"The future ain't what it used to be."




I am highly confused. /ttiforum/images/graemlins/confused.gif You have said now twice that you are not from the future. If you are not from the future then where are you from? You have talked about different coordinates such as TR125.0017 and having tea with people the past. I do not understand Transient, could you please, please make a clear post with out the religious wording?

I am not going to quote you because it isn't that important to get the words right, but just to clear up where I am confused.

You have mentioned a counsel that you have to answer to. Is this in/on our time/earth? Which is it by the way are you from a different reality or time or is it both seeing that time moves differently on these different worlds?

I can't think of anything right now.........could not sleep so I am very tired. I think I am working to hard to set this stupid lab up and work my full time job and take care of kids' so on and so on...........But who in the hell (excuse me) wants to hear about all that right?


/ttiforum/images/graemlins/confused.gif /ttiforum/images/graemlins/confused.gif /ttiforum/images/graemlins/confused.gif
Friend TTWise

From where I come from? this is not the real issue here, but that humanity might be loosing the battle against charlatanery, bigotery and aggression. Yes I do make mention of different temporal realities, but that also is not important, what is important is that we must strive to work together, as one, if we want peace and prosperity to settle in.
For the Nth-time I am not religious, I simply speak in terms people I am communicating with might understand.
The Conclavinaculum, yes, a council of timefarers, but I do not belong to their corps. I am an observer, I observe, record and catalogue what I have experienced.
Concerning the tea I had with my friend Charles, I will not make any other comment regarding such event, but that what you call remote viewing, it has been known for centuries past by the honorable people as timephasing, with the exception that remote viewing creates not a quantum vehicle for the observer and timephasing does.

I have been posting about the Prime Temporal Point for days now, as I have said previously one can access it by several methods. I know of two ways, one the honorable way, the other being with the help of a device called a chronocron. The latter employs a machine that measures the amount of chronotrons being accumulated and the rate of accumulation in a given reality and maps the way the chronotronic particles are being arrayed. Knowing thus the way in which the particles had spread, the timephaser can focus on a particular moment and then zoom into that given reality.
Without the valid aid of a machine the timephaser has to access the PTP in some other manner, the honorable way. I have explained that the best possible way to do this is to achieve 16th dimensionality from which the PTP could easily be experienced.

I hope your experiences become worthwile.
Until later becomes now.
I just want to know where you are from.............this earth or another reality what is your claim......it is that simple.....it would clear up some things for me. Please answer the question. I need to know.
Please tell me and others your true purpose here on this earth and what you want to accomplish also tell us what you want for us to do and one last thing is all you say is it true or false? I have never heard of you and your friends are you an alien or a time traveler? Observer you may be but why are you here?
Friends of TR125.0121

I am not alien, nor time traveler. As for my purpose here on this Earth, which happens to also be my home world, is to share what I have found as a scientist regarding the topic of time displacement.

I do not want any one to do anything save to hear each other with an open mind and without prejudice. As for the truth of what I have been saying, at least I believe it to be true, it is what I have found in my experiences, but I do not want anyone to believe it just because I say so. As TTA does, be critic about it, do not take it so easily, study it and ponder about its possibilities. If you think it to be true we can discuss it, if you think is not real tell me so, but do not go thinking that it is a purposely implanted lie, because it is not. I would not be capable of lying. There are plenty of liars out there, one more would not be fair.

As for my friends, who are you reffering to? I have made many along the years.
Yes I am an observer, I observe, record and categorize. That is all I do. As for why am I doing this, it is my chore, I volunteered to do it. It is what I like to do.

Well the questions having been answered I believe that a fellow poster is striving to achieve temporality. I believe we should give him the most help we can. He has chosen a remote viewing technique to reach for the temporal realm. I believe that first of we should focus on three main events. Defining the kind of temporal excursion to be made, then defining what sort of medium the phaser will find and finally the method in which the phaser will enter the chosen reality or time.

I believe that since we are made out of sub atomic particles, and sub atomic particles move in quantum jumps, we should consider ourselves to be just that an accumulation of subatomic particles guided by a conscious mind. If we could synchronize our sub atomic structure and then make them all jump at once we would effectively be moving at least our consciousness in a quantum like jump. With practice the phaser could easily move from point A to point B with ease and without inviting randomness into the experiment.
Then it appears the problem of interpreting the lattice of cronotronic arrays, that make up the Stream or The Prime Temporal Point. This I believe is to be at this moment quite difficult and I am still studying it. But the fact remains that this is the place where the endless possibilities of quantum realities exist all at once. If the phaser would have some way to discern one array from the other he could enter a given reality and then by following the same process backwards go back to its temporal home.
until later becomes now.
Re: Personal

I have four more questions for you What are dreams and What do they mean and Why do you have them and are they real or not? because I have all different kind of dreams like paranormal and regular/normal ones some mean something and some do not mean anything on a personal note Do you have any dreams that do make sense and don't make sense? Sorry for all of the questions but if you can answer them that would be helpful!
Re: Personal

Friend Frog

Once a friend of mine defined dreams as excess psi mass liberated by the subconscious mind into the conscious mind of the individual during its regenerative mode. However Dr John Archibald Wheeler, a physicist teaching in Princeton 1957 of Earth TR 125.0121 said during one of his dictations to his classes that should the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle be taken under consideration the manifestation of a man´s dreams were simply the result of that man somehow peering through the fabric of time and into another quantum world. However I define a dream to be one of two things, one at a time or simultaneously, the first option could be the non conscequential repetion and practice of one´s own actions during the waking hours, bombarded by the usual feelings of guilt, worries, desires and aspirations. However the second form of dream could be in fact the adquisition of information from sources that are not readily available to the subject by non conventional means. Thus you have communication with lost loved ones, communication with loved ones that are at a considerable distance from each other or the most exotic when the dreamer leaves its muscle/skeletal frame and sojourns to higher/lower/side-wise dimensions and receives data in a very unorthodox fashion, such as having Arathar K´bold telling you how to split an electron with your mind and thus get an endless and boundless energy source. This is an example, not actual truth.
How do we achieve this it might be that some how the individual can access the PTP without the need for any apparatus, this done in a purely unconscious way. Maybe during one´s sleeping hours one can have limited access to different quantum worlds.

Frog, as for the validity of a dream I advice you to employ your own judgement. If it seemed real to you it might be, trust in your "gut-feeling" that always work and never let us down. But before all trust in yourself, and if you do think them to be real, do not let any one scorn or make fun of them. If you think you received data from a source non conventional, write it down until you have the means to confirm it. If you can confirm it right a way, do not reveal it be prudent until you have honed your actual capacity and made it reliable.

As for me having dreams, well I am human as I have said before, and from this Earth too. And being an observer does not exclude me from having dreams, I do have dreams. And I pay very much attention to them. Some are the normal type some others are well.......not that normal.

But if you start practicing being conscious, really conscious, knowing that you are there, not loosing track of your reality not even for a second , not simply living automatically, you will start noticing things that were not previously there. And then during your sleep period you will have better quality dreams.

Hope this could be helpful Frog. Until later becomes now.
Re: Personal

<<However the second form of dream could be in fact the adquisition of information from sources that are not readily available to the subject by non conventional means.>>

Hey Kid (talking to you Trans001) so your 30 yrs. old huh

Like I said, you have a lot to learn.

<<How do we achieve this it might be that some how the individual can access the PTP without the need for any apparatus, this done in a purely unconscious way>>

Thanks, I will take that as a compliment /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif.

Re: Personal

Friend TTA

No I am not 30 years old. More along the lines of....oh it is not important anyway.

And yes we observers are always learning, to say I have nothing else to learn it would be to actually stop my possibilities of further growth.

Until later becomes now.
Re: Personal

Friend TTA

What exactly are you proposing to do? A timephase race?
I thought you were against time travel.Besides to timephase for such a frivolous reason makes no sense to me. Not interested, but thanks for the invitation. Maybe, instead, we could exchange experiences. It is up to you TimeTravelActivist.
Until later becomes now
Re: Personal

Your not very bright are you sonny /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif? I am against Time Travel, there is no doubt about that. But I am not altering a thing by observing and receiving information, as you stated you do when you wake.

And the exchange of expriences was what I was referring to, as a race of what to find out
. I think you got the idea that that’s what I meant to say, when you proposed that as the alternative.

Re: Personal


Well that being the case, sonny, I will check on my archives to see what sort of information an I handle down to you without causing much...interference.

Are you interested in TR125.0121 timeline or some of the TR´s that are not temporally interdicted?
Either case I think I can provide you with something, I just need to check.
However I am still expecting your usual quote and scorn routine. Nonetheless I shall comply.
Until later becomes now.
Thanks for the information but aren't dreams part of another reality altogether like parallel universe and so on and when you are dreaming do you see your other self I mean your double? What do you want to learn from us and What do we want to learn from you? sorry kind of confusing! Do you live on a higher or a lower plane of existance in spacetime or even from heaven or hell? I am religious so I know all about God, Jesus, and Satan or Lucifer and God's angels and Satan's angels sorry for the religious issue but it is important I am a scientist not really a government scientist but I believe in science, religion, and technology if you can see our future do you know anything that will and won't happen? I got one question if time travel does exist then how did you get here like in a ship or what? Have you heard of BST? it is an time travel technique where time travel can be possible for a human and animal it is hard to explain but I read it in a book that is what the wingmakers can accomplish if you ever heard of them!
Friend Frog

I simply observe the many things taking place here on this Earth. From those observations my understanding of what we are as a species comes out. Thus I learn how mankind reacted in the past due to the psychosocial environment, how it reacts now due to the present psychosocial variables and how it will react in the future. That is all about I am interested in learning.
I have stated in various occassions that I am human.

I got here like any other regular human being does, being born. As per seeing the future of humanity Michelle de Nostradame saw the future quite accurately and he was not a time traveller, at least that I know of. The future, in my very own personal opinion, bares very little importance. It can be changed so many times, today´s future might not be the same as tomorrow´s. What really becomes important is what can we do to make the future a good and promising one. What will we do to ensure our children´s children a better place to live.

As far as I am concerned people from Earth TR125.0121 will not be travelling to the stars, at least not in the next 452 years any way. So that is a very long time to do a great deal of work and avoid having to bomb each other´s nations. I hope that is enough time for all of us to work our differences, the civilized way.

No I have not heard about the BST or from the wingmakers, will you please instruct me about these two topics.? I await further communication.
Until later becomes now.
Re: Personal

Hi I just wanted to say I do not have anytime to tell you about the wingmakers maybe some other time perhaps do you believe that time travel will be accomplished during our earth period? also do you know of any philosophy and physics that you have achieved or possessed? I am reading about physics and philosophy I am just curious that you know so much in due time everything will be revealed according to some people have you heard of the superstring theory? I have heard of it is it possible or not? I have heard of different dimensions, parallel universes and worlds, lower and higher realms of existances and dimensions, other worlds and universes what do you think about all of these and try to explain if you have time! I have met a couple of time travelers even though I will not mention their names due to secrency of course and they have told me somethings that make sense and somehings that don't make sense I believe the truth is the truth and lies is lies I do not judge anybody because we are all equal and making fun of someone is not my judgement only God and Jesus do that anyways What do you think of God and Jesus? I know your not religious but tell me the truth! What do you think about teleportation and Will it become available during our earth period? I am not an alien or time traveler even though I kind of sound like one but human instead we have our mistakes and trials in life but forget about the lonelyiness, sadness, anger and turn positive instead of negative only the true being is you and you alone noone else needs to know what is once life is lives percious moment or being! If you had a time machine or time travel device where would you go first and I am saying if you build one of course I would go and see celebrities and back to the past and our near future this sentence is a serious one and no I am not joking!
Re: age

I am the TimeTravelActivist, TTA for short. I am 22 yrs. old male born and raised in So.Cal. I am a Martial Artist, Cellist, Video Editor, and Time Travel police.

aahh hey kid /ttiforum/images/graemlins/confused.gif by the way I played the first pong game /ttiforum/images/graemlins/tongue.gif
Friend Frog

That question is quite simple to answer, It had already happened. You see, the space/time continuum is a fluid medium, where past, present and future all exist at once, therefore if a time traveler from Earth attempts to travel in time for the first time ever on that Earth´s timeline, that would effectively become the relative present, according to temporal mechanics, and we would be past or future depending on that relative present.

Yes I am well aware of the relevance of superstrings, they exist as 10th dimensional singularities, but apart from being spectacular to behold under the gamma spectrum they hold no particular significance in my research.

Well I do think possible the existence of alternate universe, that is why I employ temporal markers such as TR125.0121, TR361.0017, TR117.0265. All this are different realities, quantum realms apart from our nice little universe, apart by a thin veil of time/space.

I do believe in the existence of a higher being, a super consciousness, whether it is called God, Jesus, Brahman, The Source, ALA, IHVH or Alsbury Ramalon. They are many aspects of the same being.

If by teleportation you actually mean the movement of mass through time/space by the efforts of the mind, yes I not only believe it but do know that it had been in use for many centuries now. However you must have been reffering to transmaterialization, or transmat for short. Yes it will be available but not in the near future. In Earth TR125.0121 transmat was achieve by the late 25th century, well after the problem of whether the same person was transported or an exact duplicate of the person. I remember the argument went something like people not knowing if the actual person was mapped and destroyed and then the integrating units would re-arranged particles in a way identical to the pre-mapped array of the person before being de-integrated.

Well if I had a time machine....to be frankly honest I do not need one at the moment. I simply observe, record and catalogue. But to satisfy your curiosity I would say I would travel to EarthTR125.0121 13500BC and commune with the wonderful people of Egypt.

Well I think that´s it for now. Keep in contact.
Until later becomes now.