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The full potential of the human mind may have to be harnessed first before any further advancements can be made. If the human mind really has special abilities to perceive things of other places and times etc (Which I cannot say myself as I have no experience with this), even if it is only on a minute level perhaps this ability can be harnessed and amplified somehow.

Just goig off on a tangent for a minute, think about various levels of consciousness between living things. Starting with things like single-celled/microscopic organisms and plants and the like, which arguably have no consciousness at all.

Then perhaps you go to insects and small aquatic life, then up through mammals etc then up to higher levels of thinking like primates, dolphins and humans.

But us, as humans though mentally most advanced, we are just the most advanced creatures on Earth. But it perhaps is possible for an even greater level of consciousness and intellectual capactity and a way of thinking even beyond that which humans can do.

Just as you couldn't ever get an orang-utan to understand trigonometry, (or maybe you can?...) even though it is a possible concept, its just out of an Orang-Utans minds scope.

So my point is that even if we can harness any ability the mind may have for TT use, is the human mind even enough to fully comprehend space/time as a whole, even if we use 100% of our mind? Just as a piece of paper or computer screen can only partly interpret a 3D environment but not truly and completely, is it similiar with our minds when it comes to 4D and beyond?
Well, past-life regression seems to work; all the details people give under hypnosis have been confirmed by historians. There is also future-life progression. Thee was an experiment in which 2,500 people were given a future-life progression, and they consistently described one of four futures: A joyless, sterile world in which people live in space stations and eat synthetic food, a mechanical world in which people live in huge domed or underground cities, a world in which people live in more natural settings in harmony with one another and are dedicated to spiritual learning (this does not necessarily mean we will give up technology; Gerard K. O'Neill describes space colonies with more open space than we have in his book The High Frontier), and a world in which people live the hunter-gatherer lifestyle many years after a global disaster, possibly nuclear war. These are four of our possible futures (keep in mind that it is impossible to live in a future where humans are extinct). What you see may not be your future; in 1977, Dr. Bruce Goldberg hypnotized 400 patients, and 80% of them independently predicted that the United States and the Soviet Union would have a nuclear war in May 1988. To me, this suggests that it happened in a parallel universe.

Of course, this brings up a question about physical time travel: When you visit the future, do you go to one of many possible futures?<hr size="1" width="80%" color="#000099" align="left">"Even if you are in a minority of one, the truth is still the truth"

--Mahatma Gandhi