Viewing time before traveling

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We all talk about traveling in time.. but wouldn't it make more sense if viewing time was done first before trying to travel in it? Are we talking cell phones use before the tube radio? Are we
puting the cart before the horse? Is time a wave? maybe we can learn to view it?

Whats your thoughts??

I totaly agree. I also thought of that. Travelling in time is beyond anyhting we'll ever comprehend (at least for a while) but it would be just as fascinationg being able to view the past, like a taped video or film, but in 3D. I had this theory about light. I thought mayby we could take light which reflected off the earth hundreds, thousands, or millions of years ago, and concentrae it into an image of what it reflected off, because it must still be travelling...? Tell me what you think.
Perhalps this has already been done? The Bible is such a device! There exists a code in the Bible that has been known to have made many predictions of the past as well as the future. Are you familiar with it?

This code could have been made by actual Time Travelers (the prophets) and they made a holographic inscription of each era and all that was contained in it and incorporated it into Hebrew code. That might explain how they came to know the future?

cat , I have seen the bible code site and it is very weird. You are correct there are time travelers here but what to do about it. Also maybe the ones who are giving us the numbers are trying to stop the time travelers. You see before I saw numbers I didn't know what was going to happen in any given moment . I was lost wondering around with no clue what might pop up. Now I can watch the numbers and know when things might get heated up or someone might lose control. there are a lot of people losing control. I would hate to know I had no knowledge of what is about to accour. Maybe there are angels and demons who knows. but by golly if demons are about to strike I want fair warning. clara
and also if those demons want to use me for there mischief I would like fair warning so i can stop them in there tracks
I think we would all like fair warning of what's to come, and who we must ultimately face for our freedom. If it's demons, then I hope I can fight to get away, and be given the means to get rid of them. If it's Angels, I'd like to speak to God himself about the command structure he has appointed to his servants (angels). For it seems that they are playing God, and manipulating mankind.

But who ever it is, let this message ring true to them. You may take the TimeTravelActivist down for a brief time, but that will not stop the people who I have informed about your presence, nor hinder your inevitable demise.

For three years ago, when I first came here, the topics of Time Travel were nothing like they are today. Now Time Travel is actually considered to being a threat that must be taken seriously. I'm proud of the many individuals who have assisted me in this hard road to becoming the TTA.

Although... I was only following the breed crumbs that would eventually lead me to it
I like your idea, probably the best idea of Ive heard of in a long time. Way to many people going way too fast here. let alone some loose nuts here. The results from viewing time would be way more valuable than so many poeple could possible imagine, and so safe from people interfearing

Horse pucky. Who would watch it? I've got the history channel on satalite. You'd have to tie people up to make them watch it.

Nobody wants real anymore. Real is for old fogies. This younger bunch would rather spend an afternoon in an insane asylum than to spend five minutes picking their trash off the floor. Lets watch MTV, beats the daylights out of learning an actual fact or two.

Perhaps you would like to purchase my latest vidio. "How to become a ZEN MASTER in Less Than an Hour - guarenteed!" or My all time favorite, "Learn to Fly - No Plane Required!"

Whats my point? Darn I don't know but I bet that if I had a million bucks I'd be rich.

You got it all wrong there! More people than you know watch the history channel in private chalking up all their secret knowledge.

People would pay millions for the real history! Today is all one big show and act watching WWF Wrestling!

People truly want real history! They are sick and tierd of this fantacy life. Its like taking the hunter out of the caveman!

Just think if people had the power to go back to anchient Rome and watch a fight in the coliseum, or encounter Cleo Patra or the kings of Egypt or Jesus, or have the power to change their lifes course. That would be worth more than watching the history channel or reading any history book.

What do you think its weight in gold would be? PRICELESS! Time Travel at the present moment "in the NOW" is very real and a well guarded secret among evil do gooders!

This cannot be alowed! NOT NOW, NOT EVER!!!

RE: Viewing time before traveling, no Ms. Cat:

Words twice, yes the have the technology in order to do this now.

View into the future.
RE: Regarding Double Digits & Dejavu...To Clara...


Regarding your post #3 above, I have a question for you about the double digits having a connection to the Bible Code and Dejavu that might have escaped my thoughts.

If it is so about the double digits proclaiming the future and one is following their controled divinational path of destiny, one would also be having dejavu at these moments of the double digits. Because wouldn't it be in a sense that we are verging or able to detect the next parallel dimention while this is happending to us simultaniously? Therefore we exsperience dejavu and think this is a good thing!

Clara has this occured with you at any time in the given past years?

Try not to confuse dejavu with dreams or pyhsic visions.

Because my theory is, if one is having dejavu they are following their destinys course of the next parallel dimention, but if one DOESN'T have dejavu than one is on a new path and having a completely new destiny.

Can anyone vouch for this accuring with them?

RE: Regarding Double Digits & Dejavu...To Clairese, particle.

Yes there is a partical known as a prion, which always comes from the future.

There is sensory apparatus within the human brain, which can pick up these particals.

creedo299 investigators phase under 299.
RE: Regarding Double Digits & Dejavu...To Clairese, particle.

cat, I can honestly say I have only had dejavu maybe 4 to 5 times in the last 4 years. I have seen the numbers almost daily for probably 6 or 7 years. I saw numbers today and woke last nite at 222. nothing out of the ordinary has happened. but these numbers don't always lead to bad things. I have seen numbers and meet neat people or found neat things. they work both ways. I think you have to watch out for your own thought patterns. I will never agree that they are good or bad. I just don't know. We have to deal with what is happening in the moment. If I find myself in a difficult position or around difficult people I try to look at the situation as an observer then I can really see what is happening. If you want to change your destiny then get up and move or do something totally out of the ordinary. I will tell you that my husband and I did move because of the numbers. We left florida which I think will not be a very pleasant place to live in the future. We are happy here and I am doing my gardening and my husband is building houses. But who knows we may wake up tommorrow and decide to move.I think the worst thing you can do at this point in time is to be afraid of change. things are always changing its those that get stuck that get left behind. clara
RE: creedo 299 Contact ...

Dearest Sammual, I am currently under e-mail attack and have sucessfully repelled about twenty attempts to crash my system so far.

Can you give me some coordinates, of who are where you are?

Go to the MOP here.

Ask him to give you a security check and then if you check, to have the MOP contact me through my e-mails saying so?

I'm realited to Dr. Alan Blatecky, distantly.

Do not fuck around trying to mail me a virus or anything like this as you might end up in a ditch?

Alan Blatecky does stuff for the government like the NSA.

I hope that you understand this?
RE: creedo 299 Contact ...


Well I have to confide that I have done some pretty radical and drastic things in my life and some where to move me closer to my destiny while others were to revert it. Long story and can't go there.

But what I could admit is that 9 years ago dejavu completely seized to exsist! Before the 9 years I had it on a constant basis! My dejavu spells ended when I had come in contact with 2 Time Travelers and saw them dematerialize before my eyes!

My ultimate conclusion as to why dejavu is nonexsistant with me is because my life had been altered and changed and I'm now living a new path but somehow the earased memories of my past future are counterintuitively and subconciously locked within my memory banks and little by little resurfacing.

I still continually see the double digits so ultimetly its still about control in the worst way!!!

RE: creedo 299 Contact , re Samual contact\"...

Did you have any luck with the MOP, Sam?

If it's not too sensative, why not field it here?

Because of certain international agreements with other large countries, nothing is hidden any way.

If you can't post it directly, due to sensativlty, then post it abstractly?

At least tell me what the subject matter is?

Creedo299 within a technical phase
RE: CAT-can-do dejavu

Cat n Clar etc

The feeling of dejavu in my cheap dictionary. Let me make up a definition; is the feeling that one has been in this place or circumstance before even though they have not been.

Thats a discription of what it >feels< like. What it really is begs for a good explaination.

Hold it one cottin picken minute, doesen't it also feel like "I'm going to be here again"?

Now logically if you were here before and/or you are going to be here again, doesn't that mean that you are "here TWICE RIGHT NOW"? (talk about being 'beside yourself"!) Maybe even thrice right now.

I'm going to leave it up to you as to why you would find yourself in "three onces at a place", but here is a spooky one I just thought of; What if when you die in the future, and you will, your psyche snaps back to a memorable time past, you know, like the the time of your last dejavu experiance. Maybe you are, in the dejavu experiance, recombining with your future deceast self comming back to the present self. In other words you time traveled back to the past on each occation and don't suspect the actual significance of the event.