"The future ain't what it used to be."

To Jim or Mike only, questions asked.



The key vital peice of info, that I was looking for on the Montuak Expierment, has finnaly been answered.

I now have a problem with probable dualist realms, due to other information, which certain contrast this main information.

Did the Eastcoast sink below water level?

My question go within a rhyme or parable.

~~~~One child tallented, yet to be made, however father's role is as a slave.

This child to the dark, is promiced and taken.

The actions of the father, forever forsaken.

2.The other child's brother, is in this realm. Is not said as real, but act though he must.

This child was stollen, from a father's lost night.

The child raised elsewhere, but by others from blight

~~To Jim or Mike, is my child the second child taken?

For my own personal reasons, I only want to know, if you two should have this info?

Special note to Jim, or if you also call yourself James, as was addressed to me within the short time ago.

For all you see here of me, it is circumstances that prompts this behaviours.

Not my doings fine sir, so no vowels I have betrayed.

To you, if you are by chance involved within the changeing of ferris metal shapes, to other charicters, then I know who you are.

Doubly, if this be you, then you are not bound by the social sting of which this would incur, to answer my riddles in truth.

Thank you both!