"The future ain't what it used to be."

To CAT on the Universe People:



Hi CAT' I hope that your doing especially well and have avoided the photographic pitfalls, that some people leave for you on the work placed net?

Got something that I would especially like to show you and it of all places is in the Universe Peoples web site.

I know what you thinking, theyre as crazy as can be, however know that the Billy Meier affair and Meier contacing the Pleiadeans was a true event and did really happen.

CAT' you being a sudo-cop and all might want to take a gangewr at the photos section of this web site and when you see some female within a silver sute; the ray gun, or laser rifle she is holding is real.

**(These types of spacesutes look weird and almost fake, however they are real.This is also verified within other studies of alien UFOnauts, within other photogrpahic manterials I have examined.)

I got a look at her hair and I think she is the real thing, as I can read photographs psychically.

I haven't gone to a psychic DNA scan of the hair and I'm able to do this, in order to gain authenitfication, however at this point in time, something tells me that this may be a Pleiadeans, or at least a real offworld human alien.

Their gentic structure is simple, as theyr'es is only a more pruified variant of our only DNA, as Pleiadeans DNA chemically purify within a waterbath, durring the inception process.

Thought you might want to see the weapons and all, being in law enforcement and all?

How I feel about them comeing here?

I've got mixed feelings, even being as close to this isssue as I am.....

I feel that we as Earthlings should be given more of a right to express our own wants, as far as a direction in near and outer space goes and we should not be force fed outerspace issues, concerning politics.

Yes what we have in a space exploration program as of now, is horribly corrupt, however maybe sometime soon, there will be invention that will place us into space more rapidly that is now presently achivable?

Thewre are lots and lots of differing kinds of aliens as well as life forces out there, so to you my dear friend CAT, I do suggest that you read all the keuy books on extraterrestials?

In cloeing, I think that the ray-gun phots, are at the top list of items, held in photos?

"Mind you now, I'm not with these Universe People", as I don't feel that we should have to be hearded ontop spaceships like dumb cattle, however some portions of what is posted at their web site, is true and correct.

I had only wanted to let you know.

Thanks, Dan

In answer to our above post . It was not directed at me but I would like to respond. I had posted on this site that I did have contact with a being in a white or silver mattalic suit with an emblem on the right hand side. I could not make out what this emblem was just knew it was there. this being had very long fingers and I did not get a look at the face. the space craft gave off red yellow green and maybe blue lights and pulsed. I did percieve it to be round. I will admit here that this is the being who warned me about the water. Water will be covering most of the florida and eastern seaboard by the year 2012 and maybe sooner. That is why I left florida. Like I said before a plasma ship appeared in my backyard in florida and the beings telepathically told me many things. I was so unnerved by all of this I proceeded to take a xanex. they stopped me and said no don't do that we will lose the communication with you if that occurs. I got to my senses and did what they ask which led me to where I am now. I do believe that the universe people are telling the truth somewhat but not completely. It all a matter of would you rather listen to charles manson or robert downey jr. both are criminals but Robert is just so cute and probably wouldn't hurt a fly but is a little unbalanced. Pick the lesser of the two evils. If you try to go higher then your concouisness will allow you will end up like some Guru sitting on the ground naked because you fell clothes restrict your sense of freedom. Your mind will end up in lala land escaping this reality altogether and missing the lessons it may afford. stay grounded and in the moment. life can be fun even with all the shit taking place

Oh Ya I wanted to tell you i say numbers on the tv the other day. It was on the news of a brodcast about that explosion that took place at some plant. the camera was scanning the sight showing people who were hurt and low and behold right across the screen came 777. I think it was on a phone booth. I started to call clyde Lewis but I said what he heck who's gonna stop it or even care. clara
cat go to the clyde lewis site then scroll down to the very bottom of surfing the apocolypse stream on the right you will see YOW USA click scroll down you will see Planet X flyby in 2003 zeta Hysteria us. Zeta fact. If after you read this you find yourself interested go the Zeta talk.com. clara
cat here another article for ya about the phamacutical companies withholding information. go to whitley striebers site and go all the way to the bottom on the left .
RE: To CAT on the Universe People, Clara too.:

Yeah,.. weird stuff Clara, know a few Gurus and one of them is my friend.

This religious bit, about the church saying that people should be perfect, always sets them up for failure.

What was it?Jame Baker and Jessica Hann, then Jarry Farwell and his lines, then Rusty Swaggert, "name like Swaggert"?? and now it's the Catholics??

They can't say much about each other now, where they were doing this before, as it is like people in a pig pen throwing mud at each other, as they are all in the same mess...

Me without cloths though Clara?...Mmmmmhha' I keep mine thank you.

Nice to hear from you Clara, hope the family is doing well?

On how wierd people are:

Do you remember the movie or book Murders In The Rue Mourge?

The part that got me, was they were always trying to find the killer.The investigators were attempting to build a psychological profile, of a human so strong, that with his strength, he could shove a deceased hooker, into a very tight chimney space?!

Did you ever read the book or see the movie that stared Basil Rathbone as Sherlock Holmes?

I thought that it was funny that there was this secret side to mankind, that he was this weird and could have possably been a homocidal superman.

Maybe there is a dark side to us, that the aliens don't want to deal with, within themselves?

Nice to hear from you Clara.
Oh don't be so hard on them they got it bad living over there and no way out.

creedo, I did see that movie . Its interesting isn't it how we end up perceiving something and it turns out to be all wrong. I guess thats just human nature. we do all have a dark side I guess without it we would have never survived as a species. but there does come a point in our evolution were it beomes a hinderence. I think that point has come and those that expose there dark sides and train them like wild stallions will be the ones to ride them into the new dawn. It will be a massive undertakeing but it can be done clara