"The future ain't what it used to be."

TITOR name is THE warning - TITOR is a date


John is a common name, especially for an American name, but TITOR is strange. I
could not find any reference of a surname so I believed it has a special
meaning. I could not, for the life of me, figure it out until I went to bed
then it hit me like a ton of bricks.

I was thinking about one of his posts, when someone thought they figured it out
but actually didn't.

03-08-2001 03:39 AM

I believe I have exposed John with the anagram in his name.

I find this interesting because it gives me a very tempting easy out. I could
now rest assured that someone had "figured me out" and I can relax before I

However, I am not (other forum member) and this name and TTO are the only names
I've used online. After looking at my name here, have you considered its origin
from another word-play standpoint? For example, TITOR could equal


The "figured me out" was a clue that there is something about the name Titor.

The remark [have you considered its origin from another word-play standpoint?]
also suggests "TITOR" has a special meaning. But the reference about being able
to relax before he leaves gave me a chill, like its the most important thing he
needs to warn.

It is THE warning.

In 2015, John Titor says the 'RUSSIANS' are supposed to attack all major US cities.
The most significant event a supposed time traveler could reveal.

Assigning the numeric value of the letters I get

[there's no letter of the alphabet that equals zero]

At first it didn't make sense, the American Date Format is MM/DD/YYYY until I realized that
it was the 'RUSSIANS' that supposedly attack us and remembered that the
'RUSSIAN' Date Format is DD.MM.YYYY is as you can see by this link;


20.09.2015 18:00 hours
T .I .T O R :
September 20, 2015 18:00 hours (military time)
That is just sure brilliance that you would ascertain something like that. It is just too coincidental with the whole story. Besides the point, if it is fact or fiction, you are a good code breaker.
It doesn't have to be russian either. The US military also reverses the date on all of their documentation.

As well as most other countries!! I have no idea why you Americans put the month before the date - Think about it - the year(slowest changing) goes last. Therefore it makes sense to put the next slowest changing next(the month) and then the fastest changing(the day) first.

Anyway, I don't want to take away from the point that the numerical values of Titor does seem to provide information. Presuming of course that he's real!!

Very nice discovery! however I feel that anyone with half a brain cell could have created such a code in his last name, it would simply add more to the mythology surrounding this whole thing. This still provides no proof John Titor existed or was a time travellor.
Now one problem I see with this discovery is this - what time zone is this date supposedly in? EST? GMT? PST?
Darby Darbyshire, an MOP from Anomalies.nets titme travel board, had said that the N-date for the said Tirtor conflagration, was very soon.

However consider that if mankind is used in-part as a genetic poll for others resources, such a projected conflict would unleash hoards of fast neutrons.

Even at depth, people in shelters would suffer immense chromosomal damage and the supposed selected breeding stock, would be damaged in other's eyes.

If it were say in two years, this would be an awfully risky move for those behind the scene who pull the string?
the reason we put the month first is because we say "february, 4th 2004." so when you assign numbers to it it is 2/4/04. i'm sure if we said 4th of february 2004 than it would be reversed.
but like thetruth 1985 said the military already does this. We put it like this some times 5-feb-04.

that is a good one but I think pamela saying she had to move some where in march of 2004, was kinda intresting. Maybe she was warned by john about that area she was currently living in.
everyones defintation of "soon" is different, soon could be a few hours/days/weeks/years it's rather vague. In geological time soon could be a few hundred thousand years.
Well, this is the very first time I ever post on a science related forum, and in this forum, so I will tell you who i am. Let's see... I'm 15 (don't panic I'm not a stupid teenager that has stupid questions), I'm Spanish (tho I have good English) and well, I like thinking about stuff.
So reading thru this post, I saw the date thing... but hmmmm why whould he try to warn us for that attack in his "surname"... it might be some kind of abbreviation for the Army Time Travelling Cell (or whatever) in which he is/was/will be. So basically, nice work on finding that out but I think it's just a coincidence... mainly because it looks like 20-09-20-15-18, the date format doesn't come stated into that, so asociating it is just matter of unconscious mind acting... anyway that numbers might have a relation, or maybe starting to count from Z instead of A... I'll think on bed since it's 11:20 pm here and I'm pretty tired...
I would have to agree with THEACE. Man's natural ablities or curiousities makes his mind try and put chaos in to order. We try to figure out the puzzle every day. When you become consumed with what you are working with you will try and make sense of some thing that is just mind boggling to start with. Or ppl with trying to figure out hidden messages in the bible. could you make a whole other book from it to make it say what you wanted sure you could. Same thing could be appiled with any thing. Like Rap music takes some thing old and makes it in to some thing else.

well time to make like a shrimp and skidadlly to the next thread.