To the person pretending to be David Anderson phd:


Dimensional Traveler
To the person that e-mailed me claiming they are David Anderson phd at the time travel research place. I hope for your sake you really are him and not impersonating him.
the entire e-mail has been forwarded to his real e-mail address with a response. you might have a lot of explaining to do to him
once he e-mails you back.
for one thing you are using his name and title in a return e-mail address fraudulently.
sorry, i dont like playing these types of games.

Im sure I will hear from him. I've posted this just incase you tried to deceive anyone else on here.
Using my supernatural detective skills (hehehe ) I have discovered who sent that fraudulent e-mail to me. I have accessed the top part of all the e-mail addresses where all the hidden information (I.P. and etc.) is and discovered that it was none other than Brandon Geer himself. alias: ( OCG )
sorry Brandon the numbers don't lie.
"brandon Geer" Irving_1986 @ hotmail . com

By the way,Brandon, Dr. Anderson(the REAL one) is NOT very happy with you right now at all.


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