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Trioxsalen ( DNA MUTAGEN for the Skin)


Temporal Novice
(Human DNA in the skin can be altered to a type of alien DNA)
There is a mutagen called 5'8' Methoxypsoralen (From Bergamot oil) and Trioxsalen have a dramatic effect on the DNA within the skin. Upon application or injestion (Along with Ultraviolet light) (8MOP) or 5'8'Methoxypsoralen activates the Tyrosinase enzyme at the genetic level.
8MOP appears to also be a photoactive substance that is activated by exposure to long wave ultraviolet radiation. Upon photoactivation (8MOP) forms covalent bonds with DNA which leads to the formation of both monofunctional (Addition to a single strand of DNA) and Bifunctional (Cross linking of Psoralen to both strands of DNA). Now, I bet if you throw a,b,Gamma Melanocyte-stimulating-hormone into the equation, you would have a super dark tan. Remember (8MOP) and Trioxsalen only genetically activates the tyrosinase enzyme, is does not cross the pathways of the tyrosinase products like a,MSH does (Phoemelanin to Eumelanin is interchangable.

David C. Hahn
Former USN