Visions of the Future: Is Fate Involved?

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every once in a while, i get strange visions...sometimes during a dream, sometimes when i zone out, sometimes when im really active.

The first one i had that i can remember was a big house. The camera angle i saw showed only part of the house in the right side, and a nice yard that i was in. In front of me, a yellow path layed out in the yard, going tword that house, and to the left of the house, a small lake or a big pond.
The vision was blurry, and when i saw it, it made the back of my head hurt.

About a year later, we went to my dad's sisters house, and they have a BIG house in one of those rich communities, all centered around a little lake.
They set up a Slip n slide in the yard, and me and the other kids took turns on it. Finally, i had the notion to go on my back. I ran, and jumped for it, but i landed on my butt, my upper body snapped back, and my head hit HARD on the ground. Then I sat up/Bounced up, and i saw that very same scene in my head.

the second one ive had was of a patch of Concrete on the road to our house, and a jump rope swinging over it, with me standing behind the person with it, and looking at the concrete.

Sure enough, i got of the bus one day with my bro and sis, and she was using a jump rope. and i saw it.

does this mean my life is sealed by fate? and that i cant change what is going to happen or has already happened?
theory one:
the universe opens and closes and re-opens over and over again... each time perhaps a bit different and also a bit the same. perhaps your vision of the future was actually a memory of the past? Somethings are fated to be similar, some are not.
theory two:
this is not reality but instead a four-dimensional movie being enjoyed by a super being who just thinks he is human while in the story...and glitches occur from time to time (^_^)
interaction by the story watch could be part of it and fate is only a general outline of the story.
theory three:
your memory is playing games on only think you already had the memory before the event happened AFTER the event happened... sort of a memory glitch. you take in information, there is a slip and then you take it in again, feeling a very eerie feeling of having seen it a long time ago, but cannot put your finger on exactly where or when.
fate is still an unknown here
theory four:
spacetime is really holographic in someway and strong emotions send out waves of energy in all directions, so that traumatic events are picked up a different times by different aspects of your overall self.
in which case, yes, all things are fated.
I’ve had visions too about seeing a place, and going to it to confirm it. It’s confusing trying to figure it all out, seeing how you could make a connection with something, even though you’re perhaps so many miles away from it. Truly there must have been a purpose for that image to stand out in your mind in the first place, and make you feel drawn to it. And coming to it later on, will create this sense of “vertigo” how your name states

Many times in years past, I’ve had a feeling of being in a building in New York, where I know I never been in. Nor have I seen images of them, or know if it’s exactly in New York. But just feel a strong bond and connection to its location and architecture being native of that place.

Well just last night I had a dream that involved this magical being who could transport me to any time I wanted. It was an old lady, blond hair, with a nice, warm intelligent attitude. I met her on a airplane, and in our discussion she explained to me that I was on a mission and that I should follow her. Well to make a long story short, I was Time Traveling. I held a device on my chest, that enabled me to think of any time I wanted to be, and I was there. And take anyone with me, as long as they would make contact with me. I suppose it’s my bioelectric current that got passed on, that allowed for that.

Anyway’s, there was another individual who was involved in this, who I felt close to like a brother. We parted ways in the end, when our mission was complete. I begged the lady to take me home with her, so that I may understand and make more sense of what just happened and why the mission involved me?

Well we fly and teleported to this building. And sure enough, it was the building I had always held in my subconscious that I was in search for. Some great force seemed to emanate from this place, and I had returned to it. It looked like a big hotel looking sky scrapper, with lots of wooden doors and floors, and I entered room #***. And had the surprise of my life. Which I can’t post here. Lots of truth was revealed to me, and I just hope I can return to this dream world again someday, and continue on my missions.

i have found that dreams take on one of three forms:
First Form: you though about something for just a few seconds in your mind that day, and then you end up having a dream about it. This also works if you say a single word over and over in your head as you go to sleep. Say Red over and over, and something red will be in your dream.

Second Form: Astral Travel AKA out of body travel. Ive only recalled two times ive done this, but half the time when you think your dreaming, this is what your acctualy doing. If you relize your dreaming, you can take control of that dream.

Third Form: Cryptic Messages. A dream that makes no sense at all, but if you read into it enough, you will know the meaning.
I think there is a fate, but if people were ment to time travel, then whatever they change/do to change something was THEIR FATE to do. Meaning even if we DO achieve Time Travel, it is writtin in fate that we were suppose to.
Hi Vertigo,

I have my own theory on dejavu because of my past experiences with it. My theory is, if one is having dejavu they are following their destiny's course of the next parallel dimension, but if one DOESN'T have dejavu than one is on a new path and having a completely new destiny. I sense that dejavu is the next dimension bleeding through and some how has tapped into it by ways of frequency.

But I do think (like you say in your post above that it is FATE!)

Vertigo, regarding your story, I completely and fully understand your element concept. Are you familiar with Alchemy? I have something that will open a whole new door of understanding, that you could add to your story! Something REVOLUTIONARY and VERY REAL! SOMETHING THAT WILL TOTALLY BLOW YOUR MIND! if you can comprehend it? regarding Elements and transcending time. I can email you this info if you would like?

Hi Vertigo,

I tried to send you the email but it was returned submail busy. I think that maybe your email capacity wont hold all the bytes. I really wanted to send you the email so that I could share my personal thoughts.

Well here it is! GO CRAZY WITH IT!!! It might take you a while to read though...Oh and by the way, I haven't had Dejavu in 9 years!!!

If you read into it, you will begin to understand the tree of life and all the elements that are needed to create life!!! (It is sacred geometry) You will soon begin to understand what the dimensions are and how time is Transcended!!!

By the way, this is real biblical stuff! But be on the lookout because this web site in particular contains a demonic nature and is tied in with the esoteric secrets of the Global Elite, (Illuminati)which if you don't already know are a conglomerate organization of representatives that runs the worlds banking system and basically own the world. They are the biggest Time Traveling crooks around! I'm just using this web site as an example to shed some thought.

Let me know your thoughts? And everyone else who reads this post is welcome.

If you clicked the link, its wrong.
Just put:
planetvsx at Hotmail dot com
(if i type it correctly, the link will get screwed up. At means @, and yes, its all lower case)
RE: Visions of the Future: Is Fate Involved Catamatola?

Yes CAT my best friend, now that I accepted your difficult ways.

They've got three big time gates, plus they've also got inter and extra-galactic transporters, just like the series, Star Gate.

I know where one of these are and when it operates, it effects the time space continum, around it.
RE: Visions of the Future: Is Fate Involved Catamatola?

And what does Active Secret Agent X Government man who takes CAT out on a date possibly know?

RE: Visions of: Fate Involved Cat?.

Your social reference is isopolaric CAT.

You can not associate social communion without attaching sexual cognisance to it in any way.

You may have been around the world, but you have not been arround to yourself.

Most people really associated with aliens in one way or another, start to loose this reference and consider wimen, or the oposite sex, as an equalaterialism.

Due to this fact, they reference more to the invivdual, not to the role.

This is your main problem.

You may have been visited by Grays, however had no social relations in discussion patterns with them.

This is why men function as a predomionate soical lith, rather than another type of being.

If a saucer were parked say in a govt lot and I had access and said to you,"Hey CAT, lets go inside and sit down and eat a sandwich"?, without you knowing anything about the interior conditions of this parked UFO, you might react many ways.

One of the things you might say is,"No this might not be safe' there could be something in there that might get me"?!

However myself, would say, "This is just an empty saucer, I've got my clearance badge and if a Gray is inside of the ship, he's probably only doing an assigned duty and once we are in, could care less about us, once he notices my clearance badge".

It's all point of view
RE: Visions of: Fate Involved Cat?.

Ahhhhh secrets secrets secrets!!! I DO LOVE THEM!!!

Yes I get your point! Clearance Hu? But now who's being the difficult one and avertedly ignoring the question at hand?

Are you familiar with the Tera and Astro Grid technology?

RE: Atsa-matsa-pechu, err CAT-a-maria, watch-cha see-ah?

>Creedo points the mag-pulse rifle at CAT's backside, warning her to get into the saucer, or,..he will discharge the weapon.

TTA tilts back his head and laughs in the noon-day sun, screeing, "I told you she was not gon'a like this man"!?

CAT grumbles as she sits in the back of the saucer, with one disturbed Gray, still working on the main control pannel.
The Gray quickly glancing up and noticing the Wakenhut Security badge, resting on his carmel colored overalls of TTA Creedo and on the pink bra strap of CAT.

"Go a'head sit down and eat that peanut butter and jelly sandwich, that TTA had made you"?, demands Creed.

A two peice bathing sute, with Army combat boots, blanced out with gray fluroesent topped flannel hunting socks!!???

Creedo answers, well I thought that the combination somehow had balanced things a bit??

I mean the guards at the gate thought the same a little, at least??

CAT skoffs at Creedo, "Yeah but you sick shit-face, makeing me sit in here in my two peice bathing sute, doesn't explaine any science to me, that I have to know"!?

If this saucer has a crapper, they should throw you down it?

Creedo training the pulse rifle on Cat demands that she sit in the dark corner in order to consume her PB&J.The near warm bottle of Coke bought almost an hour before in the nooday heat added to wash the substance of the PB&J down.

As Cat sits back so grudgingly takeing one bite out of the sandwich, her hand touches something that is flesh-like, hidden by the darkness of the corner, however that is still cold.

Turning around she spies the figure of a person who is dead, but has been filled with some kind of preservative, occupying so much space on the med shelf, as a rubber brick would on a collection of curios placed high on the shelf.


It's dead person' a corps! Oh my god you aninmals , how could you do this to me?

Your a pig creedo and you TTA, I thought that you were my friend!?

Cat screams in discust as she fleas the confines of the saucer , so dropping her soda upon the floor, the PB&J leaving a B.M. like stain, now resting on the floor next to the desceased charicter.

The screams can be hears now traling off into the distance, as TTA and Creedo now hystrically held in laughter, both tilt back their heads and spit on the cieling of the UFO, each spit hanging then forming a miniture stalagtite of its own.

"Ah had ha ha, I told you that she would like this TTA".

TTA agrees, "Yeah man' your a bigger creep than I am"!

The gray seeing what is going on starts to reach for the ray-gun place on the consil next to him. TTA lowers the pulse rifle at the Gray and simply mutter with a smile, Hugh-ungh, his head shaking no.

The Gray slides his hand away from the direction of the ray-gun, back to the directional probelm so continuing the trouble shoot the fiberoptic cirtuts.

FIN "like what are good friends for"?

You were saying a space based grid system CAT, do tell?
RE: Atsa-matsa-pechu, err CAT-a-maria, watch-cha see-ah?

Well first of all you put me in with a corpse! Corpses don't bother me, I've seen hundreds of autopsy done at the medical examiners office. But the stalactite spit is disgusting! are you one of those manly lowlifes that go around spitting regurgitated phlegm on your territory?

However I don't like PB&J I just like PB that's why I probably threw it down!

But as I was saying about the Tera grid system. You mean you don't know?
Hmmmmmmmm well it engulfs sophisticated communications technology from biochemical and Molecular Biology research, Space Physics and Aeronomy Research, and multidimensional research for mass spectroscopy and spectromicroscopy photoelectron diffraction structural imaging. The facility's capabilities are beyond those of any other in the world, with x-ray undulator beamlines.

There are other web sites but off hand these are the ones I found:

And it has its connections to the web site that I posted above to Vertigo. Were do you think this technology is leading?

RE: Atsa-matsa-pechu, err CAT-a-maria, watch-cha see-ah?

<font size="1" color="#FF0000">LAST EDITED ON 15-Jun-02 AT 08:39PM (EDT)</font>

What does this role playing fantasy tale have to do with anything? What? Am I suppose to find something in it to relate to? Maybe that stuff would work with CAT, but your talking to the TTA.

I don’t appreciate having my name in your prevented slanderous tales. Nor do I think Cat meant it was okay either, when she gave you the benefit of the doubt to be your friend.

See CAT. I told you he would start again…

“A leopard never changes his spots.”

RE: Atsa-matsa-pechu, err CAT-a-maria, watch-cha see-ah?

First let me say that i have alot of respect for TTA, because in any situation that deals with something other then time travel, i agree with him. HOWEVER, i think that story needs a new ending:

Cat runs off, screaming no doubt at the horrors of having a PB&J with J. Waiting just over the horizon is a man dressed in an armor that is only suitable for a kings collection. He stands next to a giant Silver Semi truck without the trailer attached, and Purple Trailing lights all around. The man takes off his helmet, reveiling that he has Metal Skin and is bald.

Vertigo: Mebby you should come help me with my story? i could use someone who has Knowledge of this world that Exceeds my own in many respects.

She hops in willingly, and the two drive off, listining to In The End, by Linkin Park.
RE: Atsa-matsa-pechu, err CAT-a-maria, watch-cha see-ah?

I know how you feel TTA.

This story, it does suck the donkie's marger to the max.

My commarad, my friend TTA, do as I have done now that I am in hideing and retirement.

Let you hair grow long shiney and beautiful, by useing Wella Balsem Shampoo.

Grow that long beautiful hair, that you've always wanted others to see.Yes TTA, yes you can, you can do it too.

Grow those long lovely locks of hair, that will makes others say, "I wonder who that very attractive man of mystery is and how does he get his hair so long lovely and shiney"?

Personal note from the chairmen:"TTA' you bitch' I've always wanted to be as sexy as you, but never knew quite to do this"!?

I had to retire, after the sectors of the revolution heard me ask the question to my secretary, " Would you please bite my clack"?

This statement had politcally ruined me.

I suggest that you never ask anyone, do do such a thing....

I hope that you are listening.
RE: Atsa-matsa-pechu, err CAT-a-maria, watch-cha see-ah?

Well Creedo if it wasn't the statement that politically ruined you it was probably your long Sampson hair that was not very appropriate attire or business like! And besides Balsam is the cheapest shampoo you can buy!

But in any event Vertigo, I still think you have something original. I think you should stick with the original story and just implement and bring forward some old and lost civilizational knowledge that we have lost or put aside by other growing technology that separates science from religion.