To Celebi time traveler


Chrono Cadet
Hi CTT, sorry to haven't answered your numerous posts, I've been out for a while.

Men!! (if you're one) - You've post so much stuff! I'm sorry, no time to read them all. You really seems like the one who wants to express him self, but you push so much that you're going down and down and down.

It is cool to get friends, but must of the time we don't ask to, we just figure out that we are. Don't slide in any topics with frustations of non-replies, your destroying yourself and also, the forum.

Let's make a deal, honnestly, I like your devotion, you're a model of tenacity - I'll be your "friend", - in exchange - come down and put a filter thruu your replies. You're intelligent it's clear, but you're too sensitive. As others says, there are specific forums for defoulement, talking of nothing and everything. I hope you'll stay, with a bit of reserve.
It's nice of you to say that, and I'm glad that you accepted the contract!

I can't promess that I'll be here everyday, but I'll try to keep up with your posts. Whenever you have questions then email me.

See you later!
Hey dob, I've just posted the last remaining persistence, sorry, just saying BYE BYE to....well you know.
Are you there dob?..maybe not. Anyway I was going to ask you "if" (a matter of yes or no) I can post my next post.
I do not believe that the person was asking you to request for their permission in order to post. I do believe that they were saying in a rather nice way that your continual nonsensical posts should be toned down in frequency. I looked back at some of your first posts, they were readable and posed sensible questions. For some reason, you have decided to become irrational and have been making new topic posts every few minutes about nothing(this is not an instant message system), it is pushing other more interesting topics down and in my opinion is taking away from the board, at least it is to me because I feel that I am having to hunt for something because it is buried under posts which you are making for no apparent reason. Since you live in Florida, I do not think you are a foreigner who does not have full grasp of the English language, so I do not know what is wrong. I do not know, maybe I am the only one who is a bit bothered by this?
Trott, allow me. I was just kidding with dob, because he's my friend, and friends don't care whether you're serious or not. At least is my goal, and only I have the right to have it. I'm also foreing and I give the permission to anyone that might be interested to check my records. I'm not a reserved person. I believe when someone tells the truth is doing the greatest job ever done.
Celebi Please,
I must concurr with dob & Trott on this one, many others have pointed out this issue to me as well, and it does appear to create friction between other members here pertaining to your style of posts. it is not necessary to create a new topic to be used as a "message" type post, those should be reserved for "chatrooms" which this "Forum" is clearly not.

If you wish to post a personal note, or message that is not directly associated to a response from another's post, I suggest you use private email, or try posting replies to others that are directly associated to the topic of discussion, you'll get more positive results this way, otherwise if you really have something to contribute, please by all means post a new topic of discussion, but please do so pertaining to the interests of the community, something that we may find of sincere interest.

On a final note, I hope you don't take this "Structual Critisisim" offensive, as I intend no harm, and would like to see you continue interacting with us on a more "positive" note.

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Maybe I should have the complain. I began to post since I got here. Never heard a complain before against me. All this was due to a simple misunderstanding while I was intending to correct a wrong thought. It's not fair to blame an innocent person in this case me. I took the time to post about what happened. If you're concerned, please check it. Perhaphs you should take another look at other comments related to me. It's time all this ends just like the way it was before.
CTT: Everything's fine!I think you're doing ok now, everything is the same as the begining, don't worry. Past is part of time, time is part of life!

TT02112: Let's start again from point "0", and learn from that, to get on the track again.

We're making a El Nino in a glass of water...
Let's get back to what we are use to!