Temporal Novice
Looking around on google for info on Titor I came accross this website:

The 3rd comment from the end interested me. It is from a guy called Trevor who says in his post: 'I happen to be one of the first users to make contact with him (Titor) in 2000 and had several long private chat's with him (Titor) and exchanged info from live events via webcam.'

OK, I know that private chat's are meant to be, well...private but it would be interesting to know what you talked about. What interests me more is the 'exchanging info from live events via webcam' bit. What info? What live events? And if you were using a webcam does that mean that you saw what John Titor looked like?

I am a newcomer to the Titor story and have never seen anyone posting as 'Trevor' either here or on anomalies. I was also never aware of anyone other than Darby or Pamela have such intimate chats with Titor. Of course this Trevor character could be lying but I would be interested if you could respond. Thank you.
Trevor may be lying, but if he's not, I don't believe that Pam and Darby are the only one's who know so much. I believe that pam and darby were a big part of the hoax itself. Trevor may have been a friend to the real John Titor (assuming titor is a hoax).