"The future ain't what it used to be."



Temporal Novice
just a quick question. is it possible to have an infinitly large large universe and have an infinitly amount of universes, at the same time?
Because it's not like the universes don't have anywhere to go. They don't just overlap one another, they actually coexist in the same area, just out of phase with each other.
At the quantumn level, and it's not my statement. Read 'parallel universes' by Fred A. Wolf.

Keep in mind that different universes are, for now, still just theories.
Thanks for the book title. When you said " they actually coexist in the same area " it sounded like you were suggesting a fact, my mistake. Does the book explan how different universes can maintain independent quantum lenel phaseing within he same space.
i dont understand. how can you have two differents unversises at the same place. wouldnt then be that you have only one universe. and if that were true wouldnt there have to be something bigger thatn both universes....
Different radio stations are all around us, and yet we hear only one when we turn on the radio (assuming it's not a really cheap one)
This isn't a fact, but that's how I think of different universes. Everything in our universe is 'tuned' to this one, and that's why we're not aware of the others.