Titor's time machine diagrams would not work.


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Titor\'s time machine diagrams would not work.

John Titor's story is a hoax for the simple fact his 'time machine' does not have the capability 'to travel through time'.

To be brief, his machine is missing key parts. Parts that are NECCESARY for time travel. Namely, the most important part of a time machine, the core of time travel, the Flux Capacitor. His 'machine' also lacks a sufficient power source like plutonium. Power sources cited by Titor DO NOT have enough energy to transport a vehicle through time. I know this because I am a scientist, I have created a time machine and I am quite familiar with the physics of time travel.
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Namely, the most important part of a time machine, the core of time travel, the Flux Capacitor.

:D Oh yeah...of course! Just EXACTLY like they said it would be in Back To The Future!!!

And just exactly how many Jiggawatts of power does your time machine need? /ttiforum/images/graemlins/frown.gif

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Does a lightning bolt provide precisly enough power for your machine to run? are you really a scientist?
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A lightning bolt would work if the car were equipped with a special device to harness the power. Other sources of power are available, including garbage. Garbage can be dumped into the rear of the car and be used to power the machine for a one-way trip. Garbage would need to be collected upon arrival to power another trip.
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A flux capacitor is not necessary in the old model.

Remember what the ravishing, knowledgeable, intellectual Patricia had said, Not as per but said, "They actions of this time machines are ones of a projected sphere, which acts as a pulsed width rate...The heat is such that the windows of the vehicle used, must be closed, as the temperatures attained would cause the people inside of the vehicle, extreme discomfort, during the jump mode of time travel".

After she said this, Patricia, oh' lovely Patricia then gave a consultation of fashion stiles, how to dress for business and signed autographs.

The truth lies in the structure of physics, where source 1, being the Tippler tumblers, is you output source.
So two is that during normal workings of the said G.E. Unit that a pulse, fluxed output, is given interspatially, to an algebraic point, some said eight feet away from the geniis point, for the G.E. unit.

So on battery power, plus cesium, your output in some measure, within a controlled spike, can be turned back into you need source of power, for the G.E. Unit?(question mark)

Very much the same principle that an automobile uses, in order to derive power for the generator when this vehicle is running.

>Patricia did not just watch Charlie's Angels, she became Charlie's Angles.

This woman started to wear high fashion, did her nails in wonderful shades of colors and had adopted a flowing of people that both admired her, as well as loved her, as she, only she knew the intimate working of the said General Electric Time Displacement Unit.

The method of generating the said either plus or minus directory in the direction of time travel, might have come from the fact, that the balance of needed electrons were also placed on the outer double event shell, via an interspaced method as well, the missing equation.

This was said one day in Luxemburg, when the beautiful vivacious Patricia had been interviewed.

Her words are supposed as she drank her chocolate aperitif; "You fool, in all my years of time travel and being a professional model, having white blacked photos as I had traveled through time, in the realm of supposition, is that these states were always considered and or, not, or being, with reference to Boolean states in math.

It would only serve that any direction and or state on the outer shell, would have to be from other spatial sources, rather than something directly applied?
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Tom, what was I thinking? How am I supposed to generate that kind of power?
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Made me laugh, although what ive noticed is creedo seems to take things a little serious.
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Half of the Duo strikes again, MOP HELP! (refered to in another previous post)
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No Dr Brown is not me, although I thoroughly enjoyed Back To the Future, I wouldn't quote it, it would take all validity out of any argument I presented henceforth.

I did think it was funny though...

I have not made any other names for myself at this forum, and I won't. I don't see any need to.

Sorry I havn't been on in a while, my vacation starts soon, just been making plans.

I don't blame you though, quoteing a movie does seem like something I would do,
No harm done iridium,