"The future ain't what it used to be."

Travelling back in time to 6June 1944


Temporal Novice

On Sunday, June 6, Rat Patrol Radio-Wartime Tunes! will air its D Day Special Broadcast. At 2:30am local time on June 6, 1944, an engineer at the CBS flagship station in New York City realized that the information coming from Europe via shortwave wasn't German disinformation, but that the invasion of France had begun. He began recording everything broadcast from CBS, and continued recording for more than 23 hours.

We will be rebroadcasting this invaluable look into "history as it was made" once again this year, starting at the same time of day that he began recording. This means that whatever time of day you tune in next Sunday, you will be hearing what was being broadcast at that same time of day on June 6, 1944. Listen in the predawn hours as the news reporter takes the mic from the table and walks over to the teletype machines bringing news from Europe, reading the reports unedited as they come across the wire. Hear President Franklin Delano Roosevelt address the country live and lead the nation in prayer for the men fighting on the beaches. Listen as shows are interrupted by interviews with military analysts, sounding uncannily like CNN during the first Gulf War.

This show is the most popular one-day program on Rat Patrol Radio. We have a cap of 100 regular listeners, but any Live 365 Preferred Listener can tune in to any station regardless of the number of people tuned in. Preferred Listeners also get ad-free listening on all stations. You can use the green button on the Rat Patrol Radio web site to sign up.

We are running a poll on RatPatrolRadio.com to see if listeners would like a second broadcast on Monday, so you can catch the parts you missed on Sunday. Be sure to let us know your preference!

(I posted this in Off Topic, but it will soon be smothered in sheep-shagging and political mud-slinging threads. Since I'm primarily ATG or inf when I play, and the PBI were the ones that took the brunt of D Day, I'm posting in Barracks as well, hoping the mods don't hunt me down and kill me.)