UConn to use Laser Tech To Develop Time Machine


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"The professional literature showed that closed loops in time (physicists' jargon for time travel into the past) were possible for such exotic objects as rotating black holes, wormholes, and cosmic strings.

In Einstein's theory both matter and energy can bend space and time. Light does not have mass but it does have energy. This led Mallett to consider the possibility of using a circulating beam of light to twist space and create closed loops in time. He was convinced that in the gravitational field caused by a circulating laser beam, particles of matter could be moved through vortices in space and time in a laboratory. And if that could be done, then perhaps with sufficient energy larger objects, such as people, could be moved as well.

When an article about his time machine concept appeared last spring in the magazine New Scientist, he became quite a celebrity. Throughout the summer he was interviewed by print and broadcast journalists from all over the United States and abroad.

The publicity "has gotten a lot of people interested," he says, "not just in me and my work, but also in UConn. A lot of exciting work is being done here in our physics department, and I get e-mails now from many students interested in coming to UConn."


That reminded me of Titor's pictures... and how someone posted that it looked like the machine had parts/ looked liked the working of an industrial laser. But in Titors vehicle/machine it seemed like he needed 2 singularities... one to steer it using 6? cesium clocks for accuracy.

In this page: http://tycho.usno.navy.mil/cesium.html
Quote "Recent improvements in cesium clock technology include replacement of the state-selection magnets with laser beams, which can select and detect the required transition with greater efficiency and less motion of, and hence less noise from, the radiating atoms. "


In the picture here:

the 2 singularities are glowing, they actually remind me of the glow of industrial ruby lasers, so if the machine was real. It may be powered by 2 lasers that create 2 singularities per the experiments that are currently being done in UConn, with the cesium clocks using the same lasers to enable one singularity to open at the 'arrival' time-location while the main singularity connects to the present 'departure' time-location.


John Titor real? It's been years... but things keep on popping up, so this story seems to get better with age.

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