"The future ain't what it used to be."

Trains of thought


The way I imagine time is something like this. Suppose that Earth is a ball. It can be any ball you like except that is has to be kinda round. Now let's say this round ball spins on it axis. Now lets say there is a little tiny insect that is attached to the ball. Now let's assume that this bug is intelligent enough to understand that the ball moves slowly. Now lets say that this ball that moves is attached to a wire that is attached to a hugee ball(sun)on it's axis. Now let's say that there are other wires that lead to other balls(planets)that spin on their axis. Now let's say this bug lives, reproduces, and dies. And all through his it's life it is thinking. Man if I could just not die. I mean what if I lived forever. So this bug devices ways to live forever because it doesn't want to die. Now the bug tries religion, it tries medicine, it tries science fiction, it tries science, and finally it tries time travel, but in the end it dies. So what's the point. Well you figure that out.
some variation of the story:

the bugs on the kinda round ball who believed in some religion lived more long actually then those who didn't. Seems at the basic that those who believe in some gods 'wants' to create answers to the questions, but actually, it's more about those who are really not shure of anything who eats there finger and are efraid of all the 'stuff' you're suppose to pass thru when you'll die, from the ideas of the believer.

So take you're balls and wire and go make me a nice contempory sculpture!
Ah, but to contemplate the meaninglessness of life. At least with wires, balls and bugs you have the right tools at hand.

This is the REAL reason they invented Budwiser.
I got beer all over my screen because of you Shadow, I laught! I was just drinking a Budweiser. The worst it's when beer gets into your keyboard, it starts to be sticky and then keys stays pushed.

That didn't append, so there's no point wasting time talking about it. But I laught.

Sychronisity strikes again. I forget that some people can still afford Budwiser. If I didn't lose several thousand dollars every time I thought up yet another "good plan" maybe I could too. Or alternatively I could drink more and think less.

I just realized why this subject holds such facination for me. I drank up my $2.29 weekly beer budget two days ago......no, it was yesterday 11:29am.

Why did I plug Budwiser? Woulnd't SCHLITZS beer have been just as humorous? (and perhaps easier to clean up) Mystery is where you find it.
Shadow, note that if you had writed Schlib or something to replace Budweiser I would'nt know what you were talking about. I incult in that kinda field - beer. I know some very specific kind of beer from some lost pieces of lands but I don't know that one. So it would have been hard to made it better.

And it's dob, not dod! It have to be symetric, remember! I mentionned it because it's so important to me...

You were saying that you budget of beer is low? Are you a student? If so, I'm shure you've used them as bookshelves, maybe you can take them back, get the money from them, and get some new boxes?

-If you really nead beer there's a firm in Texas that make loans on beer, all you have to do is to say: "I don't believe in time-travel in all the ways, and reject all the possibilities" - and then send to you home a full truck of beer!!!

call 1-800-ITS-BEER

Take it easy, think of me next time you'll have a drink, I'll do the same