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TT Machine



OK, so I have the Gibbs machine and have kept from using it. I talked to Sean Morton about it and he said that he had some negative effects from it. At least he returned to talk about it. So who here has used one of these? Every time I think about calling Steve (Gibbs) something happens to turn my attention elsewhere.
I too have the HDR Unit from Steven Gibbs. But I have always had a bad feeling about actually using it. So until I get some guts I'm with holding using it. So I basically have the same questions as you....
If you guys are really worried about using your machines, rent one of them to me to test out.
Well I'd rather have someone else's experiences told to me. And I would never rent it out. It took me about 4 months to even recieve.
Well I heard of various things from Steven Gibbs himself...when he appeared on Coast to Coast with Art Bell. I remember him saying that if you use the device with negitive intentions you will lock onto a negitive area...in some cases even Hell...