UFO's over mexico, sighted by thousands!


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UFO\'s over mexico, sighted by thousands!

Well, about three years ago, coinciding with the Fifth Sun of the Mayan Calendar, there was a solar
eclipse over Mexico City. Seventeen cameras also caught what appeared to be a space ship hovering over the city.
They now have over 200 cameras showing the space ship sitting there. FROM that moment on, ships have been
visible in Mexico -- only in Mexico. These ships are coming closer and closer to the ground and allowing people to
see them. The Mexican Broadcasting Company has now acknowledged that these UFOs are real and that they are
all over Mexico. They are showing them on Mexican television. The Mexican government has announced that they
are real, and that they are not going to do anything...that they believe that they are peaceful and relate to higher
level consciousness. I just spoke with six people outside of Mexico City in October, and one of them had come from
this town south of Mexico City, a town of 12,000 people. Every single man, woman and child in this town has seen a
UFO every single day for the last six months. They are hovering over the town. They are landing next to apartment
buildings. The beings are getting out and allowing themselves to be photographed on video cameras.
Val: Are there any indications of who these beings are or where they are from?
Drunvalo: This is very interesting, and you know if you have been following what I have been saying, that UFOs are
primarily Luciferian. So, I don’t see it as such a great thing that they are coming here. But, these are different.
These are living Merkaba fields, and they actually have videos of these. They SHOW these ships divide in half and
divide again right in space. They have watched them disappear and then appear a quarter mile away,
instantaneously. They have taken a photograph of one of these ships FROM directly underneath it. When they
subjected the photograph to computer analysis, they found that what the photograph depicts appears to be identical
to a human cell. It appears to be alive. The ship appears to be a living being. They found that as these beings get on
a ship, the ship gets bigger. If some get off, the ship gets smaller. Videos of these beings SHOW them walking right
through each other. They are just pure light.
Val: So, we are talking about a GROUP Merkaba.
Drunvalo: That’s right. They are living fields that have a brilliant orange-white light. The beings are glowing, and
they bounce all over the screen on the video.
Val: Is it important to ask what or who these beings are?
Drunvalo: All I know this. In the latest video that I just got FROM them, they have traced them to where they are
coming from. They are coming out of the world’s second largest volcano, south of Mexico City. There are people
sitting on the rim of the volcano watching these ships coming out. It is the belief of most of the people down there
that they are coming out of inner earth. The dimensional levels go INTO the Earth just as they go out FROM the Earth.
They appear to be coming right out the Earth. They have photographs of these beings. They have heads about 20
inches long shaped like an eggplant, with two little antennae, and two small eyes. Their faces are so bright with light
that you can hardly see them. They have a tiny little body that is not much bigger than their head. They have
allowed people within 30 feet of them. When the FBI attended my last workshop, I asked them what they thought
about what was going on down in Mexico. They indicated that they do not understand what it was, only that “it was
being staged”, meaning that they are just sitting there allowing themselves to be photographed. They don’t know
who they are, where they are FROM or what is going on. For that reason, they have blacked out this information in
the United States. They did talk about it at a UFO conference, and one of the TV shows showed some of the original
footage. For some reason, these beings are isolating themselves within the boundaries of Mexico, and not going out
of there until just recently, when they started seeing them over Japan. I find that interesting, because that is where
this other type of solar eclipse was. So, there being a 90 day difference between the solar eclipse in Japan and the
plasma- beings subsequent appearance in Japan, it may well be that this thing that happens in January 1996 is not
at all what we may think it is. It might be that Japan might actually accept that they’re there. It’s one thing to have
a third world country like Mexico do it, but what is the United States going to do if Japan says “they’re there.”? If
they do, within 24 hours this whole planet will be completely, totally different. We won’t be the same. All human
beings will be completely altered. Just by the fact that we acknowledge life on out planet outside of ourselves. It is
going to do something huge. Those kind of things could be part of a master plan of Mother Earth to raise us up into
a higher level of awareness.

"Everything you know,...is Wrong!
soon we shall all discover the truth."

RE: UFO\'s over mexico, sighted by thousands!

Wouldnt someone FROM mexico put pictures of the ufos on the internet by now? if they saw them everyday? what kind of web sites should we look for? Is there maybe a Mexican newspaper online?

ok I had to come back under edit i searched for mexican newspapers and found nothing on these UFO's.this would surely be all over the place in the newspapers dont you think?

This one here lists a bunch of mexican newspapers:

other places i looked:
Mexico news:


top stories:
sorry,no stories are available.


where did you get this info FROM TIME?

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RE: UFO\'s over mexico, sighted by thousands!

I found this info on trufax.org, the stuff Drunvalo talks about has happened in Mexico, you must have seen the video evidance on TV. Also CHECK out the following site

I will keep you posted if i find anything else on the subject.

"Everything you know,...is Wrong!
soon we shall all discover the truth."

RE: UFO\'s over mexico, sighted by thousands!

dude you are so right it will change us and everything about us when we truely tell ourselves as well as the people around us that we see them too.
RE: UFO\'s over mexico, sighted by thousands!

UFOs seem to like to go to Mexico for some reason. A skull that looks like the skull of a human child in very way, but must have spent at least 45 years in 11th-century Mexico looking at his teeth and the typical diet of the time, has been found there. Other skulls like it have been found at Cholula. Go to www.starchildproject.com.

And what about the day of Quetzalcoatl's predicted return coinciding with the arrival of Cortes? Coincidence? I doubt it. I wholeheartedly believe that UFOs are time machines FROM the future. Perhaps one of those skulls is of someone FROM the future who told the natives about the arrival of Cortes. Because the Aztecs thought that the Spanish were gods, there was less resistance than there would have been otherwise. (Smallpox only killed them because there were so many Spanish colonists. Had Cortes been captured, people would have been reluctant to go.) Maybe this time-traveler changed history; in the original reality, the Aztec Empire survived to the present and beyond. They expanded along the North American east coast. Meanwhile, Russia colonized the west coast FROM Oregon to Alaska, and Spain lost interest in the Americas and colonized North Africa. Without the American Revolution, there would have been no French Revolution, or at least it would have been much later than 1792. No French Revolution, no Napoleon. If WWI happened at all, the Allies would probably have lost without America on their side. In that case, Lenin would not have been in Russia, and instead of Communism, Russia would have become democratic in 1917. Also, WWII would never have happened. Technology would be decades behind without the incentive of WWII. Some of you may disagree about some of these points, but this is just speculation as to what the world would be like had that time-traveler not been in Mexico in the 11th century. I'm not a historian; this is based on the What If? series, which is a series of books of essays on alternate history.
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RE: UFO\'s over mexico, nicircus?????ATTN. TIME02112 FRONT AND CENTER?!

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