To Pamela More,informational pylon, on Anom network, Mike:

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Dear Pam'

Please take note that Mike is correct in his descriptions of how this process works with humans.This should be structureof space and time constructive, not naturaly ability oriented however?

It was noted with the injuries sustained to Pleiadean Cosmonaut Semjase, via Randolph Winter's book, The Pleiadean Mission, that the beings known as the Son-ases, had a somewhat similar ability, only vastly more pronounced.

These features are; an oversized head, or cephalic region, a probable set of internal organs, which phase change and phase store, electricity and change the bodies outer eletrical signiture on command.

And an internal localtion apparatus, already within the construction of the Sonase's brains.This is a mechanism which can locait mass, while the Sonases, inside of the process of being zero, durring their bodie's abilities to jump through time and space.

I am going to try to doubly verify the existance of the Sonases, through other sources.This might be difficult, as some beings, such as the three foot tall green vampiric stile of a distant cousin of the Grays, want almost complete ananimity, as to their existance.

The reinforceing foundation evidence, was a man who within Doloris Cannon's book on an ancient Alaskan UFO crash, as a tribal memeber of a near to the said crash site.This villager could phase change his body into a neighboring reality.

This action was to bring back deer to our reality, of which the village members had none.

I feel that this was an abdominally placed organ, which allowed this man to phase change into other realites.This man was an American native.

The other beings, which have a large storrage electrical potentials or phase changing abilites, are the beings which are shown on the cover of Wendelle C. Steven's book, UFO Crash At Azteck.

These beings might have some of their genes placed within this society already?

There seems to be a placing of the bodies electrolyte solutions, in concert with these electro-charge abilities of some modified internal organs, which may enable one to phase blends into other realities?

Remember the comment, where you had mentioned the girl phaseing through the wall, durring the lecture and Darby said she probably fell off her chair?

I think that this is what you were trying to get at?

Hope that you are doing well, all the best, Dan alieas Creedo299 technical phase.