Travellers from future

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If time travel has been invented in the future, then why are none among us? Someone told me that we are at the 'spearhead of time'. What is this?
you say that there are no people from the future here, right Mark?
Well I beleive that you are wrong. My friend just told me that she has 2 men with her right now that have traveled from the future as an experement that they have tryed. She says that they can only talk to little childeren and animals. She says that she can hear them but she cannot see them. She can talk to them and they will talk back. They follow her everywhere, she says. I don't know weather to call her crazy or believe her. Right now I am in the middle of asking them questions about themselves and where they are from. She says that they can only talk to her and they can not correspond with anyone else. I think it is rather freaky. She says that they will stay with her for one year. What do you think about that?
The past, present, and future all coexist.
In many cases people have see the future in dreams.
The mind is a time machine.