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Remember Timeline 39 the Secret Goverment already have a time travel machines..and UFO so hahahah

Why did you not email me back..

Remember to all of you!!! Don't Be a Fool... look at the Secret Goverment they have it..Men in Black or other ET...sorry for saying a fool..write back.. /ttiforum/images/graemlins/ooo.gif
I'm glad that your dedicated to besmirching me?

Sources were, Princess Leaha in the first of the series, and the say was roughly, "Oh the rebel bases is on Alderon, not Dantuee, its on Alderon".From Movie Star Wars 1.

However, maybe not Lucase's sole material?

Second source was from the Book the Pleiadean Mission by Randolph Winters, also backed by the book Adventures In The Pleiades, by Preston Nichols, that the Pleiadeans military is located near the star, Aldabran.

Princess Leia was a "source". /ttiforum/images/graemlins/tongue.gif

Too much.
How about we just list every book and movie here and call them sources? Yeah!
In fact, I read in a comic the Pleiadean base was near the fourth star in Orion's belt.
Since he won't take it off though...we cannot see them.

What a change Warrior381...from this to your recent post to Razimus...

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