UFO film sparks fresh ET debate


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UFO film sparks fresh ET debate
Thursday 5 September, 2002

Is there intelligent life out there?

From lights in the sky to flying saucers - UFOs come in various guises. But are they the product of alien life, natural phenomena or just a vivid imagination?

UFO watch
Watch actual footage taken by Brighton Police over the Sussex skies... click here
Many people say they have seen "something strange" and some claim that what they saw was a spaceship. Others say they have met aliens.

Nonetheless, scientists remain mostly unmoved. They say that although some UFO cases merit investigation, it is not because they could be alien craft.

The images captured over Brighton were filmed by a police helicopter. The UFO was spotted travelling across the coast and was followed for about 10 miles.

None of the crew members on board the helicopter had seen anything like it before or since.

The footage has aroused the interest of UFO enthusiasts. So what could it be? Well, some people think it could be a balloon or some other simple explanation... What do you think?

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