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Unified Fields


There has been a lot of talk in different circles that the gravitational field can be produced with electricity, like a magnetic field.

This is the basis for the 'Gravitators' of Thomas Townsend Brown. Using a capacitor like device, he was supposedly able to create an artificial gravity field. The disc shaped devices were shown to lose a small percentage of their weight.

I have done my own experiments in this area and have achieved some results. Let me say that Mr. Brown was able to rule out things such as electric wind and static repulsion and such.

Anyway, gravity causes time dilation.

Now if gravity really is unified with electricity and magnetism, it should be possible to create time dilation with an electromagnetic field.

This does not suggest it would be practicle to do so. After all, to get significant time dilation in the conventional ways, you need to be travelling near light speed, or be in close orbit with a blackhole. I'm pretty sure the EM field needed would be extreme too. Anyway, just an idea.
Sure gravity may be unified with electromagnetism and the two other forces, but that doesn't mean that electricity can "produce" gravity. Have you stayed on top of current work on unified field theories? A main reason that the full unification hasn't been realized is that the energies needed to see the connection of the electroweak with gravity are so high as to be extremely expensive to create. Ever heard of the Superconducting Supercollider? Anyway, the point is that you'd see effects regarding the weak and strong nuclear forces way before you saw any gravitational effects.

Weight (sic) reduction can be achieved by many, many means. Were there any other effects of this 'gravity producer'? Mass reduction? Anything?
Besides, I wasn't talking about creating a gravitational effect, I was talking about EM time dilation.

Your questions about the 'gravity producer' can be answered, along with many more, on various informative websites. A good one is www.amasci.com. Check out the section entitled 'gravity'.
alot of interesting stuff on the tesla coil page. thanks JS for the link.


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