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Please note what is not a clear visulatization of gem-like mobility qualities, into gem-like creatures, is the phenominon noted within the book, (A Fieldguide To Extraterrestials).

What was noted as the after-effects of an eighty year old man who was abducted by four inch high crystal-like beings, is that these said beings, while having the ability to move and walk about, also had the added ability to ber mobile and flexibility at their joints.

The cause of death of the eighty years of aged man, was massive radiation, which had caused brain failure, so resulting in respiaratory arrest.

These beings while having the ability to redily diagnose the man's brain turmor, did not themselves realize, that they themselves were lethal in the amount of radiation which these crystaline beings carried as part of their physical makeups.

I am not sure of a stile of ship here, nor am I also certan of an assigned frequency of a realm of living, these being came from?

What is at issue here, as we as UFOlogist, must avidly explore all realms of questions which might arrise.The question lies what is the true nature of some of the shadowy off-world lifeforms that are not always truly defined as visitors to this world?

I am not sure within this pronouncement?
I would only care to point out, that in all probability, with respects to very high levels of in-physio-held-radiation, that there may be a modulace of movement.

This is supposed within the form of the crystialine lattus itself, which would enable these small, but good willed crystal beings to attain freadom of movement?

The factor of high ambient tempratures in-E.T. in-physio-anthromorphic naturality, is of concern here!?This is as beings of this type, have never shared any level of information with most Earth E.T. contact receptors, as a process of social intercourse.*(Saying Hi' hello and talking).

This particular case baffels me, "scares me, yes I admitt" however I feel that it was with devine certan grace, that at least the crystaline entities, had attempted to administer to this gentilman of which they had encoutered.

So it is with conjected, that we as the viewer to the said past situation, might assume that both the quantatites of radiation and fluidity of forming bodily mass, may be of key intrest, as told within this past encounter?

Thank you for your attention, however let this example warn the warry, please be carefull within your encouters of extraterresttials, when your not familar with their known stile?

creedo299x9 E.T. posting board:
maybe this would acount for the large numbers of people with cancer these days. I do know that at the time of my encounters with beings who reported that they were angels my dogs hair started falling out. very strange indeed. My be think they are helping when in actuality they are doing more harm.
There is a version of a robotic Angel, which is hired out on offworld contract?

Guess these guys are really busey...?

Check FATE Magazine, archives, robotic Angel.

Could also be a influx, from other dimension radiations.

Take dog to the vet and get it checked?