"The future ain't what it used to be."

To: Vistronic please cease contaminating the threads.


Temporal Novice
No one is interested in having to read through your advertising on all our popular threads. Your contaminating them, and for what reason, just to get some attention for your idea?

One thread for one topic, that’s all you need. This is only going to annoy the members and result in getting you booted.

And then what have you accomplished? Nothing!

I am going in lurk mode, I will be watching, I find as I get more serious about my project the thought of spreading the idea is not such a good thing, I guess I got carryed away, but now reality is saying hey your on to something keep it cool.
Thanks for letting us know this. I will not relay any more information.<hr size="1" width="80%" color="#000099" align="left">Mr. Daniel E. Lauirer

aka: Commander Zxavier
I said I will stop OK, you know you could email first,
I am a reasonable person. Now the site is on my back,
I got a little carried away I was excited about my new
idea, wanting to generate support.
You 2 are starting to trip me out. What's with all the e-mails? I don't care what you post, I was only suggesting to post on one thread so that you wouldn't get booted. No big deal, just relax, this is the weekend, don't be so uptight about it.

guess I am getting paranoid sorry, but stuff really starts to hit the fan when you rock the boat, or make ripples in time.
Now all of a sudden the opposition has noticed me again.

I hear ya. "chill out"

well started on my "lab" major cleaning at this point.