To John Titror, we didi'nt throw it all away.


Epochal Historian
To John Titror, we didi\'nt throw it all away.

John' if you're listening, we did not throw it all away.

We were a society in recovery.

Our existence was after the Vietnam conflict, which just about tore this nation apart, was tenuous.

The late seventies and eighties was for rebuilding our identies, as well as self respect.

The song given here, performed by Pebo Bryson and Roberta Flack, kinda says it all.

The lyrics> I swear I've never felt so free. means, I'm tired of Vietnamlike conflicts and spooky government.

There is nothing we could do John, except sing.

If you can get a recording of this song, there is a little sea lore based within the rythem, as big as all of the sea.
You've got to let the song take your imagination, like the wind takes a sail on a boat?

Copy>Peabo Bryson
Title: You're Lookin? Like Love To Me
Album: Born To Love

It maybe way too early in the game
For you or me to know how far we?ll go
But when I look at you
From any point of view I see lookin? like love to me
(You make me feel love)

We?ve only met and yet it feels so right
To see the fire between us come aglow
You make my body melt
I swear I never felt so free lookin? like love to me

Do I expect too much and move too fast
Do I expect so much, so soon too last

(You make me feel love)

I'm gonna toss all caution to the wind
And let my deep-down feelings overflow
I bet my life on us
Tonight I tell trust in me lookin? like love

You make my body melt
I swear I never felt so free lookin? like love to me
Whoa...lookin? like love
Definitely you?re lookin? like love to me

So lovely love lookin? like love to me
(You make me feel love) lookin? like love FIN

There are a few of us at this time, who are adventurers.

This was bought forward by the Star Trek movie, The Voyage Home, which is a movie relative to Bryson's and Flack's song.

In each time traveler, as well as space voyager, there is a little, sometimes allot, of that wanderlust.

This recondrding by Pebo Bryson and Roberta Flack, by coincidence, says San Francisco, the big port town.

In the voyage Home, when Kirk's crew get to San Francisco by the skin of their teeth. George Taki, who plays Lutenant Sulu, a helm's navigator in the series; says with that spirit of adventure as the cross the daylight terminator to night over this port town; Ahhh' San Francisco, I was born there.

I think feel with my soul, that in this era, some of the very best explorers, who were not afraid to chance the bank, were born.

I think Taki's statement of San Francisco, the port adventure town, says it all.

The funny thing was, the way history grips affairs, is this was one of the hangouts of Roberta Flack and Bryson and more good musicians, than I can shake a stick, at, was San Fancisco.

Even when someone grumpy is at the helm of formalized government, the one thing they can never extinguish, is that deep down sense of adventure, in people who want to go beyond what is given.

Remember that of us, John? /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif
Re: To John Titror, we didi\'nt throw it all away.

And you denied being a brown noser /ttiforum/images/graemlins/confused.gif

I'm j/k /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif with ya Danny... I know quite well that this is some sort of cryptic vision of J.T. and his life exposed in a mystery of words that only you and him would know what it means.

Those who have dealt with your intrusive psychic powers before have told me so.

However, you’re still yet to get into my mind

But when or if you do, you will find me to be a most formidale oppentent if you choose to take on the TTA on this favorite playing field; The Mind~

Re: To John Titror, we didi\'nt throw it all away.

I think you misread what I had posted.

John Titor, by what he has said about us, thinks we're all slouches., without studying why we were like we are?

I don't want in your mind.

What value could your usage of cardboard tolietpaper centers, be to me, if I were to collect these too, as you do.....?

No' I also won't tell anyone about your longing to dress up in a pink 1950's prom dress, complete with a pink bouffant.

These are your visions and I certainly would not want to let the powers that be, know your inner secret longings.

Just kidding TTA, can you take a pill or something, in order to relax a little?

Maybe even listen to a little music, or something..........?!
Re: To John Titror, we didi\'nt throw it all away.

Hahaha and ha!

Cardboard toilet paper centers and a 1950’s prom dress… yeah, right!

Don’t even want to ask what kind of mind would think up that /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif?

But don’t get me wrong Dan, I am not attacking you personally… You have earned a certain level of trust and respect from the TTA after all our wars.

I am only stating the facts so that your statements are made clear, as they are so often mistranslated and confusing by a lot of individuals standards.

Or can you honestly say your last post would have been easily understood by anyone else other then your self and the time traveling poser known as J.T.?

Hey CAT, long time no see

Welcome back… your old buddy TTA gives you a paw-five /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif.

Re: To John Titror, we didi\'nt throw it all away.

An interesting thought that has come to mind, is what if, in the area of proposals.This proposal is that John Titor was a carefully crafted excuse from the powers that be, hidden or open, in order to give a false reason projected, as to why the social structure of this society had possibly collapse to war, within the future tense?

This would be then, as a proposed concept, that because we as a society now, were termed as lazy and threw it all away, supposedly.......?,that this is the reason that everything slid into world wide maelstrom.

There is a structural problem with this one concept and this is that there are some of us who work very hard, however are not pro-hierarchically imbued.

What is also not mentioned in any of the Titor tellings, are the issues of the web search words, (hidden alien bases).

Surely as well based as Titor was said to be by his agent of transferring information to the relative time frame of 2000 on, in the short range, there would have been atleast some indication that John Titor knew considerably more than he was saying?

This would be both with reference to the actions of government, as well as any said subject on the hidden alien influence.

Remember it was actor Mike Farrell, who had come out in years 1989, with the special, (UFO Cover-up Live), to tell of the Grays and their characteristics at Area 51, so there publicly is some record of this now?

Why is it that this said John Titor, in all his relayed printings, is so very ignorant of these facts, as these conditions bear upon our society now?

What this situation belies and I say this as being possible only; is a situation to where maybe some of the participants have been abducted, or imbued in some way, to be enamored with an adoration of a false, or made-up persona?

The false object of worship, might have been John Titor.

I'm saying this postulation as a possible, not a definite as the following does apply.

There has been in both real life and past movies, already professed, and attempt to rewrite history.

At this date forinstance the Japanese in their homeland have carefully crafted movies that give differing reasons for the second world war conflict.
These media statements by which state that it was the United States, that had prompted them into war, not them attacking Pearl Harbor?

There is also a recently made series of movies, where a false persona of a model was constructed by actor Al Pacino, to where by the art of digital pixelization, the almost perfect, or near perfect fashion model could be concocted.

I have also heard of the phenomenon of both ghost players and ghost employees, being based on rosters, in order to make it appear to facts, other than what census was necessarily to meet, in order to make events work.Note this process made in the movie, Wag the Dog at

The creation of John Titor may have been a carefully crafted and orchestrated event, to show that in some part, it was the peoples fault of the projected demise to come, and maybe not how really events to come, had played out.

This might be termed as rewriting the future, which through the powers of the media, has certainly been accomplished before.

To make these proposed actions more clear; in otherwords, this would be similar to abducting me, then brainwashing me to become endeared to the newscaster, Ananova.Furthermore' then to publicly claim that Ananova, is going to have my baby, this done at a secret government facility. and

Please take note, that the female digitized version of Ananova, would be similar to the U.S. version of Laura Croft, of the Tomb Raider Videogame fame?

Ananova, I've always loved you! And yes, indeed even though you are nothing, more than pixelization, PLEASE!, do have my baby......?

Note Ananova, the latest home pregnancy test you had showed me, does have me worried........!?
Re: To John Titror, we didi\'nt throw it all away.

am i the victim or the crime? damned if you do damned if you dont?

For those who threw it away or will throw it away... they are the small minority in this world, as most of the planet is living in total suffering and abject poverty and has nothing to throw away. Those who are doing the throwing away are the same ones who buy shoes for 150 bucks made by children paid 75cents a day furthering the misery. They can be the ones to blame for not living consciously.

Like the slave driver seeing the regiment of black soldiers marching across his plantation towards him mansion...

enjoy it while it lasts ...