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Dear Time, thank you for your recient post on the nature of lawn mowers in the U.S.

I'm sure that there are plenty of these, however the manufactures are fussy about nonservice personel working on these, as they want an overal stores sales approch?

I'm sure that your tired at this point in time wearing that same old shaggy dress?

I like lemmon yellow chiffon myself, however when others see it, they might ask why I didn't spend the extra.

I enjoyed our time at the party togeather and it was stimulating to walk in one pantleg togeather, at least for a while.

The police in drag thought that we were siamese twins, with differnt faces, but yell at your mother, not mine.

I liked the point with the litton on it, if your going to make popcorn, then I say that this is the best way?

By the way, did you notice that Pam is now dressing in purple feathers now!?

Yes' I saw here at the crocery store and said to myself, "My how peculair, that she should buy new miniture cars this way"?

When I saw her at the store, I had shoutted, "hey' a 42 model should do, if your looking for sensationalism"!

As always, Pam jumped on my shoulders and gave a news update.

I don't like that pickle barrel she's looking down as of lately.

First it was Mungo Jerry, then I see that the fellas don't like how the car came standard and wanted me to wear an ankle braclette?

I went to the mumbo jumbo doctor and he gave me medicine for the tick bite.

Felt bad at first, but I'm sure that the iceberg has now broken?

It growled last night and the morning brough the sound of lawyers running around in the basement!

Have you strapped an Osterizer to your back as of late?

You had said that you were going to sit on the steps, near Shima's place, but I said to myself, "Hey' that's a long way down, only to look at someone's old address, plus Friedrich doesn't live there anymore"!

Did you catch the subway on-time?

You had said as of late that you were looking to go that way?

A bigger cloths closet, is always better than a kiddie-car, if service personel are trying to goose your but on the freeway.

If your doing that, did you take a hand buzzer along, for laughs?

I know that you and Nomo the laughing Clown, now go to pick-nics in pairs.

So wth as much as you come in this door, I'm sure that a lot of you, when the party is held, sometimes fools the perverts?

I have a new friend and this feline is multi-mamerous.

No' I know what you'r thinking, however it's Phil Donnahue only and no slipery protient materials, with reference to work bench tollerances.

At one time I had wanted to be a pervert, however the way the ball score was kept, the hidden tream said No' we think your queer and this calls for a celebration.

There is never a bigger slut at the back of the OLD BAR, such as I.

It is just when the indians come in, you don't see blue farts comeing out of my eruptus, I can assure you that.

I hope that the doors that your walking through, don't get too tiresome?

It is tough being born an ant, joined in one body and then find out that you might not want to go to the same ant hill?

Can you apposalotize your geography?

I sure can watch,"Oh here I come and the destination is Myorcha where the fish eat shrimp all night long".Not the news dumpie, but the place where the weird bitch with the strange hair-do, hangs out on that certain island.

She was from the old school, when you went poof, in your act for the PTA?

I hope that when you go to the dog groomer, that he does not forget to special dog bath.

You know' you look great once you have been treated to that special bath?!

I never did jump on your shoulders and point THAT-A-WAY, did I?

Mabe you don't trust my judgment when it come times to examine carniverous teenagers, down at the City Dump?

I saw two down there the other day, eating a Police Officer!

Please write again Gar-oid.

I'm not sure about the companies version of this new lawn mower and as to wheathr I should get on this train?

We never held each other and cried.

Maybe this is our problem, to much wax and not enough deft, on that new table of yours.

To MOP, in two days time, you may delete this post, if you would like.

a wild guess or two....

let me make a few guesses, tell me when i'm close:

-i noticed you have about 45 sentences in your post above. you got them by going to 45 different bulletin boards, all boards dealing with different subject matter and you copied and pasted completely nonrelated sentences from each forum into your single post above.

-you post completely whacky, nonsense material because in your mind it make you appear to others as one of those wild and crazy guys you see in the movies (characters played by the likes of jack black and john beluchi).

-large doeses of xtc

-you're crazy, period

-as a traveler from another time and dimension, we 21st century humans are just too simple to understand you.
RE: a wild guess or two....

Do not under any circumstances underestimate Creedo here. For he knows far more then he leads people to believe. Yes, his posts are whacky and make completely no sense. I was the first one to tell him that
and to take him out for it.

However, Creedo knows things through visions. And the 42 sentences you are referring to, you can best believe they each have something to do with members of this forum.

Creedo see’s into their lives at will, and riddles in his post like this to let them know, cause he can’t keep it to him self. He likes to play his mind games like that, so keep that in mind, he also likes to threaten you if you question him. And trust me, it will be a long and grueling match. But I can say this about it; I’ve gotten through it

I have learned to have some respect for Creedo through that; gotten to know him pretty well. He’s harmless; he can’t curse you or anything, except for invading people’s privacy and exploiting them with it on the forum here for all to see.

Bytheway Boot, are you the same guy that’s e-mailing me? If you are, I will respond to your e-mails later, I am quite busy in trying to understand someone

Hey Creedo, want a challenge? Try telling me about my girlfriend
I’ll bet you can’t do it.

RE: a wild guess or two....

sorry, i didn't know i was messing with a modern day nostradomas. i will archive all creedo quatrains and refer to them as future events unravel so i see if any of creedo's posts relate. as far as having a long and grueling match, i think i have experienced a bit of that as i have done a little bit of battle with creedo's alter self creePo. all he can say is, "bow, kneel, worship" and self grandizing stuff like that. not impressed with his internet forum war skills.

t.t.a.-it is someone else emailing you.

t.t.a. and creedo, please read my "gentlemen here is your assignment" post. it is right down your alley.
RE: a wild guess or two....Historical marker:

Got to know Nostradamus through a deep meditation period.

Got to know him very well as a matter of fact.

He sent me a modrus envicti, when had both growled through my plumbing and then had both consumed and then turned into an inteligent mouse.(modrus envisit, a conjur taught by the mistery medical schools of that period)

Thought a lot of Nostradamus, this man had touched me deeply with his kindness and abilities.
RE: a wild guess or two....Historical marker:

Thought a lot of Nostradamus,
thought he couldn't tell the future anybetter than a platapus
this man had touched me deeply with his kindness and abilities.
he couldn't tell the future, couldn't scratch fleas
he mentioned dates along with 125 examples of his protents
all dates that came and passed, not one was true
please don't come to nostradamus defense