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Vamp genes transfered possably to Pledies?


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Quote, Edward>I Agree with how PureHarmony explains the link with Tuberculosis, which I have heard of.

The Whole "ILL" Thought(s) of Vampires and all that goes with it was once conjured-up by a Fanatic Jewish-Orthodoxs-Christian by the name
of Count Vladimir Dracu(la) "The Impaler" and Ruler against the Islam,(centuries ago) and one of his Mistresses.FINISH COMMENT QUOTE

Large_Ship writes>No' this is not correct, according to Bullfinche's series of books on netherworld creatures.

The correct semantology is, would be>That a demonic component is intoned to the general overall blood as well as cellular contingencies of that effected physiology.

This arrangement is such, that there is better utilization of the brain, however the basil rate in markedly lowered and there rises a need for consummation of bloods, from a donor host.FIN

What was just given in the classical reference to vampirism, in new flesh form, not a sole etheric vampire.

The twentieth century vampire, would fit this definition>A being, very close, if not indistinguishable from modern human-kin, where little or no demonic component is tallied or realized to be a part of this person overall physiological makeup.

There is however at inception injestions of initiate bloods, the noted leaving of that person soul from their body.

This is with an overwrite of the entire DNA RNA intructions sets of physiologies, to where when the soul apparatus does return within that fifteen minutes time frame, the body has markedly changed within its entirety.

The new requirements of more food, plus a requirement for possible cooked bloods; cow and otherwise, are now required, with an additional impit of B vitamins.This requirement due to the fatigue factor from the later virus, being more human-like, rather than classical vampire.FIN

What is surprising to me, here within this forum; is that no'one has even bothered to pick up a Bullfinche's and read the classic materials, on middle century vampires, at all.

Even for an armature UFO E.T.ologist, Bullfinches is required reading.

This is so, due to the many similarities between neither world creatures and all of the know offoworld beings so far.

I'm very surprised at this lack of understanding and knowledge of the Bullfinche's materials, in general!........?

Please note, if the Pleiadeans as said by Steven's second book, did abduct for fresh gene poll input into their society; then, the chances are fifty, fifty, that they do now have the vampire gene rider within the entire whole of the Pleiadean Empire?

As I have steadfastly said before. I know what the classic and modified vampire genes will do as prion said traits.

This is said within this Earthbased society, however again I have no idea what course this new gene will take, within a more thorobread society, such as the Pleiadeans who are well known to genetically engineer?

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