"The future ain't what it used to be."

Titor: Ultimate Denyability (is that a word?)


I realized this a while ago, but decided to post it now.

If Titor is in fact found out who/where/ect. he is, and the events he foretold of didn't happen. He could just say that it's a "different worldline" couldn't he? I mean technically since its a diff. wordline then the same things don't neccessarily go along the same course of events, do they? Which means if someone confronted him with the whole WWIII thing he could just just say "Opps, looks like nothing happened here." Though, by then he'll be completely discretided...

On a side note, doesn't this new movie coming out The Butterfly Effect sound kinda like this? I mean it is time travel but I know that Titor sounds a lot like the guy in the movie, I don't mean in attitude, but I mean relatively the same when it comes to the way they interpret the subject. I wouldn't be surprised if they got some ideas from him, he is kinda famous among the sci-fi community. I'm just waiting for his own History channel special.
The thing that boggles my mind, and hope somebody can explain this to me is:

If in fact there are an infinte number or worldlines wouldn't there have been an infinte number of John Titors that visited each of the infinate amount of worldlines. So how is it there was only one. Trying to view the concept of infinty is hard, because there are no limits or boundries.
From Dictionary.com


1. Possible to contradict or declare untrue: deniable accusations.
2. Being such that plausible disavowal or disclaimer is possible: “Covert action was deniable; a Pentagon program would not be” (Bob Woodward).

So to answer your first question, yes there is such a word (just spelled a little different /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif). To answer your second question, undoubtably, John Titor has a perfect story with the "divergence" theory thrown in. It's like me saying that there is a 50% chance you will get heads when you flip a coin. I can never be wrong because no matter how the coin falls, I will be right.