'Titor' a reader of Atlantis Rising Magazine?


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\'Titor\' a reader of Atlantis Rising Magazine?

I came across this index of Atlantis Rising magazine was stunned by the article elements of Joe McMoneagle of Project Stargate. The best living Remote Viewer.

One could look at it as confirmation of some of John Titor's story or clever plagiarism of Mr. McMoneagle's predictions.


'McMoneagle foresees that, by 2020, sufficient hard proof will exist to establish that UFOs are real vehicles-probably time machines, and likely piloted by intelligent beings. '

'Titor' said almost exactly the same thing...

' The Verne Effect posits that, instead of the future having been "predicted" in the past, the future can be (and is) created in the present through individuals actively and deliberately conceptualizing it in The mind as already existing and then, subsequently, other individuals taking quality action to make it so. McMoneagle believes that modern visionaries, like Jules Verne in the last century, who are able to share their visions "proactively," create rallying points within the "Unconscious Consensus" (the unconsciously driven, "assumed order" of events and circumstances in the world) for others to be inspired, respond, and thus help manifest the physical reality of what has been differently and particularly envisioned.'

'A mind in motion stays in motion... or Social Programming... or Collective Thinking...

'World peace will remain elusive until well after 2200, per McMoneagle. Of great significance, we can expect a second, bigger, Persian Gulf war before 2003 in northern Iraq, one that will last four years and directly result in government turnovers in over half a dozen countries, outright insurrection in others afterwards, and the near dissolution of the NATO alliance. Just as sadly, before the end of 2004, the United States may face the hostile use of a biological weapon inside its borders by an enemy state. Even earlier, before 2002, McMoneagle sees a biological warfare accident in a Middle Eastern country that will kill almost 100,000 people and cause a city to be abandoned; civil war erupting in three Near Eastern states, including Saudi Arabia; and war breaking out on the Korean peninsula after the signing of peace accords and the withdrawal of U.S. troops.'

Take civil war from Middle Eastern States to the US...
Take 100K killed from middle east to the US...

Too many similarities between Alas, Babylon and McMoneagle's predictions to Titor for me
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The thing is cig-smoking, is that fiction and fact sometimes by chance, share the same facts.

The effort to explain synchronicities, sometimes results in over psychotism.
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I'm not sure what creedo was saying in his reply, but appreciate the update from you. While fascinating, the Titor time traveler thing is hard to swallow. Of course, if you told people in the early 1800's that the U.S. would be in a civil war, and about future technology like jets, man on the moon, computers, etc. they'd think you were a hoax as well. Of course, you'd have to be a time traveler to pull such a stunt. So, if time travel is achieved in the future and Titor was far real, then the U.S. won't be a very nice place to be in about a year.
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I believe he was calling me pychotic for pointing out the the 2 main sources for 'Titor' predictions.

1 Alas, Babylon as a framework for his long term goals desired particularly a civil war in the U.S.
2 McMoneagle's remote viewing predictions for short time accuracy reinforcing his long term goals

This was to be achieved by the "Verne Effect" or as Titor describes 'a mind in motion stays in motion...'

One should note the vagueness of the Altanis Rising article on McMoneagle's predictions and the similarities to 'Titor'

What I find more disturbing is the government link between Darby and McMoneagle both past agents of the U.S. government.

I am more convinced than ever 'Titor' was an exercise in cultism and social programming designed to bring out civil unrest in the United States.

I am not saying time travel is impossible or wont ever be achieved. But the evidence is overwhelming that 'Titor' is a hoax

We are all entitled to our opinion in America... still...
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Dear Cig-smoking, I did not call you a psychotic, however inferred that the situation of trying to explain multiple realities at once, may at times make on psychotic.

I don't insult people I've never met and defiantly would not address you in this fashion.

I do agree with you on your last post, the possibly the appearance of Jon Titor was a ruse, in order to induce civil unrest.

But what latitude do we as surface people here on Earth, have left to go?

It is said that both the moon as well as Mars are inhabitant.

It seems like also, that surface people here, non-elite, are looks at as genetic trash.

G.W. Bush says he wants to go back to the moon is a recent press statement.
However where is the foundation for such as stamtne when Bush said openly at the loss of the last Shuttle crew, abruptly, that, "Their problems are over".

I can't think of a more harsher, noncareing, statement to make in the face of loosing an entire crew of astronauts, whose families now do not have either fathers nor mothers.

As for Darby, he does seem to be posturing, however I don't see Darby as a high level contact in government.
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CigMan, think of A beatutiful Mind, I think thats what creedo is trying to convey to you...
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Kind of off the topic but what if some how, the great disscuion about john titor, through some act of a supeior being or what ever, esclated into a civil war in amercia, that'd be prety ironic wouldn't it?
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I believe the evidence speaks for itself...

As for "A Beautiful Mind", I do not have any 'imaginary friends' but I'll ask them just to make sure they are real...

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Sadone says;CigMan, think of A beautiful Mind, I think that's what creedo is trying to convey to you...

Creedo says;No this is not what I'm trying to infer.

Sad'one, your apparent knowledge of practical applications of time travel boards, is glaringly apparent.

All post placed within this or any other time travel based forum or chat room, is not always meant for that time or contempary audience and or concerns.

Analysis in multiphased worlds, does not necessarily jive with post by those who try to make any sense of time travel.

This posting is not meant to offend you, however is only the truth.

If you would have posted 1943 aeroplane technology to a 1920's audience, most of that audience would have either laughed or said that what was being discussed was either delusion, foolery or plain nonsense.