To Chunksbun, questions aksed:

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Dear Chunkabun; you had R.V. seen the critter buzzing by my ankle while I had slept, which had bitten me.

There are now puncture scares, however lite, where those bites had occured.

You had R.V.ed into my home and saw what was going on.

I have haveing some difficulty after this bite and I am asking kindly now, "what did you see that had bitten me"?

Was it one, a normal bat?

Two a result of the Ong prototype vehicle, which sent a time wave off, when it had neared where I live?

Or lastly, a demonic or otherwise type of vampire, which had bitten me?

The location was three inches above my ankle on the inside of the left leg and the width was three quarters of an inch from fang puncture bite to fang puncture bit across.

I would simply like to know did this, before tomarrow evening?

>>To the overseers who had both monitored me and given me the written advice, printed information on my windshild, a few years ago at the Burgerking.And this was not to be affileaited with ex-president Clinton, of the asked sponcership of the areospace project, (please note the following orders concerning Chunkabun).

If he does not aquess on the information asked by me, you are to take over and ask same question.

If he does not given the right information by the close of Monday evening, then consider nutralizing him?

Please send me the antiserum, if the type of vamp mentioned here is appropiate?

If not, then,....