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I am not trying to judge you. There are somethings I do not absolutely follow with your logic.
Foremost, I do not understand why you are so worked up. You seem to have gotten in your head that either time travelers are altering your life for the worse ? Or that you yourself will become a time traveler in the future? The only real thing I can say to that the first idea is: it is easy blame some outside force for life not being the way we want it. It is an easy excuse. It is much harder but more beneficial to make the changes to make the life we want to lead. Whether that be enrolling med-school to become a doctor who can save lifes or whatever it is that you feel has been taken away from you. As for the second idea, all I can say is that: I do not know ...
You didn't have to create a new topic just to tell me this you know. You could have just e-mailed me. But to answer your comments, how do you know I'm just saying Time Travelers are screwing up my life as an attempt to excuse my life's misfortunes.

Could it be, that maybe I'm telling the truth, and I know for a fact that they are, and that's why I said it?

What other motive could I have...? Naturally if I know now that it's wrong, wouldn't it be in my best interest to assist others from falling into the same path? That isn't difficult to see, if your trying to understand me.

And second. Your last statement said, "I don't know" in a pathetic attempt to understand me and see how I fit into the subject of Anti Time Travel.

No one asked you to understand me, but to understand and see that maybe Time Travel is wrong. See the Pro's and Con's. Bottom Line.

If there was no me, the subject would still exist. Would you try and find the person who first brought up the concept to understand why he could think that it's wrong, what was in his head? Or would you investigate it on your own, and see that the originator of the concept has nothing to do with it, and trying to look into his life is a waste of time. Unless you like wasting your time...

-Javier C.
The only reason I created a topic about this is because I did notice that in a post on the discussion form someone came right out and asked how you felt that your life had been altered. As far as my last statement on the previous post, I simply said I do not know to indicate that I do have an open mind to your "situation" and I am sure others would also like to know just exactly what the situation is that has gotten you so upset. I looked at your website which you continuously posted on your messages, it does not give any specific examples on how you say your life has been changed or any real understanding on what you believe your role is in the "situation". Hence, that is also why I divided up my previous post: Are you saying that someone is altering your life through time travel? Or are you saying that you are? This is by no means an attack, it is simply an inquiry.
P.S. Someone else registered my previous username Dave
I like to keep some things to my self. What, you think I'm the kind of person to want to tell my entire life story to strangers? I don't know if that's what you expected, but you have to either be my friend or someone I know I can trust before I tell you anything. And that's just having some good sense, thank you very much.

Still, if people want to know about me, they know my e-mail address. Making a topic just for me, isn't a good move. You don't see others doing this, asking for personal information of others? That isn't the purpose of these message boards. So I suggest you stop this, and I'd appreciate if all further personal postings regarding me, be done by e-mail. Thank you.

-Javier C.
Alright, I see now you just want to be special... Nothing wrong with that, I guess some people just have to make up things to feel special: whether that they be a time traveler or an alien from dimension x.

As the founder and leader of C.H.T.T.A.U. you are not only asking people to agree with your ideals, but also to follow you as thier leader. You can not expect people not to make inquires that you may consider to be personal.
This should not bother you after all you did post your picture.
If people want to know about me, they can e-mail me. I don't want to be looked at as a founder, thank you very much. C.H.T.T.A.U is different then on this message board. For one, I am not the main topic of these message boards. So therefore, logic will tell you to stop wasting your time, and get back on topic. If you want to know about me, e-mail me at: [email protected] . But don't think I'm going to answer your questions about me here.

Javier C.
I was under the impression that the message board was designed to talk about time travel in general. If you are claiming to have experiences concerning time travel as you have indicated on previous posts, I personally do not see why you would take offense to someone creating a subtopic to in this forum to address the matter.
Address the matter of Time Travel, Yes. But asking me personal questions, that's something different. You just can't ask me to post, something private if I don't want to. Who do you think you are? Like I said before, if people want to know about me, they can e-mail me to: [email protected] . Thank you.

-Javier C.

P.S. Take Offense? Who was the one who said I was making this stuff up and wanting to seem special? You...

Since I now know what kind of person you truly are, I won't tell you anything. You'll just use it to your advantage.
Your Yahoo club clearly list you as the founder. Why do you run from this now? Temporal networking is your ideal. If you did not wont to answer question related to this why did you take the time to record the theory on your webpage? Remember you opened the door we only walked through. The questions you have been ask are not unreasonable based on your statements posted on your webpage. So what is the problem, will you not support your own views??