Temporal Novice
In addition to rising awareness, a Transformation has started that will finally culminate in a quantum shift in human consciousness, abilities, and attitudes towards each other and towards the planet within the time span of a few generations. The Zetas have indicated that when a substantial majority of the remaining Earth inhabitants have made the decision to be of a *Service-To-Others spiritual orientation, a density shift will occur simultaneously for everyone to the next higher dimension. We will graduate from our present reality (3rd Density) to the next higher vibrational plane of physical reality (or 4th Density). Humans will eventually openly share the Earth with Greys and the Human/Grey hybrids which the Greys have produced from female human abductees over the past few decades.
In 4th density, human psychic abilities will expand (E.g. telepathy, ability to see auras, etc.) and we will once again, as in the Garden of Eden, be able to communicate with animals. After a difficult period of survival and rebuilding, the planet is destined to become a peaceful home for all who live here. Proper care of the Earth's ecosystem will be a top priority for future generations. The Zetas say that human souls who are principally Self Serving in nature will not be allowed to reincarnate again on Earth after the density shift. Such prohibitions are enforced by a galactic oversight committee of sages known as the Council of Worlds. The Council of Worlds made a decision 50 years ago that the Earth was to become a home to those of the Service-to-Others orientation exclusively. And as in the past with other worlds, and in other parts of the universe, a Harvest of souls accompanies the density transformation process. As noted in the Bible, the Meek shall inherit the Earth.
Spiritual Orientation
The Zetas relay that all intelligent life throughout the universe fall into one of three categories of spiritual orientation: Service-to-Others are those who are concerned at least 50% of the time about the welfare of others. Service-to-Self individuals are those who think of their needs and desires to the exclusion of others at least 90% of the time. The majority of Earthlings at this time fall into the 3rd category of Undecided.

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