Travelling into the future: Best way to get rich quick?


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So you're travelling into the future... say... 200 years. What should you pack in your suitcase to guarantee that your experience in the 23rd century won't be one of abject poverty? Coins? Comic books? Stamps? Sports memorobelia? Cards? What would you suggest?

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Good question.

1) a canteen of water; TT makes me thirsty

2) two cans of beer; TT makes me thirsty

3) Monica Lewenskis' dress soiled by Billy; very rare, somebody must have thrown it out by then

4) an english to chinese dictionary; don't ask

5) 45 cal. hand gun

Gee mop thanks for reminding me that 200 years from now I'm going to be at least as destitute as I am right now.

You forgot something! A spare pair of undies!
You never know when the next rest stop will be?

MOP, That is an enticing question? but I'll tell you where I think the real answer for the future lies. Its a game of Monopoly! Of who owns the most land and more precisely who owns it?

Our government is basically run by the Global Elite, The Brotherhood, The Illuminati. They own all the banking in this country. The American Federal Reserve bank is a privately owned bank that belongs to the British Royal Family (Global Elite)

Washington DC including the white house is built on land that belongs to the British Royal Family. This land comprises land that belongs to the Virginia Company. The Virginia company changed its name after the war of independence in America to "THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" So the name USA is not that of a country, but of a corporation! And the "American Federal Reserve Bank" makes billions of dollars mainly through loans to the US government which repays these loans through taxation of the American people. It uses the IRS to collect these monies.

I work for a land company and it surprises me that the government invests in land that has a substantial amount of history. And why is that? They excavate it and try to modify and restore it according to its original state.

Perhaps there is more history in making history. And on these spots they dimensionally Time Travel to the exact spot and location of that eras history. That's how they know precisely how to restore it to its original state. Government funding enables them to this! They restore it and then they open it to the public in certain areas while other areas stay closed off and restricted so as to not draw attention to the masses while they use it for other resources.

Pick up a newspaper and read who owns what and check out major real estate transactions. Take notice who owns what? And what the land or place was famous for at one time or what transpired there back in history.

And you will find your answer to one of the biggest governmental cover ups yet!


Good point. I will e-mail the President immediatly and inform him of you displeasure. Better yet I will call him on my underware phone.

Seaking of distressing news, I have it on good account that Bush is actually a simbient from the future of some other planet that is so much like this earth that only Cristies Auctionhouse can tell the difference. The only group that knows about this is a rag tag band of killer clowns from outer space. They plan to set things right soon, but darn I don't much trust them either. I agree with The Captain in the Cain Mutany, "its was the strawberies, the strawberries, thats where I got them!".


Why go forward to make money. Why not go back in time and sell machine guns to the Indians. Me getum heepum gold! (and even the odds all at once!) What, what, do I sound like a trouble maker? Never, not me.

I have a collection fo AOL discs. These guys lost 34 Billion dollars last quarter. I feel soooooooooooooooo sorry for them maybe I could give them the discs back and they could travel to the future and sell them for collectables. Funny thing I failed to EARN 34 billion dollars last quarter, does that mean I'm in line for a bigh tax break? They make money the old fashion way; They lose it !

Welp, time for beddy bye and a big glass of warm milk and bovine growth hormones.

You have an underwear phone? Well I guess the closer to your head the more of a duffis you are!

All this tradding from the future to the past makes me believe that you are the biggest Indian giver around!

And just where exactly did you klept this underwear phone from? Austin Powers crib?

You got a good point there Clara!

We need to take aggressive action to teach these blook suckers that buyers control the marketplace, not sellers!!!

The only way we can do this is to hit somone in the pocket book without hurting ourselves!

I thought of a good one! since we all rely on our cars, we can't just stop buying gas. But we can have an impact on gas prices if we all act together to force a price war.

For the rest of this year don't purchase any gasoline from the two biggest companies (which now are one), EXXON and MOBIL. If they are not selling any gas they will be inclined to reduce their prices. If they reduce their prices, the other companies will have to follow suit. But to have an impact, this needs to be done by millions of people!

Well, it was just a thought!

Such as what Clara, those annoying X10 camera ads that keep popping up on the web? I can see why they would want everyone to buy them, what better for someone to know what people are doing, then for someone to cruise on by a college dormitory with a receiver and eve’s drop what they are doing. Good point Clara. Got any more bright ideas, or is your mind like lightening, one brilliant flash, then it’s gone?

now tta has posted at 5:55 were on a role here. why in the *** do you think I do organic gardening. to get my family off the junk food thier making a killing selling you. While they get rich you get fat and cancer. the milk has hormones in it. The beef has mad cow and chickens live the most horrible lives I've ever seen . When was the last time your child brought home a permission slip to go see the chicken factories. they are feeding the cows chicken shit and thats why theres mad cow. There ruining the earth and you along with it. Don't get me wrong I'm not against eating meat. we are part of the circle of life but the food we do eat needs to be raised in a healthy enviroment before we consume it. I will be getting chickens soon and will raise them free range. They will be able to be healthy happy chickens before I eat them. I don't drink milk anymore because of the hormones. I drink soy milk preferably organic and rice milk which is quite good. I know everyone cannot grow thier own food that is why I am selling mine at the organic market. I will probably sell my eggs to. The fact is these companies who are getting rich are living high on the hog making you think you need all thier products. Just look at the pharmacuticla companys . they don't want you well cause then they wouldn't have an excuse to sell you there drugs. I could go on and on but this girl don't play there shit anymore. think about what you are doing. there are good companies out there that would love to sell you something that is good for you but you have to search. alot of them are more concerned with your health and well being then making money. think about what you need not neccesarly what you want then you won't have to work so hard to keep the big guys rolling in dough. take cotton for instance it takes large amounts of water and pesticides to produce cotton. hemp on the other hand requires very little water and no pesticides. You can make tons of things from hemp but quess what its illegel in the US to grow it because of the marajuana issue. The fact is hemp does not get you high like marajuana it is not the same plant just ralated. there are several companies that sell imported hemp products in the US just look on the web under hemp clothing. It is also no more expensive then the mall. I know how hard it is to change but take little steps one at a time. become aware of what you are doing, also support little business owners then you will be able to run these large companies out of business. If we don't do this one day there will be one company that owns everything including you . We will all be drones working for some large corporation and we will not even know who really owns it and us. clara
RE: Travelling into the future:arriving alive


Exactly right. There is a massive die off on the way, and I'll bet BSE becomes the main culprit. The age of the the designer disease.
Good points Clara, however you signed your post –Clara. Are then to assume that it was you who was speaking? And not one of your many dead friends?

But seriously though, I think the small business owner who owns a nice little humble dinner across the street, needs our support. The McDonalds and BurgerKings are some of the biggest restaurant franchises around, putting the small guys out of business.

Go to another country, perhaps an uncivilized one, like the Caribbean, and live there for a couple of months. There is no McDonalds, only little restaurants where the cooking is home cooking, fresh and natural. You’ll come back here and really be able to taste the difference.

That’s why I only like to eat at Taco Bell, it’s fresher
. By the way, those 99cent Nachos are a Tasty Deal.

yes I have been meaning to try those nachos. Taco bell is probably the healthist fast food place to eat. and actually you would not beleive me if I told you who gave me this information about the big guys pulling the shit on everybody lets just say he's a friend I tap into on occasion. I can channel this being and I know by his energy when he arrives. He told me it would be wise to stop eating at mccdonald. The beef industry is becoming tainted by there own disregard for the well being and humanitarian treatment of animals. Also I would watch the caffiene intake they are overloading your body with stimulants that you can't control. They put kids on ritalin because there hyper but won't tell you that the soft drink companies are promoting this. How much money do you think the phamacutical companies are making selling your kids ritalin. It's all about money honey. the US government sold you out to big business years ago and you just keep playing along. Stop taking in any caffienne for a week, no soft drinks no chocalate no coffee and see what happens. You will experience withdrawels just like if you were a herione addict. The best thing to do is wean yourself slowly. Just cut back a little at a time. I tried going cold turkey years ago and had to go to the emergency room . Yes it can be that bad. I can relay the messages my friend tells me but he biggest thing is you have to take action nobody is gonna save you but yourself like he told me I can lead you to water but I can't make you drink that would be going against your free will and that is a rule he will not break. clara
TTA, Las cosas claras y el chocolate espeso!

Speeking of Chocolate I had a Fudgsicle for breakfast! And for lunch I had a piece of chocolate cake the size of the nestles corporation!

The latest news I heard about Chocolate is that its actually in the vegtible family because it comes from a cocoa bean. Chocolate actually contains lactose that thins the blood and stimulates red and white cells that lowers high blood presure and counteracts cancer! It also contains preservatives which are now known to slow the aging prosess!

It also gets the heart pumping and the fluids flowing which counteracts the calories!

Nobody knows the truffles I've seen, forget love, I'd rather fall in chocolate!

and what big chocolate corporation is promoting these statics. hersheys maybe. I haven't eaten chocolate for 3 years. If I have time I will give you some research that has been done on caffeine. It is a long paper and will take some time to type. also night shade is a plant and can be deadly. Just because something comes from the earth naturally doesn't mean it can't be dangerous . just try eating a few poisonious mushrooms and see were you end up. Wake up people your being bambozzeled and don't even know it. clara
Yes Clara you are right concerning caffine! I do believe there there are conspiracies in the food industry, just like the taboco companies scandle putting chemicals into cigarets to keep us hooked!

To much of anything is not good!

But such medicines are derivitives from all plants and have been used since the begining of known man! and should be used in moderations. Like I quoted once before in one of my previous post about chemotheropy it kills the good cells along with the bad cells! It is a nessasary evil!

Chocolate is also good for the soul despite what anyone says!

If you ever want to taste a great chocolate sensation, take a chocolate bar and scrape it up with you finger nail than dip it into a glass of coke or pepsi so that the carbon bubbles stick to the scrape marks. Than pull it out quick and take a bit! Its pure heaven!!!


P.S. Clara, I would still like to hear those statistics that you said you could post...