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When will the Experiment area of the site be open?

Re: The poll question, Thats a tough one!
I don\'t know if I\'ll ever open the "Experiment" section...

It's all fictional, so I'd have to make up a little story if I wanted to actually create an experiment section. And right now, my creative writing talents are totally tapped.

Re:I don\'t know if I\'ll ever open the "Experiment" section...

Perhaps something like this....

Date: June 12, 1999
Time: 14:00 EDT
Place: Casino Ballroom, Catalina Island, CA
Temp: 78 Fahrenheit
Humidity: 25%

Test subjects: Rosanne Barr and a few of her "gravitationally challenged" friends

Nature of Experiment: Attempt to warp space-time continuum through rapid movement of heavy objects to create a wormhole allowing for travel to any other point in the space-time continuum.

Subjects (after significant prodding and a future promise of donuts) were instructed to form a circle holding hands around the experimenter.
They were then asked to run as fast as they could in a clockwise direction.

Scientific Observations: Although watching that much flesh flying around so fast (for upwards of 1 minute) was somewhat dizzying, I could measure no appreciable warpage of the space-time continuum.

Conclusion: Although watching such a spectacle may make the experimenter WISH to be somewhere else at some other time, this does not seem to be a productive line of research for practical time-travel apparatus.
Re:Re:I don\'t know if I\'ll ever open the "Experiment" section...

I sometimes find that partaking of too much Vodka has the strange effect of sending my legs into the future.

Upon 'catching up' with them, the rest of me really tends to wonder what the criteria of their destination selection process must have been.
Re:Re:Re:I don\'t know if I\'ll ever open the "Experiment" section...

We should get "Jon" to design the "experiment" section, after all he is from the "future". On second thought maybe thats not a good idea. We shouldn't encourage child molesters.
Re:Re:Re:Re:I don\'t know if I\'ll ever open the "Experiment" section...

If you go back in time and have sex with someone underage, is it really child molestation? After all, if you were to put the person through a similar space-time transformation, he would be older (in fact maybe 1000's of years older) than you!

I don't think that we are sufficiently "enlightened" to make a judgment on such things.
Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:I don\'t know if I\'ll ever open the "Experiment" section...

Even if if we are not suficiently "enlightened" to make such a judgement call, I'm sure the "local authorities" would feel THEY are and deal with you accordingly.

But then that would depend on what society you went "back" to wouldn't it.
Re:I don\'t know if I\'ll ever open the "Experiment" section...

You're right there.

I heard, though, that Neanderthal chicks were(are?) HOT!
Re:Re:I don\'t know if I\'ll ever open the "Experiment" section...

Yeah me too. Just don't get caught with the "ugly" one.

(Sorry ladies, no chauvanism intended, just tellin' it like it is.)
Re:Re:Re:I don\'t know if I\'ll ever open the "Experiment" section...

You'd have to be careful though.

I've heard that the myth about the Neanderthal males bashing the females over the head with a club and then dragging them back to their cave for 'nookie' is actually false. It's the 'ugly' females that did the bashing, dragging and having of 'nookie' with the poor defenseless males.

The historic roles of gender that we are all familiar with are thus an illusion. The 'ugly' females are actually the stormtroppers of womankind, who are actually the dominant gender. We menfolk just like to think that we have historically been in charge, because that's the way they've always wanted us to think..
I mean who is it that has been decimated by the millions in our history of warfare...The men. That's the way that women wanted it. They fool us into believing that we are stronger and better and then watch us go off like lambs to the's absolute brilliance

I've really gone off at a tangent now. I am joking by the way everyone, a bit of light hearted harmless fun. I know that some people sometimes miss that.

(I must say that women are great though, really. I think that we men should let them dominate us in any way that they see fit...wa hey!).

Women on top etc...ummm...yes...ahem...I'm sorry, I got carried away in the moment..

(I mean to cause no chauvinistic offense to any aesthetically challenged females out there by the way. Let's face it there's plenty of bloody ugly men about..
Re:Re:Re:Re:I don\'t know if I\'ll ever open the "Experiment" section...

Is that you Jon?

Whoever you are, try having your own ideas. Maybe you can then find enough pride in them to use your real name.


..and good luck with those ideas...sit down if you find yourself getting dizzy.
Re:Re:Re:Re:I don\'t know if I\'ll ever open the "Experiment" section...

I've said for years that women are in fact in control of many things due to the fact that THEY control sex.

I've had certain "shrink" types admonish me for saying this but I stand by it. No chauvanism intended, again, just telling it like it is. Women control sex because they can choose to have, or not have it at will with or without being aroused. Simple biology. To me, we tend to overlook this simple fact as being at the root of a lot of issues we have problems with and overcomplicate the reasons for.

For the females reading this, of course rape is notwithstanding to the statement above. There is NEVER any excuse for a male to NOT take NO for an answer, and those who refuse to do so should be dealt with severly. The issue I speak to is just that when folks mind their manners, Women ARE in control of this situation. We could go into the discrimination in the workplace, equal pay aspects if you want but that's getting really off topic for this forum.

I think SimonB makes a good point above and here's a link for anyone who wants to read up on Neanderthal history as we know it today. A trip back in time so to speak.

Be sure to check reference #2 at the bottom of that page. It's a link to the DNA study ruling them out as ancestors to Homo Sapiens now. Interesting if you like that sort of stuff.

I'd like to go back in time to see if we could determine why they went extinct.
Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:I don\'t know if I\'ll ever open the "Experiment" section...


Sex is physical (Well most of it), If you can touch the person, they exist, If that person is a child (Even 100 years in the past), You would still be with a child,

What a filthy thought