Titor video/Car?


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Im sure everyone here doesnt want to explain this to me but was there ever a video of JT leaving? Some other questions what kind of car was titors time machine housed in? I heard a corvette or something but im not sure. The main reason i was wondering is from this

It appears to be a form to update a auto insurance from the Florida DMV. I think is interesting the car make is a 87 chevy but its model name is blocked out. Since its blocked out you can't read the owners name but i assume it was John Titor because I found it on www.johntitor.com . Anyways, Thats all for now.

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The resolution is so poor, I cannot tell if that is a VIN after the "CHEV..." part. It might spell out "CHEVROLET" completely. Either way, I'd wager the blacked-out portion on that line is, indeed, the VIN for the registered vehicle. I can't even make out the digits of the year on the top of the form. 03/26/.. 01 (guessing)? Could even be 02 for all I can tell.

What I wonder about has nothing to do with Titor. I wonder why the person who does johntitor.com even put it up on his/her site? It shows absolutely no compelling evidence of having anything to do with the JT story.

So why should anyone believe that it does? Do you think it relevant?

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I was just throwing it up for fun hoping someone would know something. But more importantly what kind of car was titor's time machine housed in?
The way the interior is laid out, it looks to be either a Chevrolet corvette, or a Carol Shelby GT?

They have those small parking brake knobs, on both the corvette and Shelbys.
But more importantly what kind of car was titor's time machine housed in?

One part of the story says a Corvette..Chevy, of course. The story (pics) also claim a "truck" was used, but I'm not aware of make/model.

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I believe he first used a Corvette, and then a small truck or pickup, which could have been a Chevy. On Anomolies forums, Darby has posted that the blacked out portion starting with 16NOV was an invalid VIN, but potentially this had something to do with the purchase date of the vehicle, seeing as Titor started his posts in November 2000. Perhaps someone from Florida can examine their vehicle insurance papers from that time and tell us if that area was for VIN only or whatever.

The reason for JT supplying this picture was the date of the document. He was asked many times before his departure for further proof that his story was true, as so he posted this image of this doc. You'll note the date is 03/26/01. He posted this on March 17 or so, then supposed left this worldline on 03/24.

We are supposed to wonder, "how did he get an official state government document dated after he left?" He supplied it already with blacked out areas, so obviously used a graphics package on the scanned page - could he have altered the date too?

On the subject of why timetravel in a vehicle, I think I have a few plausible reasons. JT said that the machine had some steering and gravity detection to keep it in the suface of the earth (otherwise the earth would spin away from him - early machine tests had them reappear in mid air some distance away). But even so, accuracy might be an issue for the "landing" and you wouldn't want to appear in mid air sitting on a 500lb box of sensitive equipment. But if you were in a car, the suspension and tyres would provide some shock absorbtion, as well as a discrete place to hide the box, and provide some transport. JT did talk about how the gravity sensors worked, in that if they detected a change during "flight" (i.e. presence of a large mass like a wall or tree, in place where you are to appear) the machine would backtrack to when it was OK, then "drop" you. He actually used the word "drop".

Also, there is the subject of where he was located during the timetravel flights. I read somewhere in all of this tale that he operated from an Air Force Base (was it Macgill or something like that?). Anyway, if you are in need of a location with wide open flat space, and a known history of what was specifically built and where, then an AFB would be a great location to timetravel.

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There is a jpg version of the same form also available - but what I'm saying also applies to this gif. What is interesting is that the very thing that people would be looking for - the date of the form - specifically the day of the month is the one thing that stands out as being graphically modified. The 26 in the top looks slightly darker than the rest of the date - as does the 25 in the date in the lower paragraph - 04/25/01.

It is of course understandable that he wanted to protect his identity, and so banked out information - however this act also convieniently covers up the rest of the numbers on the page - if there was a 2,5,6 in the VIN for example - he could use it to form the new dates.

I'm not an expert on these things - I just have a flat screen monitor and when I move my head up and down, these particular numbers stand out.