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I have come up with a feasible theory of looking backwards in time. If you havent read my other posts, here it is.

Basically, you take 5 molecules and compress them. if you compress them into so small a space, they will eventually merge into each other and collapse. This is how you create the gravity well. Once that is accomplished (in a perfect vaccuum), you start it spinning, then you send it into neptune. The mass from neptune will get absorbed by the singularity and then it will turn into a small black hole. After this is accomplished, you can send a rope through (made of elastic but strong materials, I would have to say titanium threads bound together is good) and have a camera attached to the end of it. Basically, you have the onboard computer of the camera map out the stars it sees, orient itself to earth, and take a picture. You then recoil the camera, retrieve the photots, and voila! You have a picture of earth as it was thousands of years ago. Here is an explanation of the physics :D

First, you need to understand that Einstein predicted all time is relative. We can see this every night if we look at the stars. We see the stars as they were thousands, even millions of years ago. Thats because the light coming off the stars takes millions of years to reach us. So, If we could somehow get to those planets without the hassle of traveling through conventional space, we could see OUR planet as it was thousands, or millions of years ago. This can be accomplished by using a wormhole. A wormhole is basically a spinning or charged black hole. If a black hole starts to spin or has + or - charge, it will create 2 event horizons. The greater the spin or charge, the closer they get until they merge. Once they merge, you can pass through them, and escape the other side of the black hole WITHOUT GOING FASTER THAN THE SPEED OF LIGHT! Such anomalies create white holes, where the excess light and matter passing through is ejected. These white holes are sometimes thousands of light years away from the black hole that is creating it. This means you can travel through them if your speed is great enough to pass through. (once again, you do NOT need to exceed the speed of light, and therefore is in the range of conventional physics) The pictures of earth will be of the light coming off the earth as it was thousands of years ago. If we can control where our artificial wormholes white hole will be (I am not depending on this factor for my theory) then we can "jump" to different parts of the universe. If we happen to jump 2003 light years away, and look back at earth, then we can see what happened at 1 AD. We will be able to prove whether the earth really flooded, or if the wall between the black sea and the mediterranean just broke and there was a loss of land among the coasts of south europe and north africa.

An option to this theory instead of a rope is we can send a ship through with singularity creation capability. Then they can film earth, create their own wormhole out of the nearest mass, and teleport home. (mind you, this option depends upon exit manipulation, if we can control where the white hole ends up)

Plz reply if you have questions or think this theory is incorrect.

This is a very plausable way of looking into our own Earths past. Unfortunately there are problems, at our present time we do not have the capability to see planets in detail 2003 lightyears away, and you put the flood of the world at 1 A.D. When it actually occured more than 2000 years before that, which would mean you would have to travel even further from Earth to say 4000 some light years, and would then need an even more powerful telescope. Time is against this theory, the longer it takes to develope the proper equiptment the farther away you must travel, creating a need for even more advanced technology. But other than that it's a good theory, that may one day work.
Thank you for pointing out these problems. Nobody else seems to want to point out any problems with this theory. As for the time delayed sophistication, I think its possible. Things in space are really clear, since light doesn't get distorted in a perfect vacuum. I think its a real possibility, since our techology advances increasingly faster as time progresses, so that the distance-technology threshold will be crossed.

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The One says>Thank you for pointing out these problems. Nobody else seems to want to point out any problems with this theory. As for the time delayed sophistication, I think its possible. Things in space are really clear, (((since light doesn't get distorted in a perfect vacuum))).

Creedo replies>Space as in outerspace in general, is neither uniform, not is this quality uniform.

There are always irregularities such as quantum spikes, from other sup[posed realties, which will innervate into the supposed perfect vacuum, to which you extol.

Sources, sub-gestation trans chains, atomic events, particle to let, bear, The God Particle, Leon Leddermen.
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Basically, space is a near perfect vacuum, and unless after emerging from the wormhole earth is obscured by a nebula or a close star, this theory will work.

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Excuse me for saying this John, but this guy has come here and has said that he has only read one physics book and now knows everything.

The proposals that he has offered here, are to say the least, held back, with respects to physics technologies.

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The One,

Unfortunately your camera on a rope won't work. Lot's of problems there but among them are:

1. As measured by your clock your rope will not cross the event horizon in a finite amount of time - it will take forever as measured by your clock;

2. Even if you had a rope and one end had passed through the event horizon you couldn't pull it out. Again, as measured by your clock, the force that you apply to the rope to pull it out will take an infinite amount of time to traverse the length of the rope and cross the event horizon.

3) Similarly, if you had transmitted a signal to the camera to take a photo it too would take forever to cross the event horizon.

4) You probably don't want to create a micro-BH with a few molecules. Due to Hawking Radiation it will evaporate rather quickly...less than a second. You won't have a BH to tow to Neptune. Maybe you should work with a mass of 10^10 kg. Longer half-life but don't get close. The Hawking Radiation will heat up to several thousands of degrees - eventually several million degrees as it continues to evaporate. The end game will be a very (and I mean VERY) large explosion as the remaining tons of mass are converted to light. A large strategic hydrogen bomb only converts a few kilograms of mass to energy.