"The future ain't what it used to be."

To mop


With your respect, this is simply an example of what I told you about "refining" the forum "paths".

Look at the latest posts, how much by a day. For shure it depends on who's talking and his realibility to the subject, anyway!

Interest: border line. Further than that will be the "free-for-all" behavior adopted by me. ( [--- weird sentence isn't it? )
Hidden html message...<this is a test of your html skill, if you can see this hidden message, then you are truly paying attention! & Now I have it, please email me in private to let me know you got it! email:[email protected]>
TT02112: Good idea for communicate with the administrator, but the "privatest" way would certainly be to do it by email. Because anybody with a minimum of HTML skill can read you secret post... Skeptic?