"The future ain't what it used to be."

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My name is Derrick and I am 14 years old. Yeah, you must be wondering why a kid this age is visiting a site and message board on time-travel and posting a note in the middle of all this conversation that is really scientific and interesting. Well, I might as well tell you... ever since I saw the film 'Jurassic Park' at age 5, I have always wanted to go to a world where dinosaurs roamed. All my life I have been obsessed with dinosaurs and EVERYTHING to do with them. I have never stopped liking them.

Anyhow, for years now I have wanted to go back to the time of the dinosaurs. I know, a dangerous yet incredible time indeed, but I don't care anymore. So far my life has been just one giant mess. I have no friends at all (Or at least not ones that truly are the sort), and my family has no interest in me whatsoever. Becuase of this, I am a lonely and depressed individual, who can only do one thing too keep his sanity: writing. That's right, writing. I write about worlds and advenures about things that I would very like happen to me. Unfortunately, these little stories can never come true because they are incredibly unrealistic... except for one story I wrote titled TIME DOME... it's my best and greatest story I have yet written, and it is about time-travel to the prehistoric past. It uses a subject of time-travel that you guys may be interested in, and if you want to read the story, post your e-mail and I will send it. The story is approx. 27,000 words long and has illustrations.

The point here is that I have had it with the time I am in right now. Things are getting worse for me as I speak, I want to get ot of this time now! So if any of you know how I can possibly get out of here as soon as possible, please leave a reply, I am begging you! I don't care what time I go to, I just want to leave this one, everything has gone soo wrong for me.

Please, I hope someone can help me out in some way...

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So young, and already feel as if there is no reason to belong any further in this time line.

What a shame

Tell me, what’s happened to you in your life, to make you want to leave it behind, and hide away in some other time line?

You must have a reason?

It’s inevitable, your request will not be answered, and you will still find your self here tomorrow, waiting... Midas-well learn to live here in the present, then allow this futile obsession take control of your life anymore then what it’s already have.

You’re a creative young man, use it, but don’t allow it to take your sense of reality away. You will not end up living in another timeline. Face the facts…

If you feel like talking to someone about this, you can always e-mail me at: [email protected]

Yours Truly,
<hr size="1" width="80%" color="#000099" align="left">"For what was, for what is, and for what will be. I will fight for it's preservation."
Hey well im 14 too and i love the consept of time travel and space and astonamy and all that good stuff.I also love to write! Im not sure if i can help you get out of this time/dimension/universe......hmmm....nope, sorry cant help you there but anyway i would love to read on of your time dome story so send it to me! my e-mail is [email protected]. oh and if you need anyone to talk to, im always here! I used to be in the position you are in a few years ago when my best freind moved away, I felt lost, but i was pulled out of my hole when I found out who my real friends were. so anyway send me your story i look forward to readin it! thanx a bunch!
I know what you mean. And to be honest I was just like you at your age. I won't try to tell you to that what you want is unrealistic, because I know that it is. Because I asked that very same question that your not really asking. Your asking for somthing far more dangerus and some might even say unquestionable. Some people just don't know the things that I know now. Tell me, can you or anyone that you know explain why in the last One hundred years we have advanced as much as we have. Did you know that the watch is 3000 years old and just this last 37 years it was improved upon. Books that were written and called fiction over 100 years ago are actually coming true right down to the letter. These are things that only a privleged few really know why. I am not here trying to get your hopes up, but lets just say that there are atleast 1 of those few that like to watch and once in a while likes to let someone know that the things that happen, do happen for a very good reason. My friend Time is not to be tampered with its not a toy to be played with. Its all relitive and one day you to will find out that it is the greatest invetion ever created by man. I mean man because its the only way that MAN can explain why one minute doesnt collide with another. In GOD'S eyes its already happened and will happen. GOD doesn't live in this Linear time line that you do. Your life will get better and you will find out that you do belong in this time and for a very good reason. You will fit in, I promise.
ya dude, you're not the only teen ager in here. I'm, I think, 14 or 15. I don't remember. anyway, nobody wants to be where they are now, there's always something better. just do like me, and don't set your goals very high, that way, you'll exede them, and feel good about yourself. it usually works.
Dear Derrick,

Hang in there. There is a whole world out there for you. I, too, understand where you are coming from, for when I was fourteen, I also had very little friends, and was different from my peers. My family did not understand me, nor did my teachers. But, after I graduated high school, I was able to get away from my environment by going to college. After college, I joined the Marine Corps. I have been in the Marine Corps now for four years now and have been all over the world. I am now twenty four and also Projects Administration for TAP-TEN Research Foundation International. Like myself, I know that you will succeed. Also, know that you are not alone, and that you have friends here, that you do not know. I suggest that you continue writing. This can turn into a lucrative opportunity that may be your ticket to that higher state of existance that you seek. From my experience I have found that to change the type of existance that you lead requires you not to escape your reality, but to face your reality with boldness and conquer that realitye by accepting the fact that the reality that you live can be changed, and can become unbounded. If you go to another time without first learning how to master your own time and existance, then the problems that you have now, will follow you to that new destination in time. Therefore, if you wish to escape time, in order to find the reality to which you belong, then you must first accept that this is a possible and plausible goal that may be obtained. This is called the innovative mindset. This is called out of the box thinking.

Here is one concept that format that you may consider..

Change your reality, aquire the kind of friends that are at the highest level of purety, honor, and moral courage. Practice relating to your family by communicating with them in a fashion that will allow you and them to relate. Try different methods of communication that are curtious. Experiment with your communication skills and techniques until you find the most affective means of creating positive relations between yourself and your family. But, do not give in to moral decline. Above all things keep your honor. Do not give into peer pressure. Always strive your hardest to do the right thing, in the right way, and for the right reasons. Have the courage to stand up for what is right. Do not get too upset if you fall, because we all fall, just get back up and try again. As you continue trying, you will get more skilled and will fall less and less. Eventually, you will have gained the social skills to be successful in any environment, in any time. This is called adaptability. A saying that our drill instructors drilled into us was "Adapt and Overcome." For you can not always control the environment you are in, or the people in that environment. But you can utilize what tools you have available...internet...teachers...preacher at church...priest...or a trusted mentor, to better yourself. Be careful who you choose to mentor you for not all would be teachers are wise. Use common sense. I do not consider myself wise nor have I yet ascended to the level of existance that I am preaching for you to attempt to ascend to. But, I am working to better improve myself in order that eventually, I will be a more socially skilled individual. Avoid self servitude, and always attempt to be humble, and a servant to your fellow man. Attempt to be no ones enemy, and avoid conflict as much as possible. Do not, however, let others push you around, or think that they can walk all over you. If you potray yourself with confidence, in your stance, and boldness in your voice, and ascertiveness in your demeanor; others will look up to you as a role model and will not attempt to challenge you unless it is to test you. Portray yourself with competance in a polite and humble manner, as much as possible. And always remember that you have a friend here at TTI, if you ever need a friend, I am always here for you and the rest of the individuals on this forum that have troubles that wish to talk to someone.

Best Regards,

Edwin G. Schasteen
Projects Administration
TAP-TEN Research Foundation International
627 H. St. Ste. A279
San Diego, CA. 91910
(858) 860-6400 Ext.9578

P.S. you can always pray to Jesus when you have no one around at the time to talk...God is always your friend and since he created the entire Universe, he actually has the power to bring you though your trials, and to provide a doorway out, which he promised all of us to do. Be open to the lord, for him to lead you. And be willing to endure tribulation for his name sake. He will sustain you, for he loves you. He will preserve you and bring you unto eternal salvation, and everlasting life..He will bring you to that existance that is perfect and note: the time of his coming draws near. For the signs of the end are here...the increase in earth quakes in various places, Wars and rumors of wars....etc.


Here's some hints to point you in the right direction.

1. Certain mathematical truthes can be derived from infinity.
Figure them out.
2. Chaos- the fundamental property of chaos.
3. Consciousness- Schroedinger's observation
4. Relativity vs. frame of reference
5. Quantum wave function collaps vs. 'the grandfather paradox'

The reason time travel is appearently unresolvable is due to the presently insufficient boundaries placed on science to refuse to consider nonphysical reality, i.e., perception = consciousness = mind = soul = spirit. Any attempt to rework your PERCEPTION of your place in reality must deal with concepts outside the current notions of 'science'.
The greatest discoveries of this presently recorded history occurred only after a suitable scientific method was fashioned to make sense of the physical world. Newton had to invent calculus to describe his observations and only AFTER that did physics really become a science because THEN there was a way to describe it. Currently the boundaries set to 'science' exclude the elements essential to time travel. Before time travel can become a reality, the boundaries must be redrawn and a suitable framework established to understand the things in this "undiscovered country" before it can be fashioned into a tool for time travel. However, the journey which must be undertaken makes it clear that time travel is an inconsequential
diversion from the essential truths of existence.
Now, pick your path knowing that the pursuit of the OPUS will be a solitary one because it is far in advance of the current concensus reality and that succeed or fail you are committing your entire life to this endeavor. The path is sweet, the rewards are high, but it requires leaving EVERYTHING behind.

Calm down. I think time travel is completly possible. Using HIGH powered electromagnetic machines you could probably sent someone's atoms to another time or demension. i don't know is you would feel incredible pain, suffering, or if you couldn't feel a thing. Or...the force might be too much and you miht blow up. I plan to do alot of research on this subject. good luck.
Well, I have been working on some more of the mathematical analysis of "point theory". In description of parallel lines opperations, I am working on the following...

As a circle approaches 360 degrees revolution the tangent of the circle that is parallel to the x axis of a graph: The intersecting radius of the circle with the circle's tangent 'x' approaches four colinear infinite discplacements as the circle approaches 360 rotation. The angle of the radius and the intesection of the radius and tangent surpasses zero as the circle approaches 90 degrees rotation. Now the intesection of the radius of the intesects the x tangent at an infinite distance to the right or left of the circle when the circle rotates 90 degrees. At greater then 90 degrees the angle decreases to lesser then zero thereby inheriting a negative angular value. Now this negative angle corresponds to a spacial region whose time directional flow is negative. Therefore any mass or measure occupying this negative angular constant region has a negative time component, and is going back in time, or opperates sequencially with a reverse time component.

In the above 360 degrees circular rotation, there exists movement along the area of a circle whose entire area has a positive time component. Now the position of the radius, however, corresponds to a negative time dimension in 2 of the five temperal dimensional quadrants that exist in the area of a circle. When half of the circles area has radius that corresponds to an equal opposite spacial area with a negative temperal component all mapped from a whole 360 degree positive time-space 360 degree circular area, then the equations for such time components utilize the following mathematical equations to describe such relations of the opposing time dimensions' affects' on the appropriate equation for the area of the circle.

A=(pi)r^2, where A is the area of a 360 degree circle, and r is the radius of the circle.

Now, <1/4(pi)r^2>=1/4 the area of a circle.

Now, (4/1)*<1/(pi)r^2>=the 1/4 area of a circle with a negative time component, when measured with respect to positive time area.

Note: (4/1)*<1/(pi)r^2>=4/(pi)r^2

Therefore for the full area of a circle with have the area of the circle having a negative time component, and the other half area of the circle having a positive time component measured from the perspective of positive time position the equation reads as follows.


Now the fifth time dimension for a full circle is located at the 360 revolution point of a circle.


Edwin G. Schasteen
I am different. I am not going to tell you what to do. There are enough people out there to tell you what to do, some will offer advice from their own experiences and others will lead you astray.
Yes, it would be fun and scary to travel back to the days of the dinosaurs. Although only a movie, people have tried to imagine what dinosaurs really looked like, I mean, no one has really seen a dinosaur, so it is all guess work. So, with that, imagination, a variety of events can happen. Sometimes it better to have an imagination than to have friends. People will come and go, mostly go, so think of all the millions of people still on this Planet in this Solar System and in this Galaxy, "The Milky Way Galaxy" whom we have not even met. Ah, but there is the rub, even if we ever meet space aliens or travel in time, it will be dangerous. Imagination helps us to imagine some of the reality we may face in the future.

Consider yourself lucky, the people who may turn up to be friends, may help you, but the decision is always 'in the end' up to you.
Hi-A' amd I'm gladd ta meetcha.

I'm no problem meeting good E.T.s?

Has been many that have appeared here on Earth and is not as dangours as someone has reciently said.

Not the truth at all is, that twin Kherrs, a rotating black hole, is bouncing electron matrter and all imputs into balck holes is like such.

So T, which is old Mister Time, as invested in structure of m, of universe is now modified, as M pluss, as added charistics, now is realizing as stringed matter, however is more electrical forces.

"You see that now what I said"?

Of course you did amd Im known it, of riteness?Yes.

Now when e felon is injected into relative event of twin Kherrs, something wonerfull happen, is bounce of T as invested into M+ and T either slows down, or is changed as invested in structure of M+.

So time is of question in Kherr black twin rotating holes you see?

Now Im tellen you that is to be explained, as if one takes two iron/steel balls, then takes hammering to these balls and gets smaller, then one still has mass, however gravity is increasing around the proximity of two balls.

So now have m, lower caze as mass, however density is increased, in m, so m is potentiuall affacting string matters and space of universe, is now changed, as were knowin it?

So an increasing in m, yealds a gredater pullin in gravitons and T , in M+ has been modified.

Now if one regulate e, or electron into artifical Kherrs, then the flow of T in M+ is em now changin.

How am ever is prediction of Mass T varibles and you go foward and backwards in time, as e, as injected into event, at what strength and angle, is makin time goes backwards and or foweards, for self contained event of artifical twin Kherrs. you see this of coursem?

Now as dinosaurs go, yes I have them and Time event will get you there in a 9 big hurry.

I am especially gladd you are fourteen, as older space women like them young.

This is why I am a morality light and say,"Boris, don't let these sexy space women, touch this boy Ted"?!

I am in a vacume of morality, which is West of Gorkey Park.

You travel any time to, you want?

I feel that this galixy is here for everyone who has scruples and this makes no adjustments, however I now ask that you do good in school?

You know I am doing this too?Boy you bethca.
Edwin, I'm curious?

Your beliefs in G_D are strong!!!
How do you separate them from your science aspects regarding time travel?

Have you ever heard of the Bible Code?
Youre right but i think that i have found thing wrong with your theory you would have to use "HIGH" powered electromagnetic machines that could harness electrons/photons.
First things first, Scallenger. Get comfortable with yourself in the present (Re-connect with family & friends.!)and avoid the "Obsessive Mentality".

I know, because I found out the hard way while obsessed with the JFK assassination and, somehow, someway & someplace along the line (About 15 years), I placed family & friends so far into the background that, simply put, I lost them all. And now I miss them and, believe me, it is'nt easy to re-connect.....Getting there, though.

Enjoy the adventurous thoughts, as I do, about "Time Travel", but don't mis-place nor lose sight of what really matters most..."FAMILY & FRIENDS"
Hey, cheal, u're not alone at all. U sounds like u're smarter or different than your closest, maybe that's why u feel alone. Dinossaurs are living marvels(or were,u see time is subjectf),so go for it. To study past life forms of your planet make wonders to your self integrity. And feel fine into go and stay at any time u want coz the time dimension is like any other dimension(space for example).
Alens/Humans, perhaps we will find out that in respect to some species no matter how different we may appear on the outside, we may be all one of the same.

Time~Travel and Teleportion via Star-Gate Navigation of the QSG system within the our universe's woven fabric of energy within the Space~Time Continuim is something that makes it possible for beings from afar to expidite the process of making distant visitations to Terra-Prime like a local vacation.

Please allow me to give you a few good mind cookies to digest while you are all searching for answers too these age old questions of "Time"...

"Imagination is more important than knowledge, knowledge is limited, Imagination encircles the world."

---Albert Einstein 1879-1955

Time travel has become, if not respectable, then certainly fashionable in some quarters of the physics world over the past decade or so. Much of the blame can be laid at the door of the astronomer Carl Sagan, who was writing a science fiction novel in the summer of 1985, and asked the relativist Kip Thorne, of CalTech, to come up with some plausible sounding scientific mumbo-jumbo to "explain" the literary device of a wormhole through space which could enable his characters to travel between the stars. Encouraged to look at the equations of the general theory of relativity in a new light, Thorne and his colleagues first found that there is nothing in those equations to prevent the existence of such wormholes, and then realised that any tunnel through space is also, potentially, a tunnel through time. The laws of physics do not forbid time travel.

This realisation had two consequences. When Sagan's novel, Contact, appeared in 1986 it contained a passage that read like pure Sf hokum, but which was a serious science factual description of a spacetime wormhole. And as Thorne and his colleagues began to publish scientific papers about time machines and time travel, the spreading ripples have stimulated a cottage industry of similar studies.

Interestingly enough, Stephen Hawking once opposed the idea of time travel. He even claimed he had "empirical" evidence against it. If time travel existed, he said, then we would have been visited by tourists from the future. Since we see no tourists from the future, ergo: time travel is not possible. Because of the enormous amount of work done by theoretical physicists within the last 5 years or so, Hawking has since changed his mind, and now believes that time travel is possible (although not necessarily practical). (Furthermore, perhaps we are simply not very interesting to these tourists from the future. Anyone who can harness the power of a star would consider us to be very primitive.
Imagine your friends coming across an ant hill. Would they bend down to the ants and give them trinkets, books, medicine, and power? Or would some of your friends have the strange urge to step on a few of them?)

- Michio Kaku

We process Time, by living. We live in the world in a human body.

The world is a concentratedInformation field, the human body is concentrated information field. We operate in an Information rich Time-Field.

So what is happening here? What happens to the time we process?

Is Time processing us in some way? Is the body a Time machine, that projects us through the Information-Field we call the world? The world is filled with other Time machines, and our inter-actions with these other Time machines are what we call experience.

If we had no Time we would have no experiences and would not be living.

Time is what we eat to stay alive, it is what we digest our experience with.

Death is Time Processing us by eating us. By eating our experiences.

Time then is the inter-action of information fields, a mutual processing of intelligent life energies between cosmic structures that feed on one another. This happens on multi-dimentional levels and the more conscious the inter-action the more we as human beings are aware of the flows of information, the denser the time field becomes and remains in the memory as an intelligent resource. This intelligence is created as an ally that has the freedom of the whole Time-spectrum to exist simultaneously in the past, present and future.This is then something which we and other beings can use to time travel, to surf the 'Temporal Internet' and explore our futures and pasts and enhance the time densities of present moments enough to alter realities and information flows within the 'universal essence'. We then become Time messages in human bodies beaming information via planets, stars, and galaxies back to the Primal Matrix.

This is Time Processing.

Once you breakthrough, you have eternity, then there is no "Time" and using a machine to pull it off may be like breaking into Heaven with a Can Opener!

"CONTACT": What is behind the Message?
The purpose of this work is to provide a short digression or discussion of the physics underlying Carl Sagan's book "Contact" <1>. We will focus on how the Message was transmitted and on the possibility of relatively rapid interstellar travel for human beings through wormholes . The Message consists of a radio signal originating from the neighbourhood of Vega (a star 26 lightyears away). It carries encoded information and, we assume by hipothesis, that this signal travels through a similar type of wormhole as used by the daring characters of the book. We will analise how this codification is achieved, and ignore intirely the contents of the Message, i.e., what is being encoded.

*A discussion with Paul Davies on "Time Machines."
For the 2001 Quasar Club launch activity, Paul Davies, physicist and author, spoke with students about "Time Machines". Professor Paul Davies has written many popular science books for the general public, including About Time, The Ghost in The Atom, Superforce and The Accidental Universe. He's interested in the big questions of physics, religion and the social aspects of science. This is as well as writing the textbook I used to study quantum mechanics for my Bachelor of Science degree. In his research, he's looked at the beginning of the universe, the nature of time, quantum gravity, black holes, high-energy particles, and more. Paul Davies is an Honorary Professor at The University of Queensland and at Imperial College, London. His home page is... http://www.physics.adelaide.edu.au/itp/staff/davies.html

Time Machines
Time travel has become, if not respectable, then certainly fashionable in some quarters of the physics world over the past decade or so. Much of the blame can be laid at the door of the astronomer Carl Sagan, who was writing a science fiction novel in the summer of 1985, and asked the relativist Kip Thorne, of CalTech, to come up with some plausible sounding scientific mumbo-jumbo to "explain" the literary device of a wormhole through space which could enable his characters to travel between the stars. Encouraged to look at the equations of the general theory of relativity in a new light, Thorne and his colleagues first found that there is nothing in those equations to prevent the existence of such wormholes, and then realised that any tunnel through space is also, potentially, a tunnel through time. The laws of physics do not forbid time travel...
<hr size="1" width="80%" color="#000099" align="left">"Everything you know,...is Wrong!
soon we shall all discover the truth."
>>>death=time eating our experiance<<<

wouldn't that tend to be rather fatal in itself?

If one lead a distastefull life would they be immune?

Bad to the bone: death spit him out.....