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Titor pic observations


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Just thought I'd post a few comments on some of JT's pics.
They can be seen at here as well as other places.

When looking at the various pictures, you have to ask youself "what does the picture show? What can be seen? What does it tell us by its own nature? What can't we see?" First, the pics of the hardware.

We get to see the C204 in two different vehicles. One we are told is a Corvette, the other some sort of light truck or pickup (perhaps a US poster can give more detail on these vehicles?).
For the Corvette, it looks like the C204 is orientated lengthways, sitting in the passenger's seat.
Does the seat lay flat back like that, or would it have to be removed?
It looks like the driver's seat is slid forwards - was JT a short man?
To take the shot from this angle, the car must have been a convertible with the top down, as if he was standing by the driver's side door. Wouldn't a soft-top been a little vulnerable during time-trips? Didn't JT say there was a lot of heat build up outside the vehicle?
We see the Geiger counter, which seems to be proping the lid up. Can't he stand it up like in other shots? Perhaps the windscreen curvature gets in the way?
Can we see anything outside the other window? No, just a white-ish area, possibly the interior white wall of a garage or storage space.
What was used to take this photo? JT tells us it was a poloroid camera. Nice benefit of not having to get it developed and printed. But how did that image get onto the internet? Obviously he had access to a colour scanner a some point.

Now looking at the truck pics.
The C204 seems to be positioned transversely accross the rear window of the cab - does this logitudinal or transverse positioning affect the machine's function? JT doesn't seem to mention it.
I don't quite understand the seating arrangements - where is the driver's seat? Is that it laid down so we can see the C204? If so, why is the chair padding different from the seat left?
If the upright seat on the left is the passenger's seat, why does it have shoulders straps, like a 5 point harness? What is this - a racing truck?
We can see a shotgun mounted upright. Behind it is a red fire-extinguisher, laying down with its bottom toward us.
Hard to make out, but in the larger front-on shot, at the the top in black there is what may be the rear vision mirror. Therefore this shot is taken from outside the truck through the front windscreen.
This and the other two truck images, we are told by JT, were taken as frame images from a video shot by his Dad.
How did these images get onto the internet? In my experience, this type of slightly fuzzy image is from analog video capture card. Any corner RadioShack has them cheap. But why, if he had a poloroid camera and access to a colour scanner did he need to get screen shots off Dad's video?

Look again at the truck images. They are all taken with different lighting conditions, with one even looking like it is daylight streaming in throughthe back window. But look at the positioning of the itmes in each shot. Every this is in the exact same place for each shot, unmoved. Why would it be necessary to video exactly the same thing several times at different times of the day?

Look at the small darker shot of the C204 inside the truck. On the front of the case at the center is a black rectangular area, with a smaller one beneath it. Imagine an extruded plastic case with a textured surface but an area untextured for manufacturer's decals or sticker. Paint it matt black and it would show up like this pic. This same shape is visible on all the hardware shots.

Having all these shots of the hardware in the truck, why was it necessary to do supply us with the Corvette shot? Perhaps that came first, so then why supply the truck shots? What is gained by the variation? Nothing really in terms of technical detail. No close-ups. Nothing readable. The only thing I can really see that having all these images gives us is a feeling of holding a greater amount of evidence. If I were given one picture of a UFO, wouldn't I feel more likley to believe if I had 4 photos all of slightly different angles? Wouldn't I feel even greater belief if they were from different sources, different media?

Lets look at the hand-held Remote Control Unit. We see it on both the Corvette and truck pics. The main panel on the top face seems to be two screens or displays, side by side. There seem to be two square buttons on the right hand side of the right screen. Top button with red surround, bottom button with green surround. My guess these would be a stop/go control. Above the red button might be a key, but it is unclear. Below the green button appears to be a joystick.

In the corvette, the joystick is blue. In the truck it seems to be red or brown. If it is a joystick and part of the hand unit, why would the colour be different?

Now, the pic of instructor and cigar smoke, showing laser light being bent by gravity field. We see the beam bend down, ouside the vehicle. So does cigar smopke go outside too? If so, the window must be down. The door has a small quarter window near the A-pilar. Behind the instructor's left fingers, we can see some chromed hinge or latch. We can see that this small window is swung open, also allowing smoke out. This would mark it as a 70's vehicle or so.
To the left of his left hand there is some sort of latch or handle on the door.
The instructor seems to be wearing blue jeans, a light blue collared shirt, a watch on his left wrist, and has a beard.
How did this image get onto the internet? JT says it is from his training in 2035, so he brought it with him. But how? as a hard copy? As video? And why? Sure, its a nice demonstration for us the audience, but JT claimed to not be sent on a mission to inform and communicate with us (but that he did is another issue).

The cut-away Schematic of the C204. Many people have posted how this would have taken time and expense to do this on a CAD system (i.e. whould a hoaxter really spend that much timem and money?). Having working in a technical drafting office that did work for milittary projects, to my eye, this image is skillfully hand drawn, with pictorial perspective and not just technical isometric. Its style of from the 60's-70's, possibly earlier. After that, the style became more cleaner and less shaded, less use of black areas. and then after that came CAD.
The pic appears to be the top half of a normal page (i.e. not a fold-out), with the clipped lower half presumably having shown the legend.
The curve in the text of the heading does not match the curve on the lines of the case, and we can see a line accross the top which seems to show the edge of the page on the photocopier (used by JT at some copy center), yet the text of the heading and clssification do not seem to follow it.
How did this image get onto the internet? JT says he photocopied pages from his manual at a copy center (eg Kinkos). I don't recall if he says he scanned them, but they have obviously been scanned on B&W at low resolution - you can see the line stepping.

In JT's story, his very first "I am from 2036" post offers the supply of pictures. He was already planning to provide images. Did he have them already?

That's prbably enough to start with.
thanks. DJ
Two pieces of information not yielded to this investigation.

One, I think that the storage box for the time displacement unit, is a portable remote launch console, used to launch the old Pershing battlefield nuclear missiles.

I'm almost sure of it and remember this.

Two and what is not answered in any attempt, is how does one inject electrons to gain either a positive or negative direction of time travel, in the said unit given?

There is no injection boss, discernable anywhere?

There would have to be an injection method of some kind.

I think it would have to be a transmutable injection method, to where at source, electrons, would have to be transported to the outside of the twin double Kerr phenomenon's, via a super frequency method of transport.

This method, unless in the proposed construction of the overlapping sinusoidal kerrs, that an electron imbalance is established out of the twin cylinders, themselves.

In all of the information that I have been exposed to, this one very glaringly deficient answer, is never answered.
For all we know it could easily be schematics to an air conditioning unit (just add some type to the top, and presto!) something that could have been found in the basement, the 'danger' and nuclear warning stickers are not hard to come by in any novelty shop. Taking a broken down, undriveable car would not be too big of a hassle to convert into something, could have been a hobby, and turned into an obsession, the more people asked, the more he felt compelled to finish and show people what he had... there are people like that, they're crazy and need help... The movie 'Kpax' was not based on nothing...

EDIT: Lets say, for arguments sake, that he really does have some disorder, and it isn't really just a joke... Then, psychologically, he wouldn't stray far from the origonal piece of information he had, so whatever schematics he had were really from GE (General Electric), if anyone has time on their hands, I suggest someone checks that out... maybe Email GE or something (include a picture of the schematics, say nothing of time travel, cause they'll just laugh and not respond, say you want to know what these are to, you found a GE label on them, or just the page at least) ... God knows I don't have the time for it.
The thing that struck me the most about the manuals, besides looking outdated even for this time, was the fact that the Operating Instructions were revised on a Sunday (july 30, 2034). Now this is not impossible by any means; many people work on sundays, however it does seem a tiny bit improbable.

I can't recall if it has ever been asked before, but why does the timetravel equipment look like it came straight from an episode of the old Battlestar Galactica series. You know, where they had phones with phonecords and other ancient stuff :)

Like I said, it's not impossible by any means. I personally don't have a day of worship. To me Sunday is just like any other day, except it's part of the weekend. But since people have started working less over the years, I figured that sunday would still be a free day in 2034.

It's just something that I noticed.

What's up with this Charlie btw... is he for real?

Greetings from rainy Amsterdam :)
I don't know where people are working less. In the U.S. people are working more than in the past, and John said that people work more in 2036 than they do now.
unfortunatly for some one educated in observation (CAD you say) your obsevational and rationalizion skills are lacking... do you object to people taking pictures at different times of the day? inside, outside, problem? where's your rational? different coloured stick? as you said inside and outside.
regarding the pictures; it is stated that the use of type writers is more wide spread than today.
you also seem to have a problem with internal and external photography!? get over it man, these days anyone can take a photo internally or externally, ever heard of legs and manouvering your body? maybe you never heard of doors?.. so the guy takes a photo outside and then inside, ooh shock!! nothings moved????? all the instruments are in the same place? that might be the fact that if something is secured (which if you're travelling at 10 years a minute it should be) it ain't gonna move.
sorry man, do I need to go on? absolutely irrelevent observations. I want to call you something but i can't be bothered /ttiforum/images/graemlins/devil.gif
For all I know people here used to work 6 days a week instead of 5 now. In fact school used to be 6 days as well. Besides that, people worked longer hours and had less days off. Perhaps this was only the case here in Europe.

I'm aware that people work on saturday and sunday. A lot of people might even work 6 or 7 days every week or make a lot of overtime (like myself), however it seemed odd to me that a manual gets revised on a sunday. I also said it was not impossible by any means. It just seemed improbable to me.

Just like John Titor doesn't have to prove anything, I don't have to believe anything. I'm just interested in timetravel and until now I haven't been able to discover any inaccuracies in his story. Anything that looks remotely suspicious is worth discussing. Don't you think?

You are right - it does seem odd. I didn't intend to give the impression that it wasn't just because I believe that the statistics show people working more hours a week on average in America than they were 30 years ago and Titor saying that they work longer hours in 2036 than we do now is all I was saying.
redbug, your lack of comprehension is dissappointing.

The issue I was trying to highlight was these images and the way they were supplied as proof or evidence.

Regarding shots of the truck taken at different times of the day - my point was why was it necessary to provide several pics showing the exact same scene, just with varying light and slightly different POV? I never said inside/outside. I said one seemed to show daylight coming in the back window. Perhaps it was inside a garage and in that pic the garage door was open. So what - I was not concerned with that. I was pointing out that these shots had different lighting conditions and so were likely done at different times. So again - why was it necessary to provide several pics showing the exact same scene?

Regarding typewriters - I don't think I questioned the use of typewriters. It is not suprising that the text in a military manual is in courier font. It is a very clear font, photocopies well, and is also very easy to read by OCR if necessary. I just questioned why the line of text did not quite match the curve of the page - like perhaps it had been added afterwards by software.

Regarding the fact that nothing had moved. I didn't say instruments. If you look at the pics, everything seems to be in the same place. The lay of the handset coiled cable, the position of the bags and their items, the paper laying on the seat, the Geiger counter. My question was - if these itmes don't move, yet the pics are possibly at different times - was this scene staged?

In fact - are all the pictures staged scenes and props? Are they hard evidence or should we dis-count them?

I felt it was an interesting line to follow. What if I told you there was a reflection of a man taking the photo of the Corvette in the rear view mirror? Unfortunately there is not - but it was worth a look.

My post was made to generate interest, discussion and examination of all these images.
You became a member just to make your first post on this topic. Interesting.
The Titror pics are all irrelevant.

This is so, primarily because of said Ardon Krep.

Verify the technology of Krep and you pin John Titor.

Remember there is evidence that Titor may have come back and gone rouge.

So now, Titor is a legal problem for someone else.

The Corvette similarities are said such, as the interior design of the said Titor vehicle, shows some similarities to a Chevrolet Corvette.

What is of importants here, however' is Krep.

Even though said Steven and interdimensional traveler is said to be false, how would one construct Ardon Krep, utilizing some of the said Steven, known, or guessed technology??

Go this route and you also define Titor, as to probably what Titor was like.

Not understood.

That the Kerrs doublearties, are only approximations and not real black holes.

The defining generation, has to be in the tumbler mechanisms inside of said G.E. unit, however the expressions of a nondefined boundary layer, of a Kerrs doubelarity, is some eight feet away.

The outer shell is only an approximation, remember that?