Timtravelers in 24th & 25 Centuries


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Have any ove youwho have are priveleged to travel ahead between the years 2351 and 2501 . . . met up with Zacharavius Zanzibar? He spends most of his time on Zoar-2, but will also spend much time on Homebase Earth, amongst other places as he swahbuckles around helpoing the less fortunate.
Re: Personal

Do you know this person or did you make it up also Could you tell me about him and what is his deal from the future? I would like to know everything if you don't mind of course I have never heard so please tell me as much as you know well I got to go talk with you later!
Re: Simple courses, well done

The master as opposed to his students, where lession is the balance of one's greater abilites, which must pull the student out of their glaze of not being so sure at all.

These lessions are taught that the charicters on paper, must be performed with great care.

Each brushstroke has a meaning all to its own ideals.So the care afforded to the hand in the making of each brushstroke, was most important.

On the courtyard, movments were taught as each of the forces.

There was wind, fire, the solidness, yet translucidity of the Earth, as well as the flow of fluid.

Mass in fluid, ment a great deal, when studying certain forms.

Within the heldance of each of these forms, by every student, the meanings of the forms, how they were held in minds eye, as well as performed, were very very crucial elements.

The best of the instructors, were very frim. Know that in nature's odd manifestions, asked the instructors to looks for one single element of kindness within at least some part of the students.

This was a chore, as in that land then, beyond the walls of hallowed learned, was lawlesness, as well as a noncareing by a ruleing heiarchy.A heiarchy which simply only had cared about its own power,; not the validity of truths taught by the best minds or ideals within this place.

The art of these truths put to motion could be expressed as, that in wind, there is movment.

So the movement of hand, as with delivery to the point, is such that the hand is now elements, so its arrival, is at a point of perception of flow.

Each and every student in this place, was treated with a very firm academic stance.
Taught, schooled and well drilled.

However there was alwasy the element of natures beauty, which was brought out in each professional to be, that was a quality within this time, way, way, apart from the ordinary.

On that day, the instructors had to control themselves.

This was the day that which each student would leave the bonds of this hallowed place and walk down the hall.

This hall was constructed so, if the student did not learn the lession, then there was the fear that he may never depart from this temple.

All elements of the test, each student who was to go through the door ahead, must pass.

Not passing, ment one did not go through the doorway.

It was one student who wrote,~~>In my studies here I have become as an element of one.

My instructors are me and in this learned trade, there is great joy.

If I go to my test in parting from here, then I go so with courage of a time here at this school, well learned.>

The hall entered, each showdow of effectations a challange the the threat met.

Then the urn.

In others ways of thinking, force is force, is in myself is force to be pressed as force against force.

The urn is not hot, not heavy, however lifted with utmost ease.

Once the weight of this iron vessel is lifted, the door opens and the student, now an actuary, steps into a cold forboding world.

There are two marks placed on the inner aspect of each forearm.

These marks are a sign of ownership, from a heiarchy that in some ways, might be insecure.

"You will have these two inner markings my son, for all of your life".

The tale of the school as well as the students fade.

In the times to come, there is a light a beautiful song.

This song is like a light breeze, as this breeze chimes through a pinwheel on a Summer's day of happieness.

The movments are taught, the hand gestures affords.

Each movment tells of what once was done and how, this could possably effect the future.