"The future ain't what it used to be."

Titors Box...hmmm


Ive been reading abouth this John Titor for a few months, ive never posted anything until now on the subject. Im not sure if anyone noticed this but here it goes...

When you look at the photocopy below look at the top parts of that yellow and black caution tape. The one on the left theres only a small portion of black showing, the tape on the right alot more of the black strip shows at the top.


Now look at the pic that John took, the tape matches exactly to the pic that was included in his "manual". The device shown by john in the pic he took and the device shown in the manual are carbon copies of exch other.


The only explanation for this is that the device used by john was the same device that was used for pics to make the manual.
Maybe this other guy that knows JT can confirm that the unit JT used to get here is the same unit used to put together the manual.

Also why are there warning stickers all over this thing? If theres only a few people that have access to this unit why the need for warning stickers and caution tape? If someone as trained as JT is using this kind of device these labels wouldnt be needed would they?

I was starting to believe this until I saw this caution tape thing.
Does this look like anything in particular?...


It's just something that has been bugging me as of late.

I've been reading around on the whole Titor story. It certainly has gotten bigger since the last time I read up on it. I am am sceptical as to its authenticity, but I do admire his ability to become a cult figure in such a short time, and to be remember for so long after.

Some people seem to believe that if he was a hoaxer, he would have spent a fortune organising everything. I disagree. The box looks like a an ammo container with a few bells and whistles. This could have belonged to hmself or someone in his family. Printing pages that look like they come from a manual - not exactly breaking the bank. And I really hope he didn't go and get a whole book bound but rather inserted his printed pages into an existing manual - perhaps from a car or some other device with a big manual. Or even perhaps a military manual...

The picture in the manual of the machine has already been examined by socomoddjob here. By using another photo of the machine unpublished on the web, he could have, easily have used a graphics tool to edit away the surroundings, use a median(I know Arcsoft Photoimpression which I got FREE with my very, very cheap webcam, can do this effect of median - makes a photo look more like a cartoon or something) effect, and then convert the thing with MS Paint to a black and white picture.

The cutaway image is the one that I truly him credit for. But with his knowledge of Physics, perhaps an education in the field of engineering is not out of the question...

People ask that if he wasn't real, why fake it? I think in creating this debate, he actually became what he said he was - a time traveller. After all, I think his name will be making appearances in forums for years to come!!
I've found all the proof I need to debunk the whole(well one of the big pieces anyway) John Titor thing. For me anyway. Thanks for opening my eyes socomoddjob - or well bumping me over the head with simplicity of it all. I'll put up the post tomorrow, because I'm happy with the literary ending I gave to my last post, and I didn't want it overshadowed. Besides I just want to try something tonight to test my theory.

If anyone saw the post I put up a few minutes ago, and deleted just as quick - shhhh.... keep quiet
Ok at least someone replied to this I was begiining to think i was a fool for even posting it.

That black and white "negative" pic that is in his "manual" is easily done with a photoshop or other image editing program in 10 minutes.

"Titor" took a pic of his time machine with the uneven yellow/white stripe tape and made a "manual" with it. I mean if your going to spend all this time and energy in the 2030's im sure you would have two identical pieces of warning tape on it so it doesnt look like it was made by a 10 year old.

That said....Johns' time machine would have probably been the only time machine made by GE because its the same one thats pictured in the manual.....duh. Wouldnt you think they would have two or three of these babys on the shelf before they let anyone go on any of these "missions"? If it were the only time machine im sure his superiors would not be happy about his galavanting around in his past...giving warnings and what not.

Im sorry but this story is untrue, if im wrong then o well.

I've always liked the effect of the curly cable that links the control pad with the gadget. Did you ever wonder what happens if the lid slams shut?

BTW: Outstanding observation regarding the caution tape.
I guess somebody found the pic used to make the manual...i guess ill put them side by side to credit my observation.



boy, dont these two look pretty similar?
So where was the higher quality scan/picture obtained? Judging from the scans of the other pages, it seems like "Titor" was playing around with the scan quality, or whoever scanned them, trying to get it better/right.

Also you can't really make any assumptions and what "probably" happened in his "world".. who knows the circumstances of his model, what model was used to make the manual, and how many the "company" had, etc.

As for errors such as the tape having a smaller width on the diagram of the machine, I see those all the time, so I don't think it indicates much as far as the validity of the document.

I may be missing something here. I first read about Titor a few months ago, and have only recently really got into it.
Not to get off subject, but a real joker will go to extreme length's (such as manipulating photo's) to make it seem atleast somewhat believable. I think John Titor may have ended up having a better reason without realizing it. If you ask me, he took today's world and made it's own history leading up to a more close to perfect world. In other word's, he was helping us to change his way's so he could live in a more perfect world. In his world (2035), there is no war because everybody is sick of it. In his world, the people fought the government off to make a better government. One with 5 president's, 1 for every different type of person's belief's. In his world, Time Travel is very much possible and now our science can do just about anything (getting closer to a jetson's like world). He's practically screamed at people to change their way's in some of the post's I read, but all we could read is what's going to happen and put our mind's on "is this guy for real?". Look at it from my persepective for a second, stop trying to prove why it was fake but instead, think about why he played the hoax. We all know it was a hoax, common sense will tell us this. He wouldn't have time traveled 35 year's back just to post on a message board that just so convienently he has access to by having a computer around that he can post on all the time. So now it's a few years after he started it all, and we're still trying to find "hard evidence" why it's a hoax. Well, it was, we all know it... common sense tell's us this, but I think that the people on this board should for once try to figure out why he did it.
derek, you (rather clumsily) bring up a good point, however I believe that's been completely obvious from the beginning. Whether JT was real or a hoax, he brings forth excellent points on survival and life. If we can't learn our lessons from real life, perhaps we learn it from myth?

He didn't come back 35 years just to post on a message board, but it sounds like a pretty good option to me. If you were to travel back in time, would you announce it publicly on CNN? Would you walk into a coffee shop and start talking to someone?
I have always been fascinated by the possibility of time travel. OH i wait for that day when somewhere someone will help me to time travel.

As for John titors claims I think there is a simple solution which if John is a fair person will agree to.

John if you really are visitng us from the past why dont you post some basic predictions for the month of december 2003, if your predictions come true we will know you are for real and just imagine what doors that may open for you! if the people oif today who are people of your past learn to trust you and establish a power communication with you, your mission will become easier!.

John if you really are visitng us from the past why dont you post some basic predictions for the month of december 2003, if your predictions come true we will know you are for real and just imagine what doors that may open for you!

If John was real, it means that he returned to his own time in 2001 - therefore it would only condemn his story to fiction if he answered after all this time /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif

Anyway, I don't think he ever made predictions as such. He just answered peoples questions when they seemed genuinely interested