had the knowledge and resources I wouldn't be conducting experiments on the unknown but the known ( the known being our curent travel). You may want to find out how we mover at the rate that we do or if energy is nothing more then the driving force. And if energy is the driving force then if we would want to change force we would have to introduce more energy our take it away. There fore inorder to "travel" two worlds would have to inter mingle or put a hose between the two buckets (if you would).

p.s. If you read this please consider my lack of time and my poor spelling. In any case THANK YOU for your time and have a nice day.

Mr. Anonymous