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'Titor' Warning or Social Programming

\'Titor\' Warning or Social Programming

As 'Titors predictions' come true, you need to ask yourself was he warning you or encouraging you to revolt against the government.

If one wanted to set up a dictactorship, massive civil unrest and martial law would be an excellent vehicle

This civil unrest could be caused by an economic crash or terrorist biological-nuclear attacks on major cities OR BOTH.
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Yes... and if I remember correctly, John Titor mentioned a Waco type of event. A forum like this would be the perfect start for a new cult.

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I'm fairly new to this, i've read the john titor site and other site about it and believe in it all, still have some questions about the theory, but what is this Waco stuff i've been hearing about?
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If one wanted to set up a dictactorship, massive civil unrest and martial law would be an excellent vehicle.

I believe Marshals Law would set up for a civil war to be honest. America is way to smart. I think the governments mistake was educating us and at the same time letting us think freely. Which is why they try to control television (to make us think more like them)/ If Marshal Law took place, they would not have their citizens backing them up. If every citizen stood together then we could over throw them thus the reason it says in the constitution that "the american people have the power to over throw the government and declare a new government". That was not just a given "right" it was a fact. So if we went into martials law no american citizen would be dumb enough to say "ok take away our rights, and the freedom we have that no other country has". We would fight, and probably win. The only way that we could not win is if they used all their weapons on their own country, then they would not have anyone for their army after the armys fallen cause all of the americans would be dead.

I'm brainstorming again, stop me.
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Not it nit-pick what you said i agree, i live in canada so doesn't bother me much if amercia went into marshall law, but if every citizen stood togeather, there would be no problem because the people running the government and the police forces are citizens, i just thought it was funny the way you worded it. And about the "take away our freedom" part, there is no freedom, in amercia or canada or in any country really,

Freedom in Amercia= you can do what ever you want as long as you do waht we say and follow all rules set down by us.

Now does that sound much like freedom to you? Don't get me wrong it's better than canada in some points, we can't have guns, well we can but not good ones. So you have to think, if freedom doesn't really exist how can they take it away, all they can do is make us belive that this is a new "type of freedom" and that it will help the Amercia or Canada people in the long run, or some bullshit like that which they already force feed us daily.

Also waht was said before, it would be a perfect vechile for a dictatorship, the dictator being this "saviour" that was fed up and decided to take charge of the resistance, so it would just turn back into a form of government that had betrayed us in the begining. We can only be free when there is Anarchy and we make our own decisions based on our own morals which are infact laws set by our selves to govern our actions. So now that i think about it we can never be totally free, so therefore Freedom can't exists.
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I'm going to say this...

I will fight for my "Freedom" that you believe is not even freedom.

What is freedom to you? Being able to do whatever you want? Murder someone and not go to jail? Be able to overdose on drugs legally? (I guess that might be one, people seem to think the drug war is a government conspiericy as if drug's don't really kill you. You won't be saying drug's are good when your overdosing in the hospital). Maybe freedom to you is being able to beat the [censored] out of your mother because she told you to go to bed.

Personally that's freedom I don't want. Yes, that would be total freedom. In other word's, in a way having law's and a government is a good thing.

Now if it weren't for our given right's then everything we do would be illegal, except the thing's the government make's us do (work would be one of them). We would not be able to freely say "I don't like the president", or be able to hold a gun in your house for self protection. America give's more right's to it's citizen's then other country. So we like to consider ourselves free. It's one of few government's where a rich person can freely associate with someone working at McDonalds. I know some of you here have money, and you wouldn't be able to talk to me in place's like China for that reason. I come from a more poor family. I wouldn't even be able to be here and learn. How would you like to live in place's that TELL YOU who your going to marry? You don't get to choose. Maybe you would enjoy a place like Iraq where the citizen's have absolutely no right's at all (well they do now that we took it over). You know in a lot of countries there are no computer's.

What I am doing now, typing on a computer (and speaking my mind) would be illegal in some place's, and I consider this a form of freedom. Now, slowly the government is taking it away. The most recent case that I can think of is Eminem. Their alway's on his case for everything he say's about the government. Now he has lyric's out where he say's "I don't rap for dead president's, I'd rather see the president dead". Remember the dixie chick's and how bush wanted to throw them out of the country because of what they said? Bush is raged about everything anyone say's about him. Half of America wishes he was dead. I won't state my position on rather I want him alive or dead, but I will say that I hear it all the time. People hate Bush. Some people like him, but a lot hate him. So Eminem say's it and the SS (Secret Service) is after him. That's not free speach? Unless he actually goes out and kill's the president. What about Gun Control? Doesn't it say in the constitution we have the right to own a gun for protection? If Gun Control keep's going like this we don't even have that right.

What freedom we DO have will be lost if the government keeps this up. Yes, we as american's do have freedom. Not the freedom we'd have if anarchy took over, but the freedom we need. Say what you want to say. Do what you want to do. You can do it. But sometimes rules are needed. I don't want to get murdered just because I tell somebody to shut up. If it was a free world, it would be legal to kill me for somebody to shut up. Yeah, sometime's hit happens anyway's sadly, but it would happen a lot more often if we lived in a free world (I don't know about you but there's been people I've wanted to kill for saying something wrong to me, such as racism. and yes, racism happens from both part's, and yes I get offended when a black man say's "He's just a cracker" or "honkey").

So yes there is freedom in America. Not the type of freedom you want, but freedom. and they can TRY to take it away. Think about this, do you actually want to be totally free? Do you want to be able to kill whoever you want whenever you want? I don't. But I don't want such thing's as Freedom of Speech and defend myself to go away either. Thus if it weren't for freedom black's would still be slave's.
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I totally agree with you I was just making a point of stating that "freedom" is just another form of control, they give us small freedoms we think outselves luckier than others and are happy for the moment. They have these "agruments" about who gets these rights and who gets those rights just to make us think that we are special for living in these "free" contries. Also I am a white person and if a black person called me a "cracker" or "honkey" it would make me laugh until I cried! But then again just about nothing offends me, but your right we do need rules but I don't think we have enough say in them. Take this for instant, at my school (not to be named) if the school wanted to they could expell many students for wishing people a Merry Christmas, which is of course the day of christs birth, then do this because they can say it offends people from certain ethnic backgrounds. Ok, that beliveable, but then way are the Hindu (I think) students allowed to dress in their gowns for their holidays when the clearly breaks teh school dress code? I don't know how many candians are here on this fourm so i am nto going to continue this any further for the sake of our counrties haveing very different rights/"freedoms"
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derek marshal law isn't named after some guy named marshal, nor is it a law. it's a state of gov in which everything is governed by those with power (the military).

i highly doubt anything THAT bad could come of this election, although i hope bush loses in a landslide defeat.