To board, MOP and all who post:


Epochal Historian
To board, MOP and all who post:

I had found a web site that I thought was at least community based and people could have a free exchange of ideas.

It was much to my chagrin yesterday, to find that hackers frequent this web site and it was said by someone who complained, that they were injecting a virus into this web site.

The complainer had said that this was a TCIP host changing protocols, that changed the destination of your private e-mails to their host destination.

This was referred to as a Q-host virus.

The said destination was a government org, that was known by a three letter acronym, that begins with the letter C.

They aren't supposed to operate domestically anyway.

Maybe they piggybacked on me and got here, when we had this bit or trouble?

I suggest that everyone check their P.C. firewalls and or download a reputable spyware checker, plus mail sniffer, to determine if they still have this virus?

I personally feel that this is cheap and easy, well lazy way to innervate on other's privacy.

My apologies to all, if it was me who brought these jerks in here?

I you want me out Rauel, I'll understand.

Thanks and apologies to all.