"Vessel" for time travel

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\"Vessel\" for time travel

I have been pre-occupied with my invention for time traveling. It is very near completion, and I just have to work out the legal bugs with my lawyer. As I previous announced to the world on this very web-site that I have discovered time traveling. The great thing about this web site is that no one takes you very seriously. I now have it on record that I am the first to conceptualize the mechanism for time traveling.

When I first made my announcement to the known world, of my time traveling vessel, I felt that it would only take a few months to have my web-site up and running so that I can book passage on my time traveling vessel. Unfortunately I miscalculated the time factor in completion of all the minutiae involved in this lofty adventure. The most difficult area of this project was not the time traveling vessel itself but all the legal steps that must be taken to insure that an individual's passage through time is not fraught with difficulty through misrepresentation.

As I stated before, I have been very concerned about the world police, Interpol, the CIA, RCMP, etc. arresting me for being a innovative thinker in today's world. I'm also concerned about thieves who cannot come up with any original ideas of their own, but continue to steal, by any means possible, the ideas, mechanics and possibilities of something better. Through consultation with my legal team I have insured that no organization will steal my concepts.

I would like to ask a question of my fellow time traveling colleagues. I Ugly Bob am a man action; are we just going sit back and talk about time travel or are we (collectively) going to actually travel through time? That is the most important question, because we can all fantasize about time traveling, but given a real opportunity to travel through time how many people are willing to go? More to the point: Who among all of YOU are willing to take the leap and go?
RE: \"Vessel\" for time travel

Oh ya! your as ugly as they come!


What is your Attorneys name and number and patent number so I can check its validity out, and were can I find the record to this conceptualized mechanism?


Are you another John Titor wannabee?

RE: \"Vessel\" for time travel

Thank you for your comments - these are valid concerns, and will be answered on our web site when it is ready.

Forgive my ignorance but who is John Titor?

Please answer my question: if all your concerns were met would you go?

My ideas and conception of time travel is childs play. The hardest and most complex is the legal issues that have to be addressed fully in order to be able to offer safe passage to another time.

One more question are you a cat lover? (Ugly Bob has a few cats roaming about his place!)
RE: \"Vessel\" for time travel

Hi I'm Adam I'm 23 and from California if you really made a time machine then where is evidence like pictures and information as well? I'm CEO of Time Machines Forever a non-profit organization our goals are to build time machines and use them as well as gather information, ideas, plans, and schematics within the team so I am asking you where is your proof?
Thank you Adam for your interest. It must be frustrating on this web site with all the people over the last few years including myself announcing the discovery of time travel, and I expect people to be very sceptical. I would be myself, and I still am when I see other posts announcing the discovery of time travel machines.

I have seen over the years many theories that have been discussed on this web-site, including the sane and the insane. I think that my announcement would be very frightening to some people on this site. I mean after all these years thinking about the possibilties of time travel and then ol' Ugly Bob comes and makes a bold statement saying his group did it, and wondering is this Ugly guy for real or is he just off his medication.

I will not willy nilly give up my completed conception of time travel, revealing all the work that I have done over the years, and risk letting anyone have it by putting it up on this web site. I may be a little slow but I am not that stupid. I will try and answer as many questions as I can with out divulging important information.

Adam we had a great day today and the vessel is basically complete! But can you imagine the ramifications that would arise if we do not have the proper legal documention in place. I will not give a specific date for completion but my colleagues and I feel that by late May 2002 or early June 2002 we will be up and running with a website.

I again ask the important question - would your group be willing to take the ultimate adventure through time?!


I'm from CA too; I am 21 years old, and bear the title and responsibilities of the TimeTravelActivist.

You speak that your goal is to build a Time Machine.


Assuming you are a CEO of some org, what would you plan to use it for?

Do you have pictures and names of your team? I'd like to take a look at them, if possible. You have my word, of keeping their identities confidential. E-mail me at: [email protected]

RE: \"Vessel\" for time travel to Square Pants!

Ya whatever Sponge Bob Square Pants you live in a pineapple under the sea!

Here what you say? Say what you do?

Its a bunch of B.S. trying to feed off the inocent souls on this forum to take to the Gas Chambers with you!

I bet my bottom dollar your Time Machine doesnt work worth a damn! Your to over confident and it will be your undoing!

And like Elvis being alive, if it is true? You wont get very far or escape the Frequency Jammer! He's a lean mean fighting machine!!!

I hope you don't plan on feeding this to us Hook, Line & Sinker until June, while trying to prep us and fill our imaginations with crock of crapola!

And besides, advertising on this forum is like breeding rabid rabbits for the county fair! You'll have the apocryphal apocalypse on your hands!


Wow, If you are not lying then wow! I don't what to say.... that's amazing!

Hehe, Like TTA said what would you use it for?

If's it's nothing wrong then I would love to be on that vessel!


RE: \"Vessel\" for time travel

Dear Ugly Bob,

Some of my best friends are ugly, but shouldn't you like try and send some LAB RATS first?
RE: \"Vessel\" for time travel

LAB RATS is right! But Ugly Bob is definetly no master Splinter!

Looks like he already used himself for a space monkey! You can't tell his face from his Baboon Butt!

Hi it's Adam again I just wanted to say my organization is teamed up with Tec Time if you want to visit our website it is http://www.tectime.cjb.net and another is http://www.anomalies.net they are both time travel websites where you can find information and pictures on time travel and time travel devices.

To Ugly Bob thanks for the offer but we are busy doing other stuff at the moment thanks for the offer to time travel with your team but we can't but you can still email me at [email protected] or [email protected].
Thanks for your reply Tracker. I know that a lot of you on this web site will continue to be skeptical until we can actually offer safe, and secure passage. Tracker, I am not on this web site to lie or misrepresent myself, but yes I have done it and I am going. The reason why is simple - its the ultimate human adventure! Just imagine for a moment the endless possibilities... There's not enough space here to go into all of them.

Look, I'm not trying to be mean, but Cat why are you on this forum if you are not open-minded about time travel?

Seems to me that you are using this forum as an opportunity to put people down. Get in the spirit of it! We're here to exchange ideas and explore the exciting possibilities of a new frontier.
<<Look, I'm not trying to be
mean, but Cat why are
you on this forum if
you are not open-minded about
time travel?>>

Oh I'm very opended minded! But it appears you only have a one track mind! Have you ever considered the dangers and reprocusions to humanity associated with Time

The reason I am on this forum is obviously to demote Time Travel and to exspose to others both sides of the issue and dangers.

You say your meathod of time travel is legally pattented and safe! So what your saying is that you needed a lawyer that could fill in the loop holes with the saying NOT RELIABLE AND RESPONSIBLE IF...

You havent supplied us with any information what so ever! If you can't give us your schemematics than at least supply us with a legal data sheet of your statistics?

<<Seems to me that you are
using this forum as an
opportunity to put people down.
Get in the spirit of
it! We're here to exchange
ideas and explore the exciting
possibilities of a new frontier.>>

Your no different than the doctor that invented the labotomy or electro shock therapy! Your just a ruthless, greedy slob that whats piece of history!

Whatever measure I have to take to bring an adversary down, I'm gonna do it!

RE: Ugly Bob!

You sound like you are against other technology, as well. All innovations come with risks and consequences. Many great medical discoveries (that now save lives) were met with your type of negativity. I once worked with a man with bipolar disease who credits electric shock therapy with restoring his sanity. (I'm not talking about Ugly Bob.) His choice to take a contraversial treatment was HIS CHOICE.

Not that you are not right to point out both sides of an issue, but have you taken time to think about the progress and higher knowledge that could be gained? Not that long ago people were afraid of computers. Now the dreaded computer enables us to discuss this issue now.

The thing is, you can't stop Mankind's quest for knowledge in whatever form it takes. All you can do in the end is say "This isn't for me," and throw out your TV, microwave, computer, medical treatments, refuse to fly, drive, turn on a light, get vaccinated, etc., etc., etc., and go live in the woods.

As I've said before, I will reveal how legitimate time travel is possible, but as I've said before, I'm still ironing out the fine points so anyone who wants to go is protected.

The reason why I started posting here is get other like-minded people excited about these ideas. If you don't like it, you don't have to time-travel.
RE: Ugly Bob! A Time Test?

No Bob actually you have me all wrong!

I am all for technology and medical advances and I suppose Time Travel could have its benefits for the reasons you mentioned above. But are your dreams for wanting to time travel justified for all good causes and intentions? Selfish greed can claim the best of us, even with the most godly of people! Remember what happend to the Jurastic Park dreamer and founder?

Allow me to give you a simple test. It might sound off the subject of Time Travel but actually its not.

Just answer the questions to the best of your ability. I wont cut you down. I just want to direct you on a journey into my insites, understandings and views about time travel and why I view it as being wrong.

First question I have for you Bob is how does one measure (with an instrument) the time frame to Time Travel from the year 1000 to 1001?

What chemical element is used in the Atom to make Time Travel possible?

Secondly, the question is about evolution. Some creationists have argued that fruits and flowers seem to be the benefit of man. But what makes them within the reach of man and taste perfect and their size fits perfectly into the hands of mankind?

Give it your best shot, take a wild guess!

Well I for one here am willing to entertain the idea that given anyone who appears to be serious & somewhat level headed the "benefit of a doubt" pertaining to an actual invitation to Time~Travel with them.

Sure one would perhaps have a tendancy to get duped into believing the person proposing this kanundrum only to discover latter, that they were "set-up" to be made fools of by the duchebag perpretrating this "trap" takes away from those whom may have honest intentions of a genuine good nature, and That my fellow Time~Travelers & wannabe's alike, is exactly what deprives us collectively to seperate the "wheat from the chaff & chatter" & sift through it's remains to find golden nuggets of truth when someone actualy comes here under honest intentions.

If you are of such a person with "Honest Intentions"
then the answer anyone would offer would be a difinitive "Yes" and for obvious reasons as to why most are here, so my question to you would be why ask the obvious?

If you are as honest, as you are sincere, then your job is to attempt contacting us and giving us more information that would lend credibility to your "Invitation"

I wish You Well-

---T12 of TAP-TEN~MAGI~

That was a very eloquent response, Time 02112. I know exactly what you are saying; I have seen some of the posts the last few years, and every few months someone will claim the discovery of time travel. When you go to take a look to see if the person offers any real substance to his or her grand headline(s), you often see incoherent techno-babble that makes no sense to anyone, probably not even to the person who wrote it.

I have to disagree with you on one point. When I asked the question, who would be willing to actually go through time when it is legitimately offered. There was only one person (Tracker) who was willing to go. Adam and his group declined the offer in full.

I think that the first step to new and exciting possibilities is what we are doing right now, discussing and exchanging ideas on an open forum, which constantly keeps time travel on front and center peoples' minds. The next step for some of us like-minded thinkers is to look at the different theories, and mechanisms that we currently have on hand that could actually make it happen. Then it's like a complex puzzle that by chance, or through noticing the tools around us, is figured out and can actually be made real.

The thought that one of us may have done it, someone honest, and not some crank, con artist, or person who's just trying to set other people up for disappointment, maybe for their own enjoyment (?) is a little frightening for some people to accept. To go from thinking and fantasizing about time travel to actually doing it is a very big jump, which some people are not quite willing to take.

P.S., I checked those links and there on my favorites list.